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Chapter 9: The Lewd One

Presently At A Plantation Somewhere Near Castle Dawn...


Yes, the "slave" kind of plantation...

Midori: What the f*** are you b****es doing! I didn't say you could take a break! Get back to work!

Slave 1: Please listen! We have been harvesting crops for 24 hours straight with barely any water or food! The children especially can only take so much! Show some merc...

The thought is never finished...Midori takes a kunai out and impales it right into the man's throat. Blood pours from the man's mouth and he falls to the ground...and bleeds out right in front of the rest of the slaves...who freeze up.


Just think of what would happen if that kunai went in your throat...

Midori: Did you b****es see that? Did you see that? I don't care how long you have been working! You mine as well work till you drop to the ground dead because if you don't, I will f*** you up right now. Any questions?

Everyone: ...

Midori: Good! Since you learned so quickly, you can take a break for a fews hours after harvesting the last marijuana patch! The sooner you start, the sooner you will get done. Now get to it my stupid, stupid SLAVES!

Midori leaves and returns to her mansion.

Midori: The slaves are so worthless. If you don't kill one of them now and again, they start getting ideas about "freedom" and what's not.


Getting kicked in the shin hurts...Peter would know.

Kaze: You are correct my dear daughter.

Midori kicks Kaze hard in the shin, Kaze grabs his knee in pain.

Kaze: Ugh....

Midori: What the f*** are you saying dad? The fact you need to say that I am f***ing correct means you think the possibility of me being wrong is conceivably a thing!

Kaze: I am sorry my dear daughter. It will not happen again.

Midori: Good! Otherwise, you will be joining "mother" soon...heheheheh!

Kaze: ...........

Engdame teleports next to Midori.

Engdame: Are you busy Midori?

Midori: Oh! You are back! How did the situation with Flare_Sorrow go?

Evil idea

Just what has her sick mind thought up of?

Engdame: He is dead. He escaped Endgame though so I had to be the one to do it.

Midori: Whatever... Hey! I see you have some of his blood on you!!! I bet it is mixed with Xir's...that gives me an idea.

Engdame: ???

Midori: will see...heheheheh!

Returning to PhantasticPhool, who recently left Castle Mavitar to find his beloved, he comes to the forest his beloved can usually be found at.


This type of hole is one that Setsuna definitely wants to avoid!

PhantasticPhool: Well, this is the place! Let's hope she hasn't fallen in a hole somewhere...actually, that is probably where I will find her.

A loud scream is heard in the forest.

PhantasticPhool: WTF was that?

PhantasticPhool runs as fast as he can to the source of the for at its origin...

Setsuna: I am I...don't want you fight...Endgame. Now please...put that child down...

Child: EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Please! Let me go!

EndKingPeach: Heheheh...You think I am going to let a powerful Holy Bowman like yourself just go her own way? I need every ounce of power I can get to put Endgame in the ground! I will never forgive him for killing my brother! He deserves to pay d*** it!

Setsuna: ...I am sorry...for your...loss.

EndKingPeach: I don't f***ing care! I know full well people just consider me some cheap knockoff of Latino_King and Endgame. I bet you actually don't give a flying s*** at all you b****!

Setsuna: Please...put the...child...down...

EndKingPeach: Heheheheheheh...either you join me or the child dies! Hey? Little girl! Are you ready to hang?

3207833297 b1b816f990 m

Luckily this child didn't end up like this doll!


Setsuna: ...I...

Suddenly an arrow whips through the trees in the forest...and splits the noose that had been around the child's neck. The child immediately dashes to Setsuna's side.

EndKingPeach: What the hell was that???

?????: Threatening to kill a child to force people to join you? How sick can you get?

Setsuna: PhantasticPhool!

This theme plays.

PhantasticPhool: My lady! I have arrived! Looks like I made it just in time too!

EndKingPeach: are Mavitar's...

PhantasticPhool: Mavitar has nothing to do with this! How DARE you threaten a child to try to force Setsuna to do anything! You will f***ing pay! Are you ready Setsuna?

Setsuna: ...

PhantasticPhool: Setsuna?

Setsuna: Oh...I just was...daydreaming...

PhantasticPhool: There is no time for that now my beloved! Let's take this guy out!

Setsuna: Ok...

The pair fire a stream of arrows at EndKingPeach and his depleted followers. Helping them is the fact that PhantasticPhool activated his Astra skill to rapidfire even more arrows and Setsuna activated her breaking sky skill to make every arrow even more deadly. EndKingPeach's followers run in terror, leaving EndKingPeach alone.

EndKingPeach: You worthless c***s!

PhantasticPhool: It seems like your troops aren't very...useful...

EndKingPeach: No matter! Take this!

EndKingPeach uses the Bolganone tome. However, due to EndKingPeach's low skill, both of the bow users dodge the blow. Setsuna counters by firing a breaking sky powered arrow right into EndKingPeach's gut.

EndKingPeach: Gahhhhhhh! D*** it! I must retreat! You b******s will pay for this!

Child: Thanks for rescuing me! I will go home now!

EndKingPeach and the Child leave...and PhantasticPhool and Setsuna are given some...private time together... Returning now to Dawn Castle, home to Team Latino_King...

FloraTheMaid: Latino_King! I have bad news to report...

Latino_King: A minute please...oh are so beautiful!

Effie: Blushes Ohhhhhhhh! So are you... Since Orochi is out at the moment, I get you all to myself! Ohhhhhhhhh...



FloraTheMaid: ...Flare_Sorrow and Camilla have died...

Latino_King: Say what?

FloraTheMaid: They left the castle a little while and engaged Team Endgame in battle. The details are unclear...but they are both...gone...

Latino_King: D*** it. I told them not to engage Endy's forces. D*** it... I heard Mavitar is also rallying his forces against Team Endgame at the moment...

Effie: Latino-kun?

Latino_King: ...It cannot be helped. FloraTheMaid, give the order for a full mobilization...I guess we will have to take Endy down for good... I will have to contact Xander and PoisonedYouth for assistance. I am sure they will be happy to help us. Acerola-orion!!!!!!

Acerola-orion: Um....I'm kind of busy here...

Latino_King: ...Charlotte, would you mind stop sitting on his face?

Charlotte: If you say so...

Acerola-orion: Hey! I wasn't done yet! I need more of my face in ladies' behinds to meet my daily quota!


Charlotte always sends out tears of joy at the thought of getting more money!

Latino_King: :) I know...but while the mobilization is occurring, I want you to take your expeditionary forces and see if you can get Endy to explain himself... If all else fails, see if you can do damage to his forces without sustaining losses.

Acerola-orion: OK! Come on Charlotte! I will give you some more money if you kill lots of enemies!

Charlotte: :) Oh, I will kill them all! Hahahahahahah!!!!!

Back to Team Endgame, who have departed from the woods of Shadowthorn Castle to the town of Kent. In preparation for the battles to come, Team Endgame has decided to stock up while they can. Also, Endgame is continuing to follow any leads he can find on Aisha's location.

Endgame: Alright everyone, we are here. We will need to likely have to face even greater foes if we are to gain the gems that power Endflame back... We should stock up here... Hey Lazward, what are you doing?

Lazward: ...and I said, "Why can't orphans play baseball?"

Ishtar: Ummmm... I don't know...

ivanhellsing: They are too malnourished???


None of the orphans are laughing...

Foleo: Is it because they don't like baseball?

Lazward: Nope! The answer is "They don't know where home is!" Ahahahahahah!

Everyone Else: ...

Foleo: That's really sad...

Ishtar: Yeah...

Lazward: Ahhhh....You people don't appreciate my dark humor.

Dekarus: lel!!!!!!!

Misha-Heart: Some of what you say is funny...but you are definitely off the mark this time.

Lazward: ...What about you FinalActivity?

FinalActivity: ...I just love torturing people. Orphans especially are so innocent...ohhhhhhhhh!

Lazward: ???

Gwonam_is_Bae: What a sick f***.

N1CJ 700

Split Up? Will this end well? LOLz

Kagero: Yeah... As an orphan myself...that is just sad.

Endgame: Everyone! We need to restock and prepare for greater battles! Let's split up now! In case we get into trouble, we will need to make sure all groups have healers...which are Foleo, Ishtar, and myself. Thus..

Group 1: Endgame, Dekarus, and Misha-Heart (We will look for any clues to Aisha's whereabouts.)

Group 2: ivanhellsing, FinalActivity, and Foleo (Go to the arena and make some money.)

Group 3: Kagero, Ishtar, Lazward, Gwonam_is_Bae (Buy whatever weapons/items you feel we need.)

Endgame: Does everyone understand?

Everyone Else: Yes!

Endgame: Alright, let's get to it!

With Group 3: Kagero, Ishtar, Lazward, Gwonam_is_Bae

Lazward: Hey guys! I have another joke! "A woman visits the doctor as she has some abdominal pains and suspects she may be pregnant. After her examination, the doctor comes out to see her: “Well, I hope you like changing nappies/diapers. She replies: “Oh my god! Am I pregnant!?””

Gwonam_is_Bae: Well, is she pregnant?

Ishtar: I hope for her sake the child is healthy.

Kagero: ...

Wp3b0ef679 06

As a reminder, get checked folks!

Lazward: Heheheheheheh!!! The doctor says, “No, you’ve got bowel cancer.” Ahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Everyone Else: ...

Lazward: No good?

Kagero: ...Let's focus on stocking up. We could really use some more healing staffs and batons. Also, ivanhellsing probably will want another weapon than the steel sword he has been using up till now.

Gwonam_is_Bae: Yeah... For Aisha, I am thinking a Mire tome would be a good investment. The fact we are preparing for her...eventual return should give Endgame some confidence once he realizes we bought something for her. It would show we haven't given up on her.

Ishtar: ...

Lazward: Ishtar?

Ishtar: ...I hope for both their sakes they meet again. I loved a man once...and he passed away right when our love was blossoming... It is something that I don't want Endgame or Aisha to have to experience.

Kagero: I am certain that Aisha is fine. Maybe the situation has been hard on her. I mean...she was going to get married the same day that Azura died...which ended those plans.

Lazward: Hey guys! I found a Spirit Katana on sale! Do you think ivanhellsing would like it?

Gwonam_is_Bae: I am sure he would. I hear that blade obliterates monsters with little effort.

Lazward: Sweet!

Ishtar: I also found some seals! Some of us are very close to promoting, so it is probably a good buy!

Kagero: I found a Misfortune and Sin staff! I bet Foleo would like it!

With Group 2: ivanhellsing, FinalActivity, and Foleo


Only one person is coming out this place alive!

Foleo: So...which one of you want to fight in the arena?

FinalActivity: I would prefer to watch! I just love people beating the s*** out of each other. Heheheheheh!

ivanhellsing: It looks like I am up then. Wait here.

ivanhellsing enters the arena. His first opponent is a fox spirit. The fox spirit charges at him, but he dodges the blow and the encounter leaves the fox spirit afflicted with the defense seal debuff. Seeing his shot, ivanhellsing raises his sword to the sky and charges at the fox spirit backed up by the power of patient assurance skill...and slices into the fox spirit...sending it flying backward.

Judge: We have a winner! Do you wish to continue?

ivanhellsing: Of course, I didn't even get hit.

Judge: Then next opponent!!!

The second opponent is an Oni Savage. The Oni Savage takes a swipe and lands a glancing blow on ivanhellsing. ivanhellsing responds with a Patient Assurance powered slice, although the Oni Savage refuses to go down. Having already been afflicted with the defense seal though...ivanhellsing knees the Oni Savage right in the face and he is knocked out. His Stubbornness skill kicks in, and he recovers from the damage he took.

Judge: We have a winner! Do you wish to continue?

ivanhellsing: Yes

Judge: Then next opponent!!!

Black Knight (Fire Emblem)

It is a good thing it isn't "this" knight he is facing!!!

The third opponent is a Knight. Having the weapon triangle advantage, ivanhellsing realizes he has to take this in stride... The knight charges at ivanhellsing and thrusts forward his lance. The lance strike misses though and ivanhellsing again nails a Patient Assurance powered strike and afflicts the defense seal. The knight doesn't seem affected too much and again thrusts his lance forward, which does cut ivanhellsing's shoulder, but this was the plan... With the lance above his head, ivanhellsing grabs ahold of it and smashes the end of it right into the knight's face and then proceeds to hit the knight with two Patient Assurance powered critical hits, which cut open the knight's armor. Barely standing, the knight tries one more time to stab ivanhellsing with his lance, but ivanhellsing response with a vicious elbow strike followed by stabbing the knight right in the stomach. The knight falls over...and doesn't get back up.

Judge: We have a winner! Do you wish to continue?

ivanhellsing: No, I got a nasty cut on my shoulder...

Judge: In that case, here is your prize! 5000 gold!


Foleo: Here you go! Heal!

ivanhellsing: Ah...much better.

Gwonam_is_Bae: We got 5000 gold! Assuming Group 3 doesn't get us in debt, we should be able to have enough money to eat out every night with that!

ivanhellsing: I bet Endgame will be pleased...Under his breath...I bet Azura would be pleased with my performance if she was still here...

Gwonam_is_Bae: What was that last part?

ivanhellsing: Oh nothing...

Endgame's missing waifu.

With Group 1: Endgame, Dekarus, and Misha-Heart

Endgame: Excuse me. You look like a merchant who travels around a lot. Have you seen a lady about this tall and who is a dark mage? She looks like this...

Merchant: Sorry sir. I have not seen anyone who looks like that.

Endgame: Thanks for your time...darn it. No one has seen Aisha at all... I hope she is alright...I mean, with the wedding going south...I imagine she was upset, but I didn't think she would split just because of Camilla's trick...

