A random shitposting troll who showed up one day and attempted to eat someone's soul. Usually found shitposting in derailed topics, he is shown to be a sadistic perv and possibly a former Smashfaqs troll. (Though he does also enjoy FE, he is never on the board to discuss the game.)

Trivia Edit

  • His account exists to piss off ChibiRaichu
  • He once raped Latino_King in a failed attempt to take over one of his topics
  • He is legally defined as a carcinogen
  • The only reason he hasn't consumed the souls of every user and claimed the board as his is because nobody on gfaqs has a soul
  • He likes trains, especially broken ones.
  • He is not a Giratina, but can use Shadow Force for travel purposes.
  • He has a sex dungeon basement and is yandere for people he wants to keep in there.