Einvalt, also known as 'The Beast', or 'The Antiwaif' has been a GameFAQs user since November 5th, 2006. He is most famous for his topics relating to Azura/Aqua that involve asking questions about her having trench foot, whether she is actually part chimp, and whether or not she would be useful without her legs and ability to sing.

Despite having this odd obsession, he has proven to be a very informative individual, helping people with game mechanics and even being the first person to inform Fire Emblem Fates GameFAQs users of the Character Poll that was happening in Japan. He is truly a multifaceted individual.

It is speculated that he is currently lurking the Fates boards. Furthermore, there are some who believe that Einvalt will make a return when we least expect it, spurring and leading the prophesied 'Great Anti-Waifu War'.

In fact, this prophecy has roots that date further back than the Internet or Fire Emblem itself:

"Nobody wants him,

He just stares at the world,

Planning his vengeance,

That he will soon unfold." -Lyrics from Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man'.

The lyrics paint an eerily accurate description of Einvalt's Rise, Fall and Feared Return.

Likes Edit

  1. Informing people of current events
  2. Helping people with their problems
  3. Denying the canon pairing of Kamui x Aqua, a blasphemous sin above all others

Dislikes Edit

  1. Azura (Strongly Dislikes)
  2. Waifus

Topics (About Azura/Aqua) Edit

  1. Does Aqua have trench foot?
  2. Would Aqua still be useful if her legs were amputated and larynx crushed?
  3. Is Aqua part chimp?
  4. If Aqua was a real person, would she be a BLM activist?
  5. Is anyone else disappointed that Aqua *spoilers*
  6. If Kamui and Aqua get married *spoilers*
  7. I hope in the localization they change it so that Aqua was abused as a prisoner
  8. Aqua isn't the sharpest tool in the shed
  9. Why do people say that Kamui x Aqua is canon?

About Einvalt Edit

  1. I'm finished anyway... you didn't finish me.