Misha-Heart: She is a powerful dark mage. Wherever she is, I bet she is fine.

Endgame: Yeah...when this is all matter how long it takes, I will find her. We deserve a grander wedding than we were planning to have originally anyway.

Misha-Heart: None of those stupid reddit trolls better be invited. I hate their f***ing guts.

Endgame: I don't think that will be an issue. I mean...HOOHAHHE led them all to their deaths against us right after Azura's death. They are no more.

Misha-Heart: Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that. Grins Good times!


Everyone is happy they don't have to smell its "smell".

Dekarus: ...

Misha-Heart: You also look down Dekarus. What is up.

Dekarus: I am lamenting Einvalt stealing my beloved jar...

Misha-Heart: Listen...I am sure we could get someone else to s*** in a jar and then you could carry it around...Misha-Heart tries really hard not to burst out laughing while saying this.

Dekarus: Smiles Thanks, but it wouldn't be the same. Those are Garon's excrements after all. They are truly one of a kind.

Endgame: ...I am sure we will run into that dastard Einvalt sooner or later. We will take it back then.

Dekarus: Yeah, you're right!

Back With Group 3: Kagero, Ishtar, Lazward, Gwonam_is_Bae

Ishtar: Hey guys, that item looks...AHAHAHAHAH!!!!

All of a sudden, a guy from the crowd thrusts his face right into Ishtar's behind and holds her tight around the thighs so she cannot easily throw him off.

Pervert xlarge

Ishtar's words exactly!

Ishtar: Guys! Help!

Lazward takes a wild swing at the guy, but he jumps backward and lands high on a building. The people surrounding the group scatter in terror.

Ishtar: EEEK! ... A pervert!!!!

Gwonam_is_Bae: That guy is dressed as a Bishop...what kind of Bishop does that to ladies?

Kagero: is surprise there.

Acerola-orion: Ahhhhh...You have a nice rear my lady.

Ishtar: Gives Acerola-orion the bird. Bite me!

Acerola-orion: Uhuhuhuh...that sounds nice. Since you guys are with Team Endgame, I have some questions. First, why did you guys kill Flare_Sorrow?

Ishtar: Flare_Sorrow died because an imposter Endgame killed him! None of us killed him.

Acerola-orion: Looks puzzled Wait a minute...aren't you one of his subordinates?

Ishtar: I please believe me when I say that we didn't kill Flare_Sorrow...

Acerola-orion: Heheheheh...You guys obviously killed Flare_Sorrow...and Camilla as well with the help of a traitor like you...who has an AMAZING REAR...

Ishtar: ...I am telling you that we...

Acerola-orion: Silence! Since Team Endgame seems to be spread out right now, I think I will keep you separated! Light Rune madness!!!!!!

From Acerola-orion's coat flies runes made of out light that fly into the sky...and proceed to divide the town in three pieces with a magic barrier.

Acerola-orion: Heheheheh...divided, you people will fall! Now prepare yourself.

Back With Group 1: Endgame, Dekarus, and Misha-Heart

Dekarus: What the heck!? Light Runes??? What is going on?


A gold digging mermaid? Quite an interesting thought.

Misha-Heart: I worry about the others, but we cannot get to them...darn it...

?????: It seems you have bigger concerns right now.

Endgame: Charlotte?

Charlotte: Yes, that is right.

Endgame: Do you know where Aisha is?

Charlotte: Hopefully dead...since that means you will be joining her soon! Bahahahahahah!

A hoard of fighters appear behind Charlotte. They carry a vast array of axes...but they all look like they want Endgame's head.

Endgame: S***! To arms.

With Group 2: ivanhellsing, FinalActivity, and Foleo

ivanhellsing: What the heck is with this light barrier! I cannot break through it! We are cutoff from the others!

FinalActivity: ...So many memories...

Foleo: FinalActivity???

FinalActivity: These are light runes. They block the path of all that they try to traverse them.

Foleo: How did you know of them?

FinalActivity: I used them when I was torturing people. When someone wasn't telling me what I wanted to know, I would put them in a cell and put a light rune in front of it. Then I would torture right in front of them their child, spouse, lover...or/and anyone really. I made them see it all... Trust me, seeing your loves ones tortured to death will make anyone talk. Heheheheheheh!

ivanhellsing: .........

Foleo: ...Hey wait, what are those guys doing here?


Scary guys...

All of a sudden, several powerful berserkers appear through the crowd.

Berserker 1: We are going to rip you b****es to pieces and fornicate with your skulls! Ahahahahah!!!

Berserker 2: I would much rather tie them up and lick that cute, little girl's feet!

Berserker 3: I would rather put them in a bear hug and squeeze them to their eyes pop out of their heads! Gahahahahahahahahahah!

ivanhellsing: Well...these guys don't look too friendly, now do they?

Foleo: Hey you! You know I am a boy, right!?

Berserker 2: What the f***!!!! What boy dresses like you! No matter, I still want to lick your feet...then rub my manly chest against your face!

Foleo: ...You wouldn't happen to be related to Gheb_, would you?

Berserker 2: He is my uncle! What an amazing example of manliness he is!

Foleo: ...

Misha-Heart: That explains a lot. Whatever, let's kill these b****es!

FinalActivity uses his killer blow and fires three arrows into Berserker 1's crouch...each one going through a "vital area".

FinalActivity: No sexual organs means you won't be fornicating anymore...heheheheheh!!!!!

Berserker 1: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! OMG! I'm bleeding to death! Ahhhhh!!!!!

Berserker 2: Eh...I never liked you come here little girl...ehhhh...boy!

Foleo: Take this! WEAKNESS!!! FREEZE!!!

The Berserker is frozen in place and feels incredibly weakened... ivanhellsing walk ups and "places" his sword gently right between his eyes...piercing the back of his skull.

Berserker 3: OMG! You b****es are SO DEAD!

Berserker 3 charges at ivanhellsing who dodges the blow and swipes at the Berserker with a Patient Assurance powered blow, inflicting the Defense Seal debuff. FinalActivity then fires an arrow that goes right through the Berserker's right thigh, which brings the Berserker to one knee. ivanhellsing then proceeds to place his sword right through the Berserker's heart...and he falls...

ivanhellsing: That leaves only the eunuch...

Berserker 1: F*** you!

ivanhellsing quickly goes up and horizontally bisects him right above the waist, with blood spewing everywhere.

FinalActivity: I guess that takes care of that! Hey? You know you guys are glowing...right?

Foleo: I I can use a Master Seal now.

ivanhellsing: too! I hope the others are doing well!

Back With Group 3: Kagero, Ishtar, Lazward, Gwonam_is_Bae

Acerola-orion: Now! Face the terror of light magic! Shine!!!!!!

A huge flash of light explodes from Acerola-orion's right hand. Blinding the group. Acerola-orion then proceeds to close in on the group to slit their throats, but Kagero quickly roundhouse kicks him, sending him flying back up to the building he was on.

Acerola-orion: What the heck? You should be blind!


I think Acerola-orion will regret messing with one of these types of people!

Kagero: Yeah...well, a ninja has enhanced senses, especially an Elite Ninja like myself!

Lazward: Hey!!! Since this guy is dressed in a holy outfit but is "dirty", I thought of another joke! "How can you tell if you're in a gay church?"

Acerola-orion: ????

Lazward: "Only half the congregation is kneeling!" Hahahahahahah!

Everyone looks at Lazward perplexed, but then bursts out laugh.

Acerola-orion: That was good! Too bad I have to kill you!

Gwonam_is_Bae: As if! Take this!

Gwonam_is_Bae fires an arrow that "pierces" and nails Acerola-orion right in the shoulder.

Acerola-orion: Ahhhhh! He pulls the arrow out. That stung! How about this! Resire!!!

Still laughing, Lazward is an easy target for the attack due to still laughing from his joke. He is hit and the wound Acerola-orion has received is healed.

Acerola-orion: Ahhh!!! Much better!

Lazward: Ugh...that hurt.

Ishtar: Relax...this guy is done. Bolting!

A huge bolt of lightning surges forth from the sky and smashes into the building that Acerola-orion is on...leveling it. Lazward, p***ed that he was struck by magic, slices into Acerola-orion and leaves a huge gash across his chest.

Acerola-orion: Ugh... Fine, do you know what!!!! HAVE IT ALL!!!! REXAURA!!!!!!

Huge light runes form in the sky and proceed to form into a pillar of light that flies toward Group 3. Ishtar responds with the Mjolnir spell just in time, and Ishtar and Acerola-orion are locked in a magic struggle of epic proportions.

Acerola-orion: ...That is Flare_Sorrow's tome. You b****es definitely killed him for it!

Ishtar: Ugh...that isn't true! After a Fake Endga...

Acerola-orion: Silence!!!!!!

Kagero: Hate to say it...but you're done...

Kagero throws both her silver and steel kunai and they implant themselves in both of Acerola-orion's knees... Unable to stand up, Acerola-orion falls over on to his back, still putting power into his Rexaura attack. It proves too much of a struggle though, and the Mjolnir spell overcomes the Rexaura...and Acerola-orion is directly hit with a huge dose of lightning...

Acerola-orion: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Acerola-orion's body is deep fried...Group 3 gathers around him.

Acerola-orion: ...please...I pass...with a...lady'

Kagero: ...

Ishtar: ...Fine...

Ishtar obliges and sits on his face. Acerola-orion smiles and passes...Ishtar stands up.

Ishtar: What a weird fellow...

Kagero: ...Yeah...

Lazward: Hey guys! The light rune barrier is coming down!

Gwonam_is_Bae: Hopefully the others have done well.

With Group 1: Endgame, Dekarus, and Misha-Heart

Endgame: ...Well, that is the last of your fighter squadron Charlotte.

Dekarus: Yeah! Looks like only you are left! lel!

Charlotte: S***...Wait, the barrier!

Human female berserker by wickedalucard-d3gru21

Female Berserkers...I wonder if they are..."dominate in bed"...

The light rune barrier collapses.

Charlotte: ...I guess that means Acerola-orion has passed...

Misha-Heart: Oh...has he now...?

Charlotte: So...guys...are you in need of a powerful Berserker?

Endgame: You want to join us?

Charlotte: Yeah! I was only with Acerola-orion since he had lots of money? Mind if I, you know, join you on whatever quest you are doing? I can collect the money I need from the corpses of dead my former comrades here! She picks their pockets. So what do you say?

Endgame: I see no problem with this...welcome aboard!

Charlotte: Yeah!!!!!!

?????: Hey guys!

Team 2 and Team 3 rejoin Team 1

Endgame: I am glad you are alright!

Ishtar: Acerola-orion is no more. So...who is that?

Charlotte: Hi! I will be joining you for now! Hopefully the enemies we kill will be loaded!!!

Dekarus: ...lel!

Kagero: Regardless, we have some items we need to distribute. For Foleo, we got a Misfortune and Sin staff for debuffing and an Autumn Festal baton for long distance healing.

Foleo: Oh wow! Thank you!

Kagero: Also, ivanhellsing, we got a Spirit Katana for you.

ivanhellsing: Thank you! My Steel Sword has served me well, but another weapon is always welcome. Also, our group made 5000 gold from the arena!

Endgame: That's great!

Charlotte: Smiles 5000 gold! Oh...I am right to have joined up with you guys!

Foleo: By the way...ivanhellsing and myself feel like we cannot get any stronger. You wouldn't happen to have master seals would you?

I wouldn't mess with a guy like this!

Gwonam_is_Bae: We do! Here you go!

ivanhellsing: It is time...

ivanhellsing holds the master seal tight in his hand and light flows out from him in all directions!

When the light settles, he is a Brave Hero!

ivanhellsing: Heh! I feel much stronger now! Also, I can use axes as well!

Charlotte: Okay can borrow this hand axe I have.

ivanhellsing: Thanks! Will you be alright without it though?

Charlotte: Don't worry about it! Between my Killer Axe and Bolt Axe, I am fine! Hey...Foleo was it! You are up!

Tumblr nshgajZdZJ1tb0aaeo1 1280

Awawawawawawa! Foleo is so cute!

Foleo: Alright! I know exactly what I want to be!

Foleo holds the master seal tight in his hand and light flows out from him in all directions! When the light settles, he is a...Maid?

Endgame: I thought you would become a Butler...

Foleo: :) I mean, normally I would have to, but "in this place", I can live out my dream of being a cute maid!

FinalActivity: ...whatever floats your boat...or sinks it!

Kagero: We also have a Waste tome...for Aisha when she returns...

Endgame: ...

Misha-Heart: I'm sure she will be happy...

Endgame: ...Anyway, we should be heading toward Uber Castle now...I mean...Mavitar has 1/2 of the gems we need and that other guy...LimboStudios...was a member of Team Mavitar...being Quilly's former underling. Let's get going!

At Castle Uber at night...Mavitar is walking around the Castle late at night...deep in thought.


Those two are cute together alright!

Mavitar: Mumbling to himself...Soon, we will go to war with Endgame again...war can be terrible, but scum like that only deserves to perish. I mean, I pledged to offer protection to the Church of Azura...and she is dead thanks to him. Not only that, but he has violated the walls of this castle with his presence and this has resulted in Felicia getting punched! D*** that b****. Oh Felicia...

Despite the situation, Mavitar thinks deeply about the time he has spent with Felicia. All those morning of seeing her in all of her radiance, all those days of seeing her cute self make mistakes that seem to only make him love her more, all those nights of Felicia being told she is an amazing Meido as Mavitar pierced her cute body...despite this, Mavitar...feels almost guilty...

