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• 10/23/2017

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• 11/7/2016
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• 7/6/2016

Um hello

Where the crap is everybody!?
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• 12/1/2015

Suggestions for the Wikia

Seeing as the topics about the wikia got modded/deleted I thought it would be a good idea to set up a suggestion thread here.
I'll start off by pointing out that most of the topics are about Users, which is awesome, but we could expand upon that.  For example, I made a page on RPing last night because it is a big part of the board and has a history.  We could add similar pages about some of the board's memes.  Hell I'm disappointed someone else hasn't made a page collecting bad Flora jokes that we've made or about the #BlameTakumi phenomenon that swept the board a bit back.  I know GSO was thinking about making a page for characters that he made and we could make a page documenting specific storylines that have been going on in the RP topics - I haven't followed it after I noticed they got into spoiler territory, but if someone else has, it could be a neat page.  Also, a small but neat thing we could do is make categories for Nohrian, Hoshido, and Invisible and group users that identify or favor one over the other.
Anyone have any other suggestions?
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