Akainu has been a GameFAQs user since 22 July 2015. Apparently, he is actually the alt of a more prominent GameFAQs user, but regardless, the user's attempts to be famous as fast as possible have got him noticed by certain groups.

From initial observations, he can be described as being similar to that he is not afraid to express his lewdness. In fact, it is VERY evident.

The current Fleet Admiral of the Navy, seeking to slam his molten fist of Absolute Justice on any douches and pirates that come his way.

Totally got owned by Whitebeard at Marineford.


  1. Hentai
  2. Femui
  3. Combination of #1 and #2
  4. Bondage
  5. Incest
  6. Absolute Justice


  1. Fools
  2. Pirates
  3. Portgas D. Ace
  4. Whitebeard
  5. The Yonko
  6. The Revolutionaries
  7. Monkey D. Dragon


  1. Femui winning is not surprising.
  2. Hana is a distant member of the Hoshido Royal Family
  3. Do you think Garon fantasizes about his own daughter?
  4. Is Lucina a Loli?


  1. There's already so much hentai of her. Even more then other Fates Women.
  2. Fools, this isn't even my main account!
  3. But yeah it seems to be a more Male-Driven game in terms of popularity. After all Femui doesn't wear pants so that's also a factor. There's so many perfect specimens for her.
  4. Did anyone see that one comic where she got all the Nohr males in one room and made them her slaves? Joker was wearing a jock strap and everything.
  5. Too busy trying to get some of Femui's ass
  6. OMG Incest OMG
  7. I mean Japan doesn't mind the sexualization of an Avatar character, think about it. The point of a Videogame is to escape from reality.