Cobalnite is one of the more noteworthy users on the GameFAQs Fire Emblem Fates Board. He is known most for his love of Azura, being part of the beloved church, and being one of the few users that doesn't hates any FE character. He considers her his definitive waifu.

Official Husband of Azura, and not so neutral user of the FE Fates board

Like most of us he started playing Awakening, and then started playing the previous entries of the series, however, despite the first game bias, he considers that Blazing Sword is the best game.

His devotion for Azura started since his lurker days in April, where he just did it for the lulz, then it developed into genuine love for her, because of their similar personalities, and causes for that personality

Questions the logic of the Topple effect in Xenoblade Chronicles, where you can topple monsters ten times your own size with a single punch (also believes that Dunban is undergoing Saitama's training regime)


  1. Azura
  2. Awesome things
  3. Blazing Sword
  4. Most users who don't try to start a war
  5. Optimization/Child/Pairings planning
  6. Xenoblade
  7. Smash
  8. Salt from Smash fans, because their character didn't got into the game, and hate Corrin/Bayonetta because of it


  1. Trolls
  2. Endgame
  3. Ignorance
  4. Other people who try to steal other's waifus
  5. Bait for Waifu/Shipping wars
  6. Gheb_


  1. FE related dreams


  1. It's hilarious to see him overreact over his own mistakes during gameplay
  2. Is there anyone on Youtube that doesn't sucks at FE?
  3. Meh, Azura is the only barefoot waifu I need...
  4. (Describing Azura in one word) Graceful


  1. Tries to remain neutral in most discussions, (unless a certain barefoot dancer with blue hair is involved)