Mavitar: Still mumbling to himself...Cobalnite can't experience the same joys with Azura anymore...I almost feels unfair to get to spend time with Felicia when he can't spend time with Azura...Apocrypha is visibly taking this very hard, but it isn't like she is actually...or was actually married to Azura. Cobalnite has always been a stoic guy...I really should check on how he is doing...I will in the morning.

Transitioning to a place deep in a forest

Aisha: Yelling at the air...Darn it... I just don't know what to do anymore... I can't go back to Endgame with him not loving me anymore. Gosh, I cannot go anywhere... D*** it!

?????: My dear, don't be so sad. Nothing is as it seems?

Aisha: What?

The voice seemed to echo from all sides...coming from no one direction. Aisha is deeply puzzled.

Aisha: Who was that?

?????: Nothing is as it should be. People of the darkness are trying to bring the world to war once again. They have practically succeeded...

Aisha: What the heck are you talking about?

?????: Come to the Wellspring of Truth. I shall reveal all once you arrive.

Aisha is unsure of whether to trust the voice, but she decides that with nothing better to do, she mine as well travel to this place, which isn't that far from where Aisha is now...

Aisha: OK. I will come...

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 1), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 17/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai; Level 17/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Vulnerary: Level 17/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Spirit Katana, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 1/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 17/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 18/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Misfortune and Sin, Autumn Festal: Level 1/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Outlaw: Silver Bow, Iron Bow: Level 18/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Kagero: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 3/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Mage: Mjolnir, Bolting, Heal Staff: Level 17/20: Adept, Vantage, Magic +2, Fortune, Draconic Curse
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 1/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death
  • MIA: Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal; Level 14/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind

Chapter 10: Corrupted Gravity

In preparation for the war with Endgame, Latino_King sends out calls for aid all across the land. One of these calls found its way to the Throne of Krakenburg Castle...


It is best to let lovers be lovers...

PoisonedYouth: Oh Xander-kun! Harder! Harder!

Xander: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

PoisonedYouth: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Let's move forward a little bit in time...

PoisonedYouth: Panting Oh Xander-kun! I love you so much! I am so very happy with the way our life is going!

Xander: Also Panting The pleasure is all mine miledy. You have made me the happiest man alive.

PoisonedYouth: you want to go agai...

Messenger: King Xander! We have received an urgent request for aid!

A messenger calls from the other side of the door...disturbing the lovebirds.

PoisonedYouth: Hmmmmmmmm...that couldn't have come at a worse time...

Xander: Rolls Eyes Let me check what this is about and we can get back to it. To the messenger We will be out in a moment!

The two dress themselves and open the door.

Xander: May I ask what is so important at this late hour?

Messenger: Forgive me my dear King and Queen! However, Latino_King has asked for aid!

PoisonedYouth: Oh really... With someone like Flare_Sorrow and his manakete sword Xir on his side, I can't imagine what they would need help for...especially considering Flare_Sorrow is married to my sister-in-law Camilla.

Dude wtf1

Practically a meme!

Messenger: My queen...the report I received from Latino_King's falcon said that Flare_Sorrow and Camilla have been slain.

PoisonedYouth: WTF!

Xander: !!! My sister...dead? Who is Latino_King facing and who killed Flare_Sorrow and my beloved sister?

Messenger: Endgame...the report also said he killed Lady Azura.

PoisonedYouth: Lady Azura IS DEAD TOO!? could Endgame commit such a horrible act.

Xander: ...You look like you have something else to say...

Messenger: Well... Latino_King's scouts have found that Lazward is still in the company of Endgame since you took the throne...and Foleo is also reported to be traveling with him...

PoisonedYouth: My dear nephew is in the company of that stupid troll? How?

Messenger: The report is uncertain...all it says though is that Gheb_ was pursuing Foleo...and somehow Foleo ended up with Endgame... Apparently Endgame killed Gheb_, but...the whole situation is confusing.

PoisonedYouth: .........

Xander: Nonetheless, the cur murdered my sister and her husband and is almost certainly holding my dear nephew hostage. Give the order to ready the troops. We will march to Latino_King's aid in the morning.

Messenger: Right on it!

The messenger leaves. PoisonedYouth lies on the couple's bed and mulls over what she just heard.

PoisonedYouth: Sighs I always thought that Endgame guy was just a harmless troll... To think that he would be capable of such horrible acts. Sighs again I guess it wouldn't be right to continue our celebration of our love with Camilla dead and all right now... I guess we kill that idiot, avenge those who need avenging, and get back to it.

User 1020

The mansion is nice though...

Xander: Under his breath...Sleep well my dear sister...

At about the same time in the basement of a mansion by a vile plantation...

Midori: Bahahahahahahah!!!!! This is perfect! So perfect!

Engdame: Looks confused You mixed Xir's blood with the blood of Endgame...what could you possibly be planning?

Midori: Rolls her eyes Planning you say? Oh please, this magic transcription device only takes a short amount of time to produce a living organism from DNA. ChenYakumo really creates some amazing devices...rolls eyes again and then there is all that f***ing smut he makes...ugh. Just like I created you from the DNA of Endgame and Gharnef, I will create another being with Endgame's likeness to cause even more chaos! Bahahahahahah!!!!!

Engdame: Wait...part of my DNA comes from Gharnef????

Midori: Sighs Only about 1% my dear. Why else do you think you can use the Imhullu spell so easily?

Engdame: .........

Midori: Oh, it looks like it has been an hour! Let's see what the fusion of Xir the Manakete and Endgame produce!

Midori pulls the curtain off the magic transcription device...and out comes someone with a familiar face...

Engdame: ...He looks just like me...or Endgame...

?????: ...

Midori: Welcome into the world my marvelous creation! You live to serve me and my every whim! Now, as your master, I demand that you...


Endgame will never live this down...

?????: ...No...

Midori: Looks P***ed What the f*** did you say to me you d*** drinking catfish f****er? You will do as I say right now or I will...

?????: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midori: !!!!!!

XylonTheManaket: I am XylonTheManaket. I live to do one thing and only one thing...ONLY!

Engdame: And what is that?



What a terrifying creature...

XylonTheManaket turns into a massive dragon and flies through the mansion's ceiling...going off to who knows where...

Engdame: Rolls Eyes Are you happy with your "creation"?

Midori: Bahahahahahah!!!!!!

Engdame: Why are you laughing?

Midori: Smiles That Manakete looks just like Endgame in his human form. Anyone who sees him in that form will think it is him! Heck, even if he doesn't do stuff to make Endgame look bad, he still will bring pain and suffering to this wretched world! I couldn't be happier! Bahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Engdame: ....OK......

In a forest not far from Castle Uber, home to Team Mavitar, PhantasticPhool has saved his beloved Setsuna from being forced to join EndKingPeach's vile group. Having spent the night at her forest cottage with her, the two discuss their plans for the future.

Setsuna: ...It was nice sleeping by are...really nice...

PhantasticPhool: There is no one else that I would want to lay beside than beloved.

Setsuna: ...

PhantasticPhool: You look like you are thinking of something...

Setsuna: ...You know...I maybe...I think I would be happy spending...well...the rest of our one.

Long distance relationships stupid

Granted...having the best of both worlds is the best...

PhantasticPhool: You know? I was thinking the same thing. I don't like the whole long distance relationship gig. I want to experience joy with you every second of every day! I never want us to be apart... So...what do you say about coming back with me to Castle Uber?

Setsuna: ...

PhantasticPhool: ...Setsuna?

Setsuna: I love you...I really do...but...Castle Uber isn't a forest like this. I want to feel the forest around me, see the animals...see the cycle of life in...action...I just...

All of a sudden, it feels like something huge flies directly above them. A sonic boom is created and the possibly soon to be couple go deaf for a moment...when the loss of hearing passes...

PhantasticPhool: What the hell was that?

Setsuna: Let's go...and...check...

The two head outside and come face to face with...

PhantasticPhool: Endgame! Why are you here?

XylonTheManaket: Endgame??? I don't know who that is...

Setsuna: ...You look...just like...Endgame.

XylonTheManaket: No matter...prepare yourselves...

XylonTheManaket turns into his Manakete form, a huge black dragon, and screams at the top of his lungs. The sound wave from this almost knocks PhantasticPhool and Setsuna off of their feet. XylonTheManaket then flies into the air and breaths fire on the forest, lighting everything ablaze...

Forest fire southern california

This has almost become a meme at this point...


Setsuna: The forest!!!

PhantasticPhool: We will stop that b******! I don't know when he learned how to transform into a dragon, but he is going to be grounded!!!!

PhantasticPhool activates his astra skill and Setsuna activates her breaking sky skill and fire arrows at the dragon that is high up in the air. He manages to dodge some of the arrows but the breaking sky powered arrow successfully lodges itself right up XylonTheManaket's nostral...


XylonTheManaket flies away, leaving the two alone amongst the charred forest that Setsuna once called her home.

Setsuna: Sobs Why!!!!!????? Why!!!!!!!?????? Why the f*** did this have to happen! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

PhantasticPhool: ...Setsuna...

Setsuna runs over to the charred corpse of a bear that did not manage to escape the blaze. She embraces it...and cries even harder.

Setsuna: Sobs Harder Oh my god!!!!!!!! How could that b****** do this! Damn him... How could he hurt an innocent bear like this! He was....only....trying to live...his own peace.........sobs even harder...

PhantasticPhool: ...Come on Setsuna. Mavitar is already deploying the might of his forces to take down Endgame. He will pay for what he has done here today... I am glad I came here when I might have ended up like this forest.


Looking back...

Setsuna: ...I guess I have no home here will come...with you...

Setsuna walks with PhantasticPhool out of the forest. She turns around so slightly at the forest edge and blows a kiss to the remains of her beloved forest, before departing to Uber Castle.

Presently at Castle Uber...Mavitar has decided to confront Cobalnite...

Mavitar: Cobalnite...

Cobalnite: ...What is it...

Mavitar: I noticed that you have been rather quiet lately, despite Apocrypha being much more vocal...

Cobalnite: ...

Mavitar: I was surprised at first...considering the situation, but I got to thinking about how much I love Felicia...and I'm sure you must have felt the same way about Azura... I just...

Cobalnite: Stop...

Mavitar: ...

Cobalnite thinks back several years prior...

Cobalnite: How could you!?

ivanhellsing: Be quiet...

Cobalnite: Don't ask me to be f***ing quiet! How could you decide to leave the Church of Azura!

ivanhellsing: Scowls Shut up...

Cobalnite: I cannot believe you are so political to leave the Church just because it has decided to align with Mavitar. What the f*** is wrong with you!

ivanhellsing: Oh please! If the Church decided to align with Endgame you know you would leave it too you f***ing b****!

The two fight it out. It is broken up by Apocrypha, who separates the two with a barrier.

Apocrypha: Fighting won't resolve the issue at hand!

Cobalnite Scowls I can't believe you are just going to let this worthless c*** leave!

Apocrypha: this really what you want?

ivanhellsing: The appreciation of Lady Azura existed before I created this Church. I leave it in your hands, although I don't want anything to do with it anymore...bye.

ivanhellsing walks off into the night. Cobalnite and Apocrypha expect him to look back, although he never does. After he leaves, Azura enters.

Azura: It is a pity that he feels he has to leave.

Apocrypha: Lady Azura! What are you doing up at this hour!?

Azura: I was just going by the lake so that I could sing my troubles away.

Cobalnite: Troubles?

Azura: ...I feel there are forces at work that wish to destroy this Church...and by extension, me. Because of that, I suggested joining up with one of the three sides. Most of the followers of this Church respect Mavitar the it was recommended that Team Mavitar was the right team to join with...and yet...not everyone felt this way.

Cobalnite: Any true follower would place you above their affiliation...Lady Azura.

Azura: Chuckles If we are going to get married soon, you really ought to just call me "Azura". Lady Azura is much, much too formal for my husband to call me that...

4254778136 moonlight kiss by goerke d2fcwh4 xlarge


Cobalnite: As you wish...Azura...

The two embrace and kiss under the moonlight.

The memory fades.

Cobalnite: I will never forgive him...

Mavitar: Endgame?

Cobalnite: I wasn't referring to Endgame, but him too.

Mavitar: ...Regardless, I want you to lead the reconnaissance forces against Team Endgame.

Cobalnite: ???

Mavitar: I need to talk with Latino_King. Considering he is also mobilizing against Endgame...I feel that we should concentrate our efforts. In the meantime, I want you to gather as much info on the enemy as possible. Apocrypha will be joining you.

Cobalnite: Alright...I will be going.

Mavitar: Hey?

Cobalnite: ???

Mavitar: Don't die.

Cobalnite: I won't!

Valley of Corrupted Gravity 1

A truly terrible place...

Returning to Team Endgame...after defeating acerola-orion, Endgame has decided to retrieve the ruby gems for the Endflame tome. With Mavitar "unknowingly" possessing one and LimboStudios possessing the other, Endgame has decided to travel to Castle Uber to confront Mavitar in hopes of retrieving the gems. To save time, Endgame has decided to journey to Castle Uber via the Valley of Corrupted Gravity . In the past, a terrible war between magic summoners took place here. One side summoned dragons and one size summoned demons from the depths of hell. The magic was so great it warped the land and laws of physics themselves. Land floats in the sky and it is possible to travel on the bottom of boulders with the ground below "above your head" and to jump great distances in the air without ever returning to the ground. Because of this, very few seldom come to this place...

Charlotte: What the f*** is this horrible place? Just looking at s*** floating in the f***ing sky makes me want to b**** God out for making such a s***hole!

Dekarus: ...This place was not made this way by God my dear. From the books I have read, a terrible battle was fought here a long time ago that has left this place "scarred". The laws of gravity the name suggests of this place, "corrupted".

Kagero: ...SpellcraftQuill once mentioned this place. He stated that a summoning battle took place here. He wanted to utilize such power to create a place like this elsewhere...but was unable do so.

Endgame: Regardless, we must travel through here. This is the quickest way to Castle Mavitar...and he won't see it coming...

Charlotte: How could anyone want to travel through this place! Only an idiot would be here.

Endgame: Exactly...which is why Mavitar will not expect us to take this route...

Gwonam_is_Bae: ...I hope you are right. I have heard of people taking a step into a spot in this place and finding themselves falling into the sky...never to return to Earth.

Endgame: Relax, Dekarus can grow trees with the Brunnhilde. If we go flying, Dekarus can bring us back down. Right Dekarus?

Dekarus: It shouldn't be a problem. It would be better though if everyone had a piece of a cursed tree with them. That way, I could grow a tree at near lightspeed to everyone and bring them back to the "ground".

Endgame: You heard the man!


Charlotte's thoughts...

The pieces are distributed...and some of the members of the party...realizing they are safe(r) from harm, decide to see what the effects of corrupted gravity are. Charlotte decides to jump through the air, while Foleo looks up with his feet on the bottom of a boulder and looks at the "ground" several hundred feet below. Lazward decides to jump from boulder to boulder...until suddenly he finds himself "falling" into the sky?

Lazward: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Help!!!!!

Dekarus: I got you...

A cursed tree materializes, shoots from the ground, and hooks itself around Lazward and pulls him back to the floating boulder Dekarus is on. During this event though, a coin falls from Lazward's pocket...and despite the gravity being corrupted, it falls normally as it should toward the ground below.

Dekarus: You ought to be more careful...lel!

Lazward: I lost a coin! You know...this made me think of a joke...although it is a little...racy...

Kagero: :( Please, go on...

Dekarus: Well...seeing gravity here makes me realize that stuff is normally supposed to fall to the ground...right?

Dekarus: Yeah?

Lazward: It just made me realize... Jews invented gravity in a plot to get people to drop loose change. Bahahahahahah!!!

Dekarus: Lel!

Kagero: ...that fell flat.

Lazward: Well, how about this one!? For a guy who isn't affected by gravity, I'm pretty down to Earth! Ahahahahahahah!!!

Everyone Else: ...

Lazward: Frowns Oh...come on!

Stationed at the edge of the Valley of Corrupted Gravity...

Cobalnite: What makes you think Endgame will bring his team through this place?

Apocrypha: There are only a few paths from the village of Kent that lead to Castle Mavitar. This is the least likely route a sane person would it is therefore the route most likely that Endgame would take. He likes to make simple things complicated after all.

Cobalnite: I hope you are right...honestly...if we can catch him in this place, we mine as well kill him. Considering our entire regiment is made up of pegasus and wyvern knights that don't care about gravity whatsoever, catching him in a place like this would make it much easier to finish him off. Plus, considering you are a Dark Flier, I could pair up with you and fly all around that b******.

Apocrypha: ...Mavitar said we were just a reconnaissance force though...

Cobalnite: Frowns We have the advantage if we fight here is what I am getting at...


One's Thoughts...

Soldier: Cobalnite-sama! We have spotted Team Endgame in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity!

Cobalnite: Smiles Endgame...ivanhellsing...I will finish you both here and avenge Lady Azura! All troops! Advance!

Back to Team Endgame

Lazward: Ok, let's try this one! A guy was walking to a bar and on his way he found a girl tied up to the railroad tracks. He untied her and they had sex. The guy gets to the bar, and friends ask why he's so late. He tells them about the girl he found and all the different positions they f***ed in. His friends give him props and ask if he got head. The guy replies, "I couldn't find it!" Bahahahahahahah!

Everyone is wide eyed for a second...then they burst out laughing.

Dekarus: It seems like the third time was the charm! Lel!


I thought this image was funny.

ivanhellsing: Yeah, that one was actually really good!

Kagero: Everyone! Wyvern and Pegasus Knights are approaching!

Endgame: What the hell? Who is the commanding officer?

?????: That would be me...

Between the floating rocks that resemble meteors in space flies a dark flier lady with a man that is currently stationed behind her...

Endgame: I recognize those two...

ivanhellsing: Apocrypha! Scowls.......and Cobalnite.....

Apocrypha: ivanhellsing...

Cobalnite: I found you b******s! You killed Azura! You violated the walls of Castle Uber with your presence and brought that insufferable Einvalt with you that punched Felicia! Do you have anything to say before you die cowardish f***!

Endgame: I...I didn't kill Azura. There is an imposter Endgame that has done terrible things under the guise of me. Also, Einvalt betrayed us not too long ago and you know full well I haven't been in Uber Castle in ages!

Apocrypha: Liar! You murdered SpellcraftQuill with your own hands!

?????: No he didn't!

Kagero steps forward.

Apocrypha: were SpellcraftQuill's lover...

Kagero: SpellcraftQuill...actually sent these events into motion! I admit it was his plan to start a war between Endgame and everyone else by killing Azura. However, his "employer" Midori was the one who killed him and is truly behind everything!

Cobalnite: Madness... Midori is just a cute child...

Kagero: Wrong! That "child" runs the global drug trade and has been causing terrible events to happen for a long time! Please, you must believe me! Events are being manipulated to force us to fight!

Apocrypha: ...

Cobalnite: ...

Ishtar: you remember me?

Apocrypha: Didn't you serve under Flare_Sorrow's magic unit? I heard he died recently with all of his men... I heard Endgame killed him...

Ishtar: That isn't true! I was in hiding when this happened, but I saw an imposter Endgame kill Flare_Sorrow with my own eyes! HE admitted to killing Azura!

Cobalnite: ...Enough...

Ishtar: ?

Cobalnite: There is no way Flare_Sorrow would lose to you c***s in a fair fight, and the idea of an imposter Endgame is outrageous. I bet you blasted Flare_Sorrow in the back with your magic because Endgame paid you your "thirty pieces of silver"...

Ishtar: ...That's...

Apocrypha: I saw, you, Endgame kill Azura with my own eyes! All this talk of a clone is ludicrous! Now! Prepare to die!

Endgame: Wait! Please!

Endgame's words are not heeded. The pegasus knights and wyvern knights charge their position. FinalActivity and Gwonam_is_Bae respond by firing arrow after arrow at the knights. Some fall from the sky, but the corrupted gravity skews the paths of their arrows, making most of their arrows ineffective. Endgame devises a strategy in the midst of this though...

Endgame: Can you produce trees on all the floating rocks around us?

Dekarus: Yeah...but those fliers are moving much too fast for my trees to grab onto them...

Endgame: Just do it. Make sure the trees are extremely leafy, produce a ton of smoke when burned, and burn at extremely hot temperatures...

Dekarus: Smiles I see what you are doing...


Don't f*** with these trees.

Dekarus produces cursed trees with the Brunnhilde tome on all the floating boulders that surround Team Endgame. Endgame then uses his Endflame tome to light on fire all of the cursed trees that surround the party, with huge amounts of smoke being produced.

Foleo: Endgame, what are you doing? It is hard to see!

Endgame: Yes, our visibility is decreased...but the loss of visibility for flying units should be horrendous in a place like this...

Endgame's comment proves to be correct. Unable to see in front of them, the pegasus and wyvern knights crash into the flying boulders that they cannot see. It is like traveling in an asteroid field blind. The especially unlucky ones collide with the burning trees...causing their wings to be lit on fire. What happens next is truly random. Some of the unmounted knights fall to the ground hundreds of feet below. Others fall into the sky and never come back down. Most of the unmounted knights though just float in the air as if they are in the depths of space...with no momentum to drive them forward.

Endgame: It is time.

Endgame uses his Endflame tome to absorb all the nearby flames into the tome, removing the smoke and revealing a horrific scene. Burnt pegasi and wyverns as well as some of their riders lie on the scattered floating rocks. Most of the riders though are floating in the air. On cue, FinalActivity and Gwonam_is_Bae fire arrows and Ishtar casts her bolting spell...taking out the still living riders.

Cobalnite: S***! Damn Endgame! Apocrypha! Fly us in circles outside the immediate rocks surrounding them. They won't pull that stunt again!

Apocrypha: Got it!

Apocrypha circles Team Endgame at quite a distance from them...just barely in eyesight. Then Cobalnite stands on a platform on the back of the black pegasus, bracing himself, and launches repeated Celica's Gale blasts at the boulder Team Endgame is on. Apocrypha joins in as well, launching repeated Daim Thunder strikes. Dekarus uses Brunnhilde to create a barrier of trees on the inner most floating boulders surrounding the team, but the trees are quickly being destroyed by Celica's Gale blasts.

Dekarus: Crude... The barrier will not last forever! Can't someone do something about them?

Ishtar: They are circling too fast for bolting to be effective and too far for Mjolnir to hit them... Besides, wind magic has the advantage over thunder magic...

Foleo: If they weren't moving so fast, I could use a freeze staff to stop their movement...

FinalActivity: There is too much debris for arrows to be effective. By the time they are effective, the Celica's Gale shots will be upon us.

ivanhellsing: ...I think I have an idea actually...

Endgame: What?

ivanhellsing: ...It won't remedy the problem...but I might be able to halve the threat. I might be able to bait Cobalnite into fighting on one. You will still have to do something about Apocrypha though...but...between all of you... I am sure you can figure something out...

Misha-Heart: I hate to say this, but isn't Cobalnite stronger than you though?

ivanhellsing: ...Azura gave him a forged killing edge...also, he was gifted by her with skills like Aether and Ignis. At the very least, I will buy some time. Dekarus, can you propel me out of this barrier onto that boulder?

Dekarus: ivanhellsing...they may just kill you with magic.

ivanhellsing: He pulls out a flag with Azura on it...I will be bringing this with me. They will listen to what I have to say.

Dekarus: It is your funeral kiddo...

Back to Cobalnite/Apocrypha

Cobalnite: Heheheh...they cannot do anything at all but hide. Their barrier won't last much longer...

Apocrypha: Wait, someone is being placed on that boulder over there...with a flag of Lady Azura!?

Cobalnite: What the heck is he doing?

ivanhellsing waives the flag of the Church of Azura. He yells at Cobalnite.

ivanhellsing: Face me Cobalnite! One on one! Enough running around like a coward! I didn't give up control of the Church of Azura just for some pu**y to run around like a b****! Fight me! With a sword in your hand! Show me Azura was right to see anything in you but a f***ing b****!

Apocrypha: He is baiting you you know...

Cobalnite: F*** that b****. He is so dead! Apocrypha, land me on that boulder he is on. Keep blasting the tree barrier until I kill won't take long at all.

Apocrypha: Rolls Eyes Let's hope this isn't a big mistake.

Apocrypha drops Cobalnite on the boulder ivanhelllsing is on, then continues the magic assault on the rest of Team Endgame.

Cobalnite: I've wanted to cut you up ever since that day, you know? If Cobalnite and Azura hadn't been around, I would have...

ivanhellsing: I know... For what its worth though, Endgame didn't kill Azura...not that you are willing to listen...I actually have sympathy for you as a man who is grieving the death of his wife...

Cobalnite: ...The words of the enemy mean nothing. Now face my Killing Edge!

ivanhellsing: ...So be it...

Ivanhellsing pulls out his Spirit Katana and they duel.

Endgame: He took the bait...

Charlotte: He did. However, we are still sitting ducks on this floating rock protected by only our rapidly thinning barrier! We really should have avoided this f***ing place!

Hs robo slap by skiesthelimit121-d46hkop

What hurts more? Getting slapped by a robot or getting slapped by a ninja?

Kagero slaps Charlotte

Charlotte: What was that for!?

Kagero: Regret is for fools. We need to focus on how to deal with the situation we are in now.

Charlotte: Rolls Eyes Okay...

Ishtar: I have an idea...but...

Endgame: If you have an idea, we would like to know!

Ishtar: When I married my...lover, he gave me a Dark Falcon Wing as a wedding present. I have always kept it in my hair as a remembrance of him, but...if it means our survival...I am willing to use it...

Endgame: That might work. Once you do that, Gwonam_is_Bae can come along with you and snipe her out of the sky while your magics clash! Foleo! Be ready to assist if you can get a shot in!

Foleo: Got it!

Ishtar: Alright. love...give me strength...

Ishtar plucks the Dark Falcon Wing from her hair and gives it a gentle kiss. Darkness surrounds her and a dark pegasus forms from the darkness itself. The darkness is illuminated, and she has become a Dark Falcon.

Ishtar: Thank you...Yurius-kun... Gwonam_is_Bae...are you ready?

Gwonam_is_Bae: I am! Let's ice this b****!

Back to Apocrypha

Apocrypha: All these idiots can do is hide...and not much longer at that!...WHAT? I didn't know they had a Dark Falcon among them!

Ishtar: Apocrypha... I have heard much of you when I was serving under Flare_Sorrow. Let us fight! Taste my MJOLNIR!!!!!

Apocrypha: DAIM THUNDER!!!!!!

Their magic spells clash...but all of a sudden, Apocrypha feels weakened.

Apocrypha: What? I feel...gah...can't give up!

Foleo: I hit her with the weakness staff!

Ishtar: Gwonam_is_Bae! Now!

Gwonam_is_Bae fires a "pierce powered arrow" that digs into Apocrypha's shoulder. This interrupts her Daim Thunder spell...yet she still manages to dodge the lethal Mjolnir spell...but lands painfully on a nearby floating boulder. Ishtar immediately though returns to ivanhellsing...who is not doing well in his duel.

ivanhellsing: Ha...ha...ha... I admit... You are strong. I admit it. Still, you are being used by people like Midori. How sad.

Cobalnite: Heheheh. One Aether and you are reduced to this. Fine... Let's end this! Die!...what?

A bolting spell separates Cobalnite from ivanhellsing. Isthar then arrives on the scene and fires a huge blast of Mjolnir at Cobalnite, who is forced to jump from the boulder to dodge. Apocrypha quickly positions herself to rescue Cobalnite from his fall and he lands on her dark pegasus.

Cobalnite: are wounded! You need treatment immediately!

Apocrypha: Let's get out of here then...

Returning to Ishtar and ivanhellsing

ivanhellsing: Darn it...

Ishtar: I can't heal anymore. Let's get you to Foleo to get treated!

ivanhellsing: Okay...

A short time later.

ivanhellsing: I feel better now. Thank you Foleo.

Foleo: No problem.

Ishtar: Hey Foleo, you can take my spare heal staff for now. I cannot use it anymore...and yours is almost broke...

Foleo: Alright!

Endgame: Anyway, I regret bringing us here. Let us get out of this stupid valley...Castle Uber won't be too far then...Under his breath...Aisha...wherever you safe.

Returning to Aisha, following the voice, she finds herself at the Wellspring of Truth.

Aisha: Why have you brought me here.

?????: I am sure you have many questions. Let me start by showing you who I am…or was.

A hooded figure emerges from the spring…she removes her hood and reveals marvel aqua hair and silky skin.

FE0 Azura


Aisha: You! You are Azura! How is this possible!? You died!

Azura: Yes…I did die. It is possible for the departed to appear here though. I have come back because the world is headed to ruin as it is…

Aisha: …

Azura: First, let me tell you the truth about Endgame. He has always been faithful to you…Camilla lied to you as did others…who were manipulated by SpellcraftQuill…who was manipulated by Midori…who also killed him.

Aisha: I…I have been a jealous fool… I need to return to Endgame’s side at once.

Azura: As you are…you don’t have the power to save him.

Aisha: What?

Azura: Midori has manipulated forces beyond her control to craft an Endgame clone…called Engdame. He has the blood of Gharnef in him…so he can wield the terrible Imhullu spell.

Aisha: Imhullu!? Nothing can defeat that terrible magic!

Azura: There is one thing…Starlight. I might be able to give it to you.

Aisha: Really!? Thank you!

Azura: I said “might”. If you cannot achieve greater power, you cannot use the tome.

Aisha: What must I do?

Azura: You must pass the witch trials…that can only be performed under a full moon…which is tonight. If you fail…Endgame will die before the next full moon. In order so that I will let you take the witch trials though…you must promise me something…

Aisha: What is it?

Azura: If you happen to meet Cobalnite, Apocrypha, or any Church of Azura members…show them the Starlight tome. They know only I can willingly give it to someone...someone that has met me. Tell them Endgame is not responsible for my death…save them.

Aisha: I promise…

Azura: In that case, it begins tonight.

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 1), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 19/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai; Level 19/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Vulnerary: Level 19/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Spirit Katana, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 2/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 19/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 19/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff X 2, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Misfortune and Sin, Autumn Festal: Level 2/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Outlaw: Silver Bow, Iron Bow: Level 19/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Kagero: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 3/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Dark Flier: Mjolnir, Bolting: Level 19/20: Adept, Vantage, Fortune, Draconic Curse, Rally Movement
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 2/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death
  • MIA: Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal; Level 14/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind

Chapter 11: Wrath of the Trolls

Returning to Uber Castle, PhantasticPhool and Setsuna have returned to Castle Mavitar after the horrible scene of XylonTheManaket, who they thought was Endgame, burning down Setsuna's forest home and killing her animals friends.

Felicia: Welcome back! I see you have brought back Setsuna with you! You must be so happy!

I have no home 3

Setsuna's thoughts...

PhantasticPhool: ...

Setsuna: ...

Felicia: What is the matter?

PhantasticPhool: Is Mavitar...WAH???????

At this moment, a dark pegasus crash lands right next to the trio. A man and woman were on the horse, with the woman being badly injured.

Felicia: Cobalnite! Apocrypha! What happened!?

Cobalnite: We will talk later! Apocrypha needs medical attention!

Felicia: Everyone seems to be feeling bad today...

Setsuna: ...I bet Endgame is to blame...

Felicia: Endgame?

PhantasticPhool: We need to talk to Mavitar.

Felicia: Alright, I will see if he is available...

Sometime the throne room.

Mavitar: So, not only did Endgame burn down a forest for s***'s and giggles, but he also really injured Apocrypha.

Apocrypha: I'm feeling better now. It was just a nasty arrow wound.


This comes to mind.

Mavitar: Setsuna... I am sorry to hear about what happened to your forest home. My team has almost completed full mobilization of our army at this point. We are going to rid the world of scum like Endgame. Would you like to join us?

Setsuna: I would...for all the animals and trees Endgame destroyd...he has to pay...

Cobalnite: ...

Mavitar: Is something the matter Cobalnite?

Cobalnite: Endgame and some of his comrades claimed to not be responsible for killing Azura and other terrible acts...usually he is quick to take any blame for all his misgivings and crimes. He isn't acting like he usually is. That, and he did spare PhantasticPhool in the neutral territory... I just...

Mavitar: People change. Perhaps Endgame is more crafty than we have thought he was.

1235354387 96114352

Midori has the same disquieting presence.

?????: Quite indeed.

Mavitar: Who are you?

Out of the shadows steps a little girl. She looks rather adorable but her eyes seem to be hiding a hidden nature...and she has a somehow unexplainable disturbing presence.

Midori: I'm Midori! Kaze's daughter!

Mavitar: ...Ok, why are you here?

Midori: Some scary man told me to give "this key" to you to unlock a box in SpellcraftQuill's former room. I...don't know much else. Do you want the key?

Mavitar: "Scary Man"? Well, alright.

Midori: I will be going then! Under her breath Now the fun starts...

Mavitar: ...I wonder what this is about. Mind if I take a look before we continue this discussion?

Everyone Else: OK

2C2A3F0D00000578-3230085-image-m-24 1441931736356

Like this...

Mavitar goes to SpellcraftQuill's room. It is danky since its resident has not been present in it for a long time, but a picture of SpellcraftQuill and Kagero can be seen clearly on the wall in a compromising opinion.

Mavitar: Come to think of it...where is Kagero anyway? She and Quilly were inseparable... Anyway, the box...

Mavitar finds the box and uses the key. Within the box is a ruby gem.

Mavitar: What the heck? This goes with the Endflame tome! How in the world did Quilly get this?

Mavitar returns to the throne room with the ruby gem in his hand.

Mavitar: Guys, fortune has smiled on us. Look at this!

Felicia: What? Isn't that part of the Endflame tome?

Mavitar: Yes... It means Endgame isn't at full strength right now. Our mobilization of our whole army is practically complete. Considering Latino_King is mobilizing his army, we really ought to coordinate our power. It would mean a quicker end to Endgame. Thus, let us travel to Castle Dawn in a few hours to form an alliance...


This Lewd!!!!

Near Castle Dawn's Gate

PoisonedYouth: We are here Xander-kun! This place is...I hear extremely lewd!

Xander quickly swoops her off her feet and brings her bridal style close to his chest.

Xander: Nothing is more lewd than the time we are together alone my dear...

PoisonedYouth: Smiles Well...of course! Anyway, let us see if this place can come anywhere near our lewdness!

After coming to the gate itself, it opens, revealing...

Pieri: Ahhhh!!! Hi Xander!

PoisonedYouth: Pieri? What are you doing in the castle of Latino_King himself?

Pieri: Pieri got married!

Xander: Really?

PlasmaStar: Yes, we married a short while ago. It isn't like Latino_King had a huge problem or anything with more had to do with people shipping her with him. Now that she is married to me, people have stopped pushing that s***.

Can-stock-photo csp6152571

Pieri isn't talking about judicial justice...

PoisonedYouth: Yet...I hear Endgame has returned to his terrible ways.

Pieri: Scowls Pieri hates that guy. Pieri wants to punish that guy! Punish! PUNISH!

Xander: ...I guess some things never change. Can we have an audience with Latino_King?

PlasmaStar: Sure!

In the throne room of Castle Dawn

Latino_King: My, my! The King and Queen of Nohr have offered their aid to me! I am honored!

Xander: The honor is mine. However, I have some questions for you...

Latino_King: What?

Xander: I heard that Foleo and Lazward are with Endgame...

Technickal1: I also heard that hussy Charlotte is with him now too...

PoisonedYouth: WHAT!!!!!! That f***ing hussy has got involved in this mess! F*** her!

FloraTheMaid: Whispers to ChenYakumo I don't understand why that is significant...

ChenYakumo: Whispers back I heard that Charlotte and Xander had a thing at some point. That is why PoisonedYouth doesn't like her.

FloraTheMaid: Whispers still Oh...

Xander: Relax my love, that woman is nothing to me anymore. She is just a golddigger afterall.

PoisonedYouth: Calms down I know, I know... Anyway, Latino_King, can you elaborate on Lazward and Foleo? In particular, I am worried about my nephew...

Latino_King: Regarding Lazward, he has been with Endgame ever since you know...removed him from his position due to flirting with too many ladies and getting into trouble with their...husbands. Apparently the "Azura situation" hasn't shaken Lazward's faith in his new lord though.

Xander: ...

Latino_King: As for Foleo...I heard Endgame saved him from Gheb_ and Foleo has been traveling with Endgame ever since. That is all I know.

Xander: He must be being deceived. Anyway, to avenge my late sister as well as Lady Azura, I have brought a company of soldiers from Nohr. Let us put Endgame down.

Latino_King: ...

Xander: You look puzzled.

Latino_King: I just...all of this seems uncharacteristic of Endgame. He usually owns all he does, but all my reports have him denying killing Lady Azura and your sister.

Xander: The word of the enemy means nothing. The proof is overwhelming. Let's just end him already.

Latino_King: ...I heard Mavitar is on his way. Let's see what he has to say.

While waiting for Mavitar, everyone does his or her own thing. As for ChenYakumo though, he returns to his room and when he closes his door, a hand from the darkness covers his mouth. ChenYakumo tries to scream, but cannot.

LimboStudios: Relax. It is just me. LimboStudios removes his hand from ChenYakumo's mouth.

ChenYakumo: Oh, it is you. Did Lady Midori send what I need?

LimboStudios: That depends on whether you have those Gheb_ clones that I requested or not...


Don't look at this too long...or LSD is on the way.

ChenYakumo: I have them. They are hidden underground in the usual spot. I don't know what Lady Midori wants with clones of Gheb_, but...can I have my gallon of LSD now?

LimboStudios: Rolls Eyes Yes.

ChenYakumo drinks the entire gallon of LSD at once. To no one's surprise, he becomes a complete wacko.

ChenYakumo: OH!!!! All these squares make a circle! I wish my sister would violate me! All these squares make a circle! I will write more smut about my sister tying me up and pushing her hands into my...

LimboStudios doesn't bother to hear the rest. He leaves at once to retrieve what he came for...then he leaves at once, certain that ChenYakumo's terrible LSD induced fantasies are producing smut of an interesting quality as he is walking away, with many Gheb_ clones following him. He returns to his base of operations, near Castle Uber in a swamp.

LimboStudios: I'm back!

Einvalt: you have the Gheb_ clones?

LimboStudios: Yes, I do. Can you tell me again why ColdOne666 wanted them...and why you suggested letting that idiot into our group...and why you are carrying that jar of s*** around with you?

Einvalt: I will tackle the questions in order. First, ColdOne666 is the kind of guy who believes if you have a large numerical advantage in battle, you automatically win. Second, as for why I let him in the group, ColdOne666 has become commander of Le Reddit Army ever since HOOHAHHE died. He already is in command of the Tumblr Troll Army, so add the Gheb_ clones into the mix and you have the most malevolent group of scrubs in existence at your fingertips...we will have a huge numerical advantage over Endgame. Finally, I stole this jar of s*** from Dekarus. I want to hold it in front of his face when we meet again and pull it away just as he is about to grab it just to stick the knife in a little more. Bahahahahahah!!!!!

LimboStudios: I see. ColdOne666 provides us with a near limitless supply of cannon fodder. I should let you know though that the GameFAQs Smash Army is out at this time attending to a demand of Midori.

Einvalt: Oh...

LimboStudios: I want to see him up close though...since I have only heard of the rumors...

The two walk to a giant auditorium where ColdOne666 is lecturing to the Le Reddit Army and Tumblr Troll Army. He is in the middle of quite a speech...


Found this relevant gem...

ColdOne666: If people disagree with you! Grab a bat and smash their f***ing brains out! Smash their f***ing brains out till they are nothing but a pile of goo! Only our opinions are correct! I mean it! How DARE people not eat s*** with a smile like I do whenever Nintendo throws it at us! I'm going to insult them using empty buzzwords like 'entitled' while exposing myself to be the whiny little brat I'm accusing them of being! That'll show them! Our opinions are as valid as the laws of space and time! We can never be wrong! Do you all agree with me!?

Everyone In Attendence: Yes! We are great! We will eat s*** with a smile and like it and challenge all those who dare to have the nerve to think differently!


ColdOne666: I mean, come on! When Soleil dared to show signs of gay conversion in her support with Kamui...even if that wasn't what it was all...we b****ed, moaned, and screamed till Nintendo of America bowed to our request and look! Nintendo changed the conversation. You see! SJW's like us are making the world a little less open minded every single day! It just goes to show you! If you b****, moan, and scream loud enough, anything is possible! So never stop b****ing, moaning, and screaming about anything that you don't agree with! Do you understand me!

Everyone In Attendance: Hail! Hail ColdOne666!

ColdOne666: Hahahahahahahahah! A great threat to our ways has emerged from the land of GameFAQs to dare to have an opinion that is different than our own!

Everyone In Attendance: GASPS How dare he!

ColdOne666: Indeed! This "individual" called Endgame has dared to mock the almighty omnipotent Fire Emblem Awakening! He is such a troll that he considers progress a bad thing and considers all Fire Emblems after Fire Emblem 7 not real Fire Emblem games!

Everyone In Attendance: GASPS Doesn't he realize that only one of those games ever got localized outside Japan? It must have been because they all sucked d***!

ColdOne666: I know, right!? As for Fire Emblem games post Fire Emblem 7...for example...without Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, we would never have got his majesty Gheb_! May he rest in peace. Luckily, we have several clones of his smexyness in attendance so that he legacy may live on amongst all of you!

Everyone In Attendance: Hail Gheb_!

ColdOne666: Without Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, we would have never got Ike and got the chance to bust a nut to all of the wonderful Ike x Soren porn!

Everyone In Attendance: Ike x Soren for life!!!!!

ColdOne666: As for Shadow Dragon, how would any of us ever completed the game even on normal mode without generic units replacing all the units that we couldn't keep alive! I mean, it isn't our vault that even on normal mode the game is so hard! Plus, the idea to have gaidens based on characters being killed was brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Everyone In Attendance: Hail replacement units!


Or people just suck...

ColdOne666: Then there was New Mystery of sucked. So what did we do! We b****ed, moaned, and screamed loud enough that the game never got localized! We are awesome! The only thing it got right was casual mode! Yeah!!!!!!

Everyone In Attendance: We are amazing!

ColdOne666: And of course...Fire Emblem Awakening...the pinnacle of perfection. We got the greatest character ever. Hail Lissa!

Everyone In Attendance: Hail Lissa!

ColdOne666: We will destroy Endgame utterly and make him pay for daring to have an opinion different than ours! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Everyone In Attendance: Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Everyone in the crowd then goes to the far end of the auditorium to practice their chants.

ColdOne666: Heheheheheh! Victory is assured! We have the numbers in our favor! We cannot lose!!!! Bahahahahahah!!!!

LimboStudios: ...Quite the speech you had...there...

ColdOne666: I know right! My army will utterly destroy Endgame and his minions of s***! Now I am going to go get wasted too! Later! ColdOne666 joins his brethren.

LimboStudios: .............

Einvalt: Hey! At least he is completely disspossable!

LimboStudios: That he is...

Random Minion: LimboStudios! Endgame's group is approaching! We need orders!

LimboStudios: What the heck? How did he know I was here! Darn it! He won't get the ruby gem!

Somewhere not that far away from Uber Castle.

Endgame: Mavitar will never see us coming from this route...

Charlotte: We literally decided to take a detour into a f***ing swamp! Who the f*** does that?

Endgame: Again my dear, that is the point! No one with any sense would expect this, so if we do what isn't expected, we will take Team Mavitar by surprise!

FinalActivity: Heheheheheheheh!!!!!!

Misha-Heart: What the hell are you laughing about!?


One of FinalActivity's favorite torture devices...

FinalActivity: This reminds me of back home in my swamp. I tortured so many people there. Even seeing a swamp like this reminds me...of so many good times! It makes my thighs ache!

Ishtar: I see you really live up to your reputation as a sadist...

Gwonam_is_Bae: Huh... Weirdo. Hey Lazward, what are you doing?

Lazward, Dekarus, ivanhellsing, and Kagero are a little bit behind the main group.

Lazward: ...and so I said, "How did JFK Jr. learn how to fly?"

ivanhellsing: I don't know...

Kagero: ...

Dekarus: lel!

Lazward: He took "a crash course"!!!!!! I'm so funny! Ahahah!

Everyone Else: ...

Lazward: Alright. I got another one! A man went into a library and asked for a book on how to commit suicide. The librarian said: “F*** off, you won’t bring it back.” It is so funny! Ahahah!

Everyone Else: That isn't funny.

Lazward: Uuuuhhhhh...OK. "Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?"

Everyone Else: ...Lazward: Because they taste "funny"! Ahahah!

Kagero: You certainly have an interesting sense of humor...

ivanhellsing: That is putting it mildly...

All of a sudden, Dekarus stops in place. Everyone in Team Endgame looks at him as his whole body seems to shake with joy. He then does "the worm" and then power walks while screaming, "Yes!"

Dekarus: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Endgame: What the heck is going on back here?

Dekarus: No matter how long we have been separated! The scent of my pride and joy could never be forgotten!

Gwonam_is_Bae: What the f*** are you talking about?

Dekarus: I smell the faint scent of my jar of excrements! Oh my! We have been parted for too long...

ivanhellsing: Wait, that means we are really close to that traitor Einvalt, right? I mean, he was the one that stole that jar from you.

Dekarus: Frowns That's right... That f***ing c*** sucker will pay with his life for what he has done! I will find him with the scent of Garon's excrements! Everyone! Follow me!

Team Endgame follows Dekarus deeper into the swamp. They then come to an auditorium-like building that seems...oddly shiny and clean. It is very out of place amidst the rest of the features of the swamp. On the roof of the building...

LimboStudios: Well, well...look who it is.

Einvalt: It has been a while...Endgame...Dekarus...

Endgame: You traitor!

Dekarus: F***ing give me back my Jar of Garon's Excrements you f***ing idiot!

Einvalt: You mean this?

When-you-see-something-you-want-to-buy-but-have-no-money 1405

Dekarus won't...

Einvalt holds the jar over his head, with Dekarus's eyes following the jar as Einvalt starts to juggle the jar.

Dekarus: You are so f***ing dead!

Einvalt: Heheheh... We will see about that. In my time away from you guys, I have become a powerful Berserker. LimboStudios here is a tremendously powerful Mánagarm. Not only that, but we have a surprise waiting for you.

LimboStudios: Before that you want this Endgame?

LimboStudios pulls out the ruby gem that goes to the Endflame tome.

Endgame: ...It was a mistake showing that to me. I will be taking that from you one way or another.

LimboStudios: Cute. Anyway, you can come out now...ColdOne666. He comes out of the shadows.

ColdOne666: are Endgame.

Endgame: Should I know you?

ColdOne666: You "should". I mean, I am supreme commander of the Tumblr Troll Region, Le Reddit Army, and commander of a legion of Gheb_ clones.

Foleo: ...G...G...Gheb_ c...clones???

Misha-Heart: So you are commander of a bunch of f***ing idiots then? I mean, you guys spend way too much time smelling your own farts.

ColdOne666: You would too if yours smelled any good.

Everyone Else: ...

Misha-Heart: I know...

ColdOne666: It doesn't matter! Come out my brethren!


Rather...hard on the eyes...

Out of the auditorium comes a massive army...of extremely obese individuals. Many of them are barely able to walk...and those that can walk are really busy b****ing, moaning, and screaming for some reason about their alleged superiority.

Endgame: ...This is supposed to be an army?

ColdOne666: Fool! Don't you know that if you get enough s*** in a pile it has value! Likewise, quantity over quality is the way that wars are won! We will win through human wave after wave after wave! Prepare to be overwhelmed Endgame!

Gheb_ Clones: Foleo! Need Foleo!


ColdOne666: It seems like the Gheb_ clones know you matter. Everyone! Attack and overwhelm them!

The army of trolls advances...even if most of them can barely run. Gwonam_is_Bae and FinalActivity (both outlaws of much prestige) respond by flinging arrow after arrow at the moving mass of trollism. Ishtar also joins in by using her bolting tome to electrocute troll after troll.

Lazward, Misha-Heart, ivanhellsing, and Charlotte (a mercenary, a samurai, a brave hero, and a berserker respectively) jump into the fray and starting cutting down the army of trolls with their incredible sword prowess. Misha-Heart, hating anything to do with Reddit, activates his luna skill and criticals simultaneously with his killing edge every Reddit Troll he can find...who all happen to be wielding broken axes for some reason (maybe they are poor?). ivanhellsing decides to fight the Gheb_ clones. Because the Gheb_ clones are technically monsters (no surprise there), his Spirit Katana ignites upon simply nearing the Gheb_ clones, dealing massive damage and bisecting several of them many which ways. Lazward decides to work on the Tumblr trolls and uses his levin sword to fire wind blades into the tightly packed columns, doing extreme damage. As for Charlotte, she doesn't care who the enemy is. Thanks to the slowness of the obese trolls, Charlotte is able to use her line of death skill with her killing axe to great effect, cleaving off arms and limbs.


So...which applies to Endgame?

Still, the number of trolls is extremely high, so great that Endgame has to join in and use the Endflame on the masses. Still, the amount of reinforcements seems endless...

Endgame: This is endless... We need to go after the leader! Kagero! Can you sneak through the ranks and take out ColdOne666?

Kagero: Consider it done.

Endgame: As for Dekarus can you...Dekarus?


So...I guess Dekarus is going to inflict some suffering...

Dekarus has charged after Einvalt with rage in his eyes. So great is his anger at seeing his jar and being denied it that Brunnhilde reacts and the trees in the swamp are brought to life as cursed ents. They rip, stomp, and claw their way through the ranks of trolls and the ents and Dekarus run faster and faster toward Einvalt. The ents smash into the auditorium, causing the roof to collapse and forcing Einvalt and LimboStudios to jump to the ground and face the enraged Dekarus and several very angry ents.

Endgame: It looks like he has things covered over there for now...

Kagero, using her kunoichi skills, blends into the shadows of the very obese Gheb_ clones and makes her way to ColdOne666.

Kagero: It looks like your number is up.

ColdOne666: As if! I am a Summoner afterall! Summon!

ColdOne666 summons a single phantom wielding an iron axe...who Kagero quickly beheads with the Wyrmslayer...

ColdOne666: S***!

Kagero then proceeds to throw a silver kunai right into ColdOne666's throat...and he falls to the ground...dead.

Kagero: Well...that was easy.

Army of Trolls: Our leader!

Without their leader, the Army of Trolls loses all sense of order. They try to run in every direction, but cannot move due to running into each other...and being so fat. As a result, they are unable to move and have lost the will to fight. They aren't shown any mercy though. Ishtar immediately casts her Mjolnir spell right into the center of the Army of Trolls, killing many of them instantly. Gwonam_is_Bae, FinalActivity, ivanhellsing, Misha-Heart, Lazward, and Charlotte continue massacring troll after troll...

Endgame: They can handle this! Foleo and Kagero! Come with me to assist Dekarus!

Foleo & Kagero: Got it!


I wouldn't mess with these guys.

Dekarus seems to be holding his own though against both LimboStudios and Einvalt together thanks to the several ents he managed to conjure. Every time Einvalt tries to hack an Ent in two cursed lifeforce-sucking roots from the ground try to rap around his limbs; never succeeding; but forcing him into a slow retreat. As for LimboStudios, his Mánagarm body and thick skin protect him from most of the ents blows, but every time he touches them he feels weaker due to the fact they steal lifeforce on contact.

Dekarus: Return my jar and the ruby gem or I will kill both of you!!!!!!

Einvalt and LimboStudios are getting overwhelmed by the attacks and look like they are going to comply, when suddenly...a voice...loud...deep...and dark resonates through the air.

?????: Trees! Must burn trees! Bahahahahahahah!!!!!!


He's back!!!!!

A black dragon appears and proceeds to burn with his fiery breath all of the ents to ashes that Dekarus summoned while badly scorching the roots he has summoned as well. The dragon then morphs into his human form...

Dekarus: look like Endgame.

Endgame, Kagero, and Foleo catch up.

Endgame: So...this must be the fake Endgame Ishtar talked about...

LimboStudios: No, that is incorrect! That guy isn't a manakete! This guy must be someone different!

Endgame: Wait...there is more than ONE CLONE OF ME????

LimboStudios: Shrugs

XylonTheManaket: Looking at Endgame I saw another guy that looked just like you...and just like me...when I awoke in Midori's mansion... Anyway, I am XylonTheManaket.

Endgame: ????? What is going on...f*** it! Listen, we are fighting Einvalt and LimboStudios. If you want to help us, fine. But if not, then please stay out of the way.

XylonTheManaket: ...Trees!!!!! Must burn forest!!!! Bahahahah!!!!

Endgame: Whatever. Dekarus, attack them with me!

Endgame launches a blast of Endflame at LimboStudios while Dekarus again summons curse trees from the ground whose branches reach toward Einvalt. LimboStudios dodges the Endflame attack. However, as soon as the trees appear, XylonTheManaket burns them to ashes.

Dekarus: WTF?

Endgame: So this guy is an enemy...? Kagero, can you defeat him?

Kagero: No problem. My wyrmslayer will make short work of him!

Kagero engages XylonTheManaket, Endgame engages the Mánagarm LimboStudios, while Dekarus engages the Berserker Einvalt.

Dekarus: Die traitor!!!!!!

Dekarus again uses Brunnhilde to assault Einvalt with ents that he summoned. XylonTheManaket tries to interfere once again, but Foleo uses the freeze staff stopping him cold, and Kagero quickly slices at him in the belly and that idea is stopped cold.

XylonTheManaket: Gah! I am losing blood and can't move!

Kagero: You are powerful but you were distracted by your hatred of trees. Now, you will pay for your mistake.

Kagero again plunges the wyrmslayer into XylonTheManaket, this time in his side, and the damage becomes enough that he passes out...regaining humanform. Meanwhile, the ents that Dekarus summoned overwhelm Einvalt, with one landing a wicked punch right into Einvalt's stomach, sending him flying. He drops Dekarus's beloved jar, which is immediately snatched up by its owner. Einvalt, realizing he is beaten, runs into the depths of the swamp and vanishes.

LimboStudios: S*** must I do everything myself!

LimboStudios in his Mánagarm form charges Endgame with abandon, but Endgame, who recently learned the Tomefaire skill, activates Ignis and LimboStudios is met by the flames of the Endflame tome. His outside body is scorched and he starts to slow down. Regardless, as soon as LimboStudios opens his mouth to take a bite out of Endgame, Endgame uses the base fire spell and sends a fireball right down LimboStudios throat...burning all of his internal organs to a crisp. He manages to get off "Damn it all..." before falling to the ground...lifeless...


It's time!!!!!

From his corpse, Endgame retrieves the ruby gem and places it in the back of the Endflame tome...and fire surges from the tome, signifying its increased power!

Name: Endflame Tome (Stage 2)

Rank: Endgame Only

Mt: 11 -> 15

Hit: 75 -> 85

Crit: 10% -> 15%

Avoid: 10% -> 15%

Rng: 1~2 -> 1~3

Description: Endflame with one of its two ruby gems. Among other changes, it has increased range.

Endgame: I feel the tome's power returning. It seems Dekarus is happy as well!

Dekarus: Oh f*** yes! I have Garon's jar of excrements again!

Kagero: He seems happy alright.

Later that night...a little ways away from the main campsite.

Endgame: Are you up?

XylonTheManaket: Gah... I'm not dead?

Endgame: ...No, we didn't feel the need to kill you...I had my healer Foleo treat you...since it appeared you weren't intending to assist the enemies...

XylonTheManaket: I hate trees. I don't know why...when I see them...I just...cannot stand the thought of them living. The Midori lady made me this way. Apparently I am a clone of you infused with Xir's DNA or something...I don't really know.

Forest fire southern california

Endgame apparently has no problem with this.

Endgame: Midori...wait, do you know where she is now?

XylonTheManaket: Probably in her mansion which we are actually pretty close to.

Endgame: ...Tell you about you join us?

XylonTheManaket: You actually want me in your party?

Endgame: Yes. You will have plenty of opportunities to scorch forests. However, you have to promise to NOT burn Dekarus's trees. Do you understand.

XylonTheManaket: ...OK

Endgame: Welcome aboard! In the morning, we will take down Midori.

Back at the campsite.

Misha-Heart: You guys should have seen me back there! I killed so many reddit trolls! Bahahahah!!!

FinalActivity: Oh yeah! I nailed several of those guys in the junk! They died in pain and agony! Bahahahahah!!!

Dekarus: Oh yeah? Well...Einvalt actually escaped...but I got my jar back! Yeah!

Kagero: ...

Dekarus: What is it?

Kagero: Can you not open the lid when anyone else is near you?

Dekarus: ...maybe...

Kagero: ...

Foleo: Hey guys! A lot of you reached your full potential in the last battle! It is time to promote! Lazward! You first!

Lazward: Okay...I chose to be a Bow Knight since ivanhellsing is already a Brave Hero!

Gwonam_is_Bae: You can have my spare iron bow then. I don't need it at this point!

Lazward: Thanks! Hey Misha-Heart. What do you want to be?

Misha-Heart: A Trueblade of course...

Foleo: That just leaves FinalActivity and Gwonam_is_Bae. What will you promote to?

Both: Adventurer!

Foleo: In case, I can give you each a heal staff. I have the autumn festival, so I will be fine!

Ishtar: Alright then! Everyone, here are master seals! Have at it!

Returning to the Wellspring of Truth

Salem-witch-trials-lithograph-715.jpg 600x0 q85 upscale

I am not referring to the "Salem Kind"...

Azura: It is nighttime you can begin the witch trials.

Aisha: Alright, what must I do.

Azura: First, you must use this item, a Witch Circle, to reclass to a witch. Afterall rolls eyes, only a witch can go through the witch trials.

Aisha: Very well...

Aisha uses the witch circle item and darkness surrounds her. When the darkness fades, she feels the power of Shadowgift within her and she is wearing a witch hat.

Aisha: Amazing...despite not being a dark mage anymore...I still feel the power to use dark magic.

Azura: ...Regardless, the first part of the witch trials involves walking or running up a wall...that is a mile high...

Aisha: Eyes get wide. is that possible?

Azura: One of the benefits of being a witch is that under the moon's light a witch can literally walk on walls. If you really have embraced a witch's power, this should be easy enough to do.

Aisha: Alright...

Azura: Also, to make sure you are only using the power of a witch to do this, this cliff...will have next to no friction.

Azura places her hand in the spring and a huge torrent of water spews vertically into the air. After climbing what seems like an impossible height, the water freezes in place...

Azura: There is your wall. Smiles Happy climbing!


So Aisha has to climb with no tools...and no hands either. This sounds rather hard.

Aisha gives Azura a slightly annoyed expression before placing one of her feet on the wall of ice and realizing that her foot is being held to the wall. She then places her other foot onto the wall and straightens out her body and faces the sky. She can touch the Earth behind her. After being in awe at this spectacle, Aisha then proceeds to run as fast as she can up the wall. It gets colder and colder as she ascends, but she doesn't stop. She must receive the power of Starlight or Endgame will certainly face an untimely end. She runs, runs, and runs. After what seems like an eternity, Aisha finally reaches the top of the ice wall and stands on the very top of it. She looks out in awe at the view under the night sky.

Aisha: Awawawa! This is so beautiful! I hope Endgame and I can someday get to see a view like this together...when it is warmer...burrrrrr....

Azura: You have completed trial one of the witch trials.

Aisha: Wah! Where did you come from?

Azura: I am a ghost...I can float.

Aisha: Oh...

Azura: Part two of the witch trials is a test of how fast you can learn the warp skill. Look at my hands, do you see the spell transcription for the warp skill?

Aisha: Yes...

Azura: Are you sure!?

Aisha: I am sure.

Azura: Good! Your life depends on it afterall! For part 2 of the witch trials, I am going to shatter this ice wall and you will fall to the ground. If you can manage to warp safely to the ground before you hit the ground the "natural way", you pass! If you don' to be you.

Aisha: Wait! This is insane!

Azura: It is not. Most witches take years to learn the warp skill. However, it has been demonstrated that this power can be used by a witch without such training in times of extreme stress...and they retain the ability to use it afterward. You want the power of starlight now, right? Then you have to be willing to take the risk so you can master witch powers in one night. Now then...

Aisha: Please wai...!

Daily Image June 1st


Aisha doesn't finish. Azura places her hand on the ice wall and shatters it...and Aisha goes flying toward the ground...

Aisha: Oh S***!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, at Castle Dawn

FloraTheMaid: Latino_King... Mavitar and his team are here...

Latino_King: Alright...let them in!

Mavitar: So we meet again...Latino_King.

Latino_King: Mavitar...I assume you are here to propose an alliance stop Endgame...permanently.

Setsuna: Don't down. Endgame destroyed my forest home...and killed all the animals there as...a Manakete!

Latino_King: When could he turn into one of those?

PhantasticPhool: That isn't important. What is important is that that b*****d won't stop till he is put in the ground. Thus, we have to assume that Endgame sparing me earlier was only to give us a false sense of security.

Apocrypha: Let's not forget about Azura either! He killed her in cold blood!

ChenYakumo: He also killed acerola-orion...

Xander: As well as my sister Camilla and her husband Flare_Sorrow.

Mavitar: So...Latino_King...what is your answer.


Just think about this for a moment...

Latino_King thinks back way to the beginning of GameFAQs...back then, Endgame and him got along just fine. Endgame seemed above saying he was tsundere for Pieri while other users pressed it...that would change though, but they had a lot of fun times...even after that...although now, those events were all part of the past...

Latino_King: ...Alright Mavitar, let's make an alliance and put Endgame down for good...

Mavitar: Smiles I knew you would see things my way.

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 2), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 20/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 20/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Bow Knight: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Iron Bow, Vulnerary: Level 1/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Spirit Katana, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 3/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Trueblade: Killing Edge: Level 1/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Adventurer: Killer Bow, Heal Staff: Level 1/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Misfortune and Sin, Autumn Festal: Level 2/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Adventurer: Silver Bow, Heal Staff: Level 1/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Kagero: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 3/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Dark Flier: Mjolnir, Bolting: Level 20/40: Adept, Vantage, Fortune, Draconic Curse, Rally Movement
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 2/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death
  • XylonTheManaket: Manakete: Dragonstone: Level 16/40: Draconic Curse, Dragon Fang, Prescient Victory, Pavise, Aegis
  • MIA: Aisha: Witch: Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal, Thunder; Level 15/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind, Shadowgift

Chapter 12: The GameFAQs Army of Smash...

Having regained one of the two ruby gems, Endflame's power has increased dramatically. Endgame's desire to return the tome to full power is greater than ever. Yet, having met with XylonTheManaket, Endgame realizes that Midori, the source of all of the chaos and deaths, is very close. With the deaths of LimboStudios and ColdOne666, Endgame assumes that Midori will be easy to take down. However...

Endgame: So XylonTheManaket, are you sure that Midori is stationed in a plantation that is close to this swamp?

XylonTheManaket: That is correct. I woke up there and flew out of the mansion right through the roof. I saw Midori and someone that looks exactly like you with her when I woke up. I imagine they won't be happy to see me return though...

Kagero: ...I'm worried.

Endgame: Why?

Kagero: There are many armies that claim to be fans of Fire Emblem...but what people forget is that the largest army of all related to Fire Emblem...isn't an army that claims to be fans of Fire Emblem at all...

Charlotte: Speak clearly darn it! What are you getting at?

Kagero: Fire Emblem was introduced outside of Japan with the Smash series. It is said that the interest in the series was truly created there, with an original army. The fans of Fire Emblem have since split and created many armies since then...but the original Smash army, the largest army in the land, remains...

Foleo: The Smash army? Why have I not heard of them?

Worst of the Worst

This describes the Smash society perfectly...

Misha-Heart: As awful as the Reddit Army is...was chuckles, the people at its core always actually were interested in the series. However, the Smash army, which was formerly led by LimboStudios, hated Fire Emblem and everything it stood for. As a result, they shunned the light and lived in hiding...loathing Fire Emblem so much it twisted their bodies and turning them into grotesque looking beings called "aberrations"...

Dekarus: LimboStudios??? Didn't we kill that guy? Lel!

Kagero: We did...but the fact that LimboStudios WAS with Midori means the Smash army, which has the full title "GameFAQs Army of Smash", is almost certainly allied with Midori right now.

Lazward: Hey guys! These guys hated the light, right? In that case, what has webbed feet, feathers, fangs and goes quack-quack?


Count Duckula at his finest.

Everyone Else: ????

Lazward: Count Duckula! Ahahahahahah!

Everyone Else: ...

Lazward: Wait, let me try an "extra, dark one". What does a baby bat say before going to bed?

Ishtar: Ah...turn on the light?

Lazward: Nope! Turn on the dark. I'm afraid of the light! Ahahahahah!

Gwonam_is_Bae: How is that dark?

Lazward: Because the baby bat wants it darker! Ahahahahahah!

XylonTheManaket: What is with this guy anyway?

FinalActivity: That is just his gig. As for me, I like to torture people while they beg for mercy. Of course, I give them none. Heheheheheheh!

XylonTheManaket: I just love to burn down forests. Their very shape and form disgusts me. Hearing trees burn while on fire makes me laugh so hard!

FinalActivity: :) We should get along fine!

Endgame: ...Regardless...the fact is that the Endflame tome has retained much of its former power. Besides, since the Smash army loaths the light, they will be weakened if they emerge to face us. Now everyone, let's take down Midori and end this war!

Everyone Else: Right!

Back to Midori's Group; At Midori's Mansion

Kaze: My daughter, I have...


That has to hurt...

Midori doesn't give him time to finish. She pulls a hammer that was on a table next to her and smashes it right into her father's hand. He yelps in pain.

Kaze: What was that for?

Midori: I don't care for being your daughter and I HATE to be talked down to! You will call me Midori-sama or else I will do to you what I did to "mother"... Got it?

Kaze: Yes...Midori-sama...

Midori: Now, what did you want to talk about?

Kaze: Einvalt has returned...incredibly wounded...he wants to talk though.

Midori: ...Rolls Eyes Ehhhhh, it beats beating my worthless plantation slaves for the most minor of offenses. I guess I can go see him.

In the Infirmary

Midori: Wow! You got the s*** beat out of you. What happened?

Einvalt: ...LimboStudios and I engaged Endgame's group.

Midori: WHAT!?

Einvalt: We fought them, and LimboStudios perished...

Midori: I don't give a flying c**k f**k about LimboStudios! More importantly, you were stationed really close to the mansion. That means Team Endgame is really close to my marvelous drug plantation!

Einvalt: ...Le Reddit Army, the Tumblr Troll Army, and all of the Gheb_ clones were slain...


Way to kick the dog Engdame...

Engdame emerges from the shadows...and punches Einvalt in the face despite Einvalt being wrapped in bandages on a gurney.

Einvalt: Ahhhhhh! What the f*** was that for?

Engdame: Midori-sama doesn't care for such insignificant worms and their fates. All they were in the end was fodder. More importantly, Team Endgame is practically within hours of the mansion.

Midori: Hmmmmm... It isn't that big of a deal. We still have the Smash army under our control, and if we recalled them, the Elite Serenes Forest Battalion could answer our call. But we don't need the latter as long as YOU are here my dear.

Engdame: Smirks But of course my dear. Still, without LimboStudios who led the Smash army, how will we command them?

Midori: ...They don't need a leader...

Engdame: What?

Midori: Endgame's group consists of around ten people...give or take. The Smash army consists of thousands of individuals. Just tell them to attack and they should overwhelm Endgame's group with numbers alone.

Engdame: Midori-sama...they won't listen to us though. They only listen to their own kind...

Midori: Rolls Eyes That shouldn't be too hard...leave it to me.

Kaze: Midori-sama! Team Endgame is within sight of the mansion...

Midori: .........

Kaze: Midori-sama.

Midori: ...Kill all the slaves...

Kaze: What??????

Midori: I heard Latino_King and Mavitar's forces are approaching...we can pin their deaths on Team Endgame if s*** goes south.

Kaze: Midori-sama, this is...just...

912794583 BigPhoto 01 xlarge

Quite violent people...

Engdame smashes his fist into the side of Kaze's face and Kaze falls to the floor in pain. Engdame that lifts up a cabinet and "gently" sets it on top of Kaze's throat, choking him.

Kaze: Ugh....Ugh.....Ugh.....

Engdame: Do what your f***ing told. Waver again and you will become just like your former wife, whether by Midori's hand or mine. Do you understand?

Kaze: ...


Sorry folks. This image is too violent to this is what I have for you.

Team Endgame reaches the perimeter of Midori's plantation... The sight that greets them is unspeakable. Blood is everywhere. Limbs are hanging from trees. Children not yet ten years old are seen impaled on stakes. Right in front of the mansion which is about a mile away, they see...a bloody cross. It isn't made of wood or metal though, but the dismembered and disemboweled corpses of many different people.

Foleo: AHHHHHH!!!!! What the hell is this? Who would do this to innocent people? To children?

ivanhellsing: In my whole life, I have never...what the hell?

Gwonam_is_Bae: Just what are we up against?

FinalActivity: Shrugs This reminds me of the human centipede that I "constructed" one time. Heheheheh!

Everyone, while still in shock, looks at FinalActivity with eyes of horror. The scene before them is horrific, but FinalActivity doesn't seem bothered at all.

FinalActivity: What? One time I had the waifus of many prominent GameFAQs users and dangled them in two cells above a really, really hungry pack of Risen. People voted on which people were to be saved...and which were to die. Heheheheheh! I still remember the cries of terror as the tied up, helpless ladies were violently ripped to shreds. It reminds me a lot of this actually! Good times!

Ishtar: ...You are sick.

FinalActivity: You really know how to charm a guy.

XylonTheManaket: Whispers Endgame, can we really trust this guy?


Food for Thought

Endgame: Whispers So far it hasn't been our downfall to trust him...

XylonTheManaket: Whispers That isn't much encouragement.

Endgame: Whispers In truth, sometimes I regret it...

FinalActivity: What is with the whispering?

Endgame: It is something personal. Let's go to the mansion...Midori will pay for this.

Despite most of the group still being in shock, Endgame's idea to turn their shock into a means to seek justice pulls them back to reality. They walk toward the mansion, waiting to face the mastermind of everything...


Evil Ones

Below the Mansion is a huge auditorium. In it is all of the aberrations...former regular people that now dwell in the darkness...that make up the Smash army. They hiss and grunt in anger at the very sight of everything that is Fire Emblem.

Aberration 1: Why the f*** did Corrin have to get in our beloved Smash game? We already had plenty of f***ing Fire Emblem characters as it was! I wanted Shovel Knight in the game!

Aberration 2: Ahhhhh! Hisssss! Why do you think most of the actual fanbase who bought Smash wanted people like King K. Rool, Shovel Knight, Ridley, etc...? Because they were characters that catered more to western tastes, which is what Sakurai should be doing. How dare he put more weeaboo trash into this game? Is it too f***ing much to ask to not have Japanese characters in a Japanese game! I mean really! F*** Japan!

Aberration 3: Hiiiiiisssssss!!!! Shhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Fire Emblem is a pathetic niche series that deserved to be axed off the face of the earth. Even I am to blame as I purchased that steaming pile of horse dung called Awakening and even considered it good, I gope Intelligent Systems' studio/building burns down so they can't make more s***ty Fire Emblem games to plague Smash with! Why the motherf***er couldn't we have Ridley in Smash!!!!!!!

Aberration 4: We need Ridley!

A "We Need Ridley" chant develops. All of the thousands of aberrations in the auditorium yell "We need Ridley!" at the top of their lungs.

Aberration 3: The thing is that I liked Fire Emblem when it knew its place, a pathetic little niche series with a fanbase that shouldn't even pass the 5-digit mark. I mean, if Phoenix Mode Hoshido Normal Mode proved to be unbeatable by most of our order, the series must be geared toward elitist scum! They all deserve to suffer!

Aberration 2: Someone needs to protest, these generic anime trash games are even infecting Smash with their irrelevant nobody characters, I loved Awakening but now I take back everything good I said about it, it deserves to burn, along with everything that keeps Japanizing Smash. Heck, if we all just grabbed bats and smashed every person who bought or is going to buy Fire Emblem Fates, we could hopefully prevent more of this weebo trash from getting into Smash 5! Kill the weebo trash!

Now a "Kill the Weebo Trash!" chant erupts and echoes of it are heard by the individuals entering the auditorium. The aberrations pay them no mind.

Aberration 5: Yet Smash usually included characters that were popular worldwide, this is the first installment to include several characters directed specifically to the Japanese public, I can't accept that. Also, I'm insulting a franchise I like the same as I insult many franchises I like, I don't agree with Fire Emblem thinking it's anything bigger than a niche anime RPG, and Sakurai seems to disagree as he obviously thinks it's this big blockbuster of insuperable quality. Those would be DK and Metroid.

Aberration 6: Do you know what characters really should have made it in Smash 4? Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rogue, Silver, Blaze! All of the Sonic cast! Heck, let's include all of the original creations that are just recolored versions of the above characters! I mean, if we have to put up with six Fire Emblem characters, then the game deserves to be stocked with no less than 100 Sonic Characters...AT LEAST!

Midori: Um, guys...

Aberration 5: Do you know what really is a b**** of an itch on my left a** cheek! All the face rubbing! All the waifus! All the stupid marriages! Let's forget all of the Marth/Roy/Ike porn that we had a hand in making and hate the face rubbing!!!!!!!

Midori: Hey guys!

Aberration 3: Ahhhhhh!!!!! The face rubbing! I hate the f***ing face rubbing! Heck, the main character is even bisexual!

Engdame: They can't hear you Midori-sama...

Aberration 4: Oh my f***ing god! How dare they have LGBTQ characters in this game! I mean really! Homosexuality is a sin. I mean, I don't want to be open-minded. Besides compared to other people,I'm already being more tolerant than most other people who don't view homosexuality in a positive light are much more unpleasant than I'm about it, if they are homosexual,I will shrug,and do nothing against them. If they hold hands that's fine,but kissing should be avoided. I don't care if they are grossed out by Heterosexuality. They forget their place,that we heteros are the ones who are dictated by nature to be able to produce children,while they can't. They are a bug in the system,nothing more.

Midori: I have an idea...

Aberration 5: Do you know what we ought to do? We should go to Japan with machines guns and deal with Sakurai "permanently". That way we won't have to deal with s***y plans that already begun before he came to power! Kill Him!

A "Kill Him!" Chant erupts throughout the auditorium...but Midori brings that to a "sudden end".

Midori: EVERYONE! ENDGAME IS A FRIEND OF SAKURAI! THANKS TO HIM FACE RUBBING AND ALL FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS THAT HAVE EVER EXISTED WILL BE COMING TO SMASH! Also, Endgame is outside the mansion right now! If you kill him right now, these changes won't happen! Have a nice day!

Ht end of world meme futurama ss thg-121220 ssh

It sounds like it might be the case...

Midori exits the room with Engdame and quickly runs into a panic room and shuts the two feet thick titanium door shut and locks everything. For a few seconds, everything is the calm in the eye of a storm. Then slowly, she hears shrieks from the depths of hell that seem to erupt from every corner of the world in unision. Cracks form in the walls of the Titanium door from the high intensity screams that seem to echo out from everywhere. Then begins the sound of thousands of bodies running. Then Midori hears the entire auditorium empty as the Smash army runs as fast as they can to perform a horrible dead.

Engdame: You didn't tell them what Endgame looked like though.

Midori: Smiles That means they will destroy EVERYTHING. Heck, maybe the army will even take out Latino_King's and Mavitar's forces in their effort to save their "beloved" series... Anyway, the aberrations have passed. Let's go back to the throne room and watch this unfold...

Outside the Mansion

Ishtar: What the heck was that screaming?!

Kagero: S***! That is the sound of the Smash army enraged!

Dekarus: It looks like I should summon some ents again!

XylonTheManaket: I'm going into the air! I will burn all of these b******s to ash!

Dekarus: Just don't burn my ents or trees...alright?

XylonTheManaket: Yeah, yeah...

Endgame: We will need all the power we have to win this fight. Everyone, to arms! Everyone! Use your rallies! Rally Magic!

Gwonam_is_Bae: Rally Speed!

Ishtar: Rally Movement!


An army of grotesque individuals.

Team Endgame braces itself...before out of every door, windows, crevice, and even through the walls themselves comes forth the Smash army. They are all screaming in unison, tearing at anyone and anything that moves.




Ishtar: What the hell are these monsters talking about?

Endgame: It doesn't matter. ATTACK!!!!!


Burn! Burn everything!

XylonTheManaket strikes first, breathing a ton of hellfire on the Smash army. Their skin burns, their bones melt, their limbs fall off of their bodies. But they do not stop screaming their hatred of Fire Emblem even as their bodies are reduced to dust. They seem immune to pain, driven by madness and insanity of the highest order. All enemies hit are inflicted with Draconic Curse, but they do not stop.

Next, Endgame decides to test out the power of the newly empowered Endflame tome. A huge effigy of the sun emerges in the sky and hellfire from the effigy coalesces into a huge spinning triangle of flame. The triangle of flame then descends to the earth and explodes into the Smash army. Aberration after aberration are cooked from the inside out. Despite the blast reducing the aberrations to ashes, more and more pour out of the mansion.

Ishtar then let's loose her Mjolnir heaven-thunder magic spell. The skies open up as lightning from the heavens comes down and crashes into the mob of screaming aberrations. Their bodies flail around in every direction as they are stricken. More aberrations die, but the living aberrations never show any signs of pain, and the aberrations charge over the corpses of their fallen comrades.

08 NAS 02

Falling rocks are the least of their worries.

Dekarus then commands his ent squadron to annihilate the Smash army. The ents smash into the charging masses and flail their limbs at every aberration they can see. Despite killing almost one hundred aberrations between brute force and the lifeforce stealing touch given to the ents from Brunnhilde, the ents are overwhelmed by the sheer number of aberrations, are pulled to the ground, and either ripped apart or lit on fire.

Dekarus: No way! I thought the Reddit army was large! How could they take down ents like that!

XylonTheManaket: Endgame! I thought that these guys were supposed to be weakened by sunlight!

Endgame: They have been driven berserk somehow. Their bodies aren't responding to any outside stimuli anymore... Keep attacking!

FinalActivity uses his Killer Bow and simultaneously criticals and binds to the ground any aberrations he hits. Despite many Smash army aberrations dropping dead from the critical hits, the binding does little. So enraged are the aberrations that they rip their very limbs off so they can keep charging toward Team Endgame.

Gwonam_is_Bae attacks with his Silver Bow and activates his pierce skill. After hitting an aberration, the arrows keep flying through every aberration its hits and mows entire columns down at once. However, only those dealt extreme damage to their head or abdomen are slain. Loss of limbs or blood loss seems to mean little to them.

FinalActivity: And I thought I had a high pain threshold! How could they be willing to rip off their own limbs in order to keep attacking!

Gwonam_is_Bae: Gah! I keep killing these f***ers but they just keep coming.

Endgame: D**n. They are getting close! Dekarus, form a really high and thick barrier with the hardest material you can summon forth, and leave only one opening! We cannot risk getting surround!

Dekarus: On it!

Dekarus yells out an incantation and cursed trees form the barrier around the party Endgame asked for. Any aberrations that try to attack from the sides or back are immediately grabbed by cursed branches with their lifeforce forcely taken from them. Dekarus uses this to call forth even more ents, which manage to take out a few of the Smash army aberrations before they are pulled to the ground and brutally dismembered or torched. Dekarus keeps summoning ents with any lifeforce he collects though, and the cycle continues.


Hold The Line!

Endgame: They are about to come from the opening! Lazward, ivanhellsing, Misha-Heart, Kagero, and Charlotte! Hold the line! Foleo, heal any injuries! Everyone else, attack!

The GameFAQs army aberrations hold no weapons. Their hands are too mutated at this point to do that. Instead they rip into enemies with their claws and bite them with their extended canines. They lash out at the group. A bulky aberration charges at Lazward. Lazward barely dodges and counters with his steel sword under the power of patient assurance. After the aberration falls to the ground, he attacks all aberrations that dare to come near with his iron bow and levin sword.

Of all of the frontline soldiers, none are better prepared for the aberrations than ivanhellsing. The Smash army has long been reduced to a monstrous state, and ivanhellsing's Spirit Katana explodes upon contact with every aberration it hits, sending the corpse back at the incoming aberrations. Those that survive are hit with the defense seal curse, making them easier to kill on the next go around.

Misha-Heart readies his killing edge for the next fool that would dare to challenge a swordmaster. Those that attack him are surprised when his vantage skill allows quick attacks on the enemy before they know what hit them. His flowing strike means he is never hit after he gets the first flow due to his high avoid. Of course, what destroys aberration after aberration is