Drink when:

  • "Waifu" is used
  • "Husbando" is used
  • Endgame talks shit
  • Latino_King posts in a topic about Peri
  • SpellcraftQuill/Setsuna_Here/BloodletterQ uses a "pet name"
  • Someone mentions being blocked by Endgame
  • Endgame and Latino_King argue
  • Mavitar proves Endgame wrong
  • Someone makes a fire joke about Flora
  • Someone makes an explosion joke about Mikoto
  • Someone says "We've got trouble"
  • Someone says "Strength is everythin'"
  • Latino_King responds to a topic where "Strength is everythin'" is mentioned.
  • Users complain about localization
  • A doppelganger (Engdame, Lation_King, PoisonedYoth) posts
  • An RPer posts outside of an RP topic or board.
    • Take an extra sip if they remain in character