Dragonage2ftw is one of the "more traveled" of GameFAQs users. While he maintains a visible presence on GameFAQs, he is also prominent on both as well as Reddit. He thus maintains a presence in many places!

Much like Yu Narukami (the Persona 4 protagonist), he has many "Personas". In his own words, he is "The official Yu Narukami, Incineroar, Parasoul, Sombra, Black Widow, RE5 Jill, Kaede Akamatsu, Kamala Khan, Rehgar, Orisa, R.Mika, 2B, and Power Girl and pooman of every board." Thus, he can take the form of men, women, and even androids and other worldly superheroes.

He also is well known to compare everything and anything to anime, as well as prone to being able to see the "edge" in anything. Truly, all is visible to him.

He also is likely one of the more recent members of the Fire Emblem fanbase, proclaiming that children are one of the best features of Fire Emblem games and the Echoes will suck without them. We will see...

He is also the most prominent hater of the MvC:I on Gamefaqs as well as one of Gamefaqs biggest shitposters, trolls and hypocrites.

Likes Edit

  1. Persona Series
  2. Fire Emblem Series
  3. Edgy Stuff
  4. Anime Stuff
  5. Children in Fire Emblem Games
  6. Big Boobs :)
  7. Thicc Butts

Dislikes Edit

  1. Fire Emblem Echoes (no children)
  2. Adachi (probably)
  3. Alien Machines
  4. Terrorists
  5. Demon Edgelord Siths
  6. Capcom
  7. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
  8. Street Fighter V
  9. Injustass 2
  10. Dragonball Fighter Z
  11. Smash 4
  12. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
  13. Tekken 7
  14. Mortal Kombat X

Topics Edit

  1. How can anyone say that this looks like weeaboo garbage when SMT4 Final exists?

Quotes Edit

  1. I disagree. Children are one of the best parts of newer FE games. It's part of why Echoes is gonna suck. They only tweaked it a little. They didn't add in any of the good stuff from newer entries.
  2. SMT:Final looks like every edgy anime ever.
  3. That looks like the most animu thing ever.
  4. Man, still no proof. You'd make a horrid lawyer.
  5. @Idkanymore Firstly, you're trying to convince me that there's no way that her breasts aren't huge. That's not an opinion based thing. Secondly, proof is needed for everything. So give it. Preferably not in the form of a YouTube comment section, though. You'd have to be pretty terrible to use that as eviden-Oh. WAIT.
  6. >someone disagrees with you. >you immediately shriek "BAD TASTE LOL!" Troll topic konfirmed.
  7. Nice joke topic, TC. 8/10.

Trivia Edit

  1. Rumored to be an incarnation of all people he claims to be...some how.
  2. His alignment is Chaotic Retard.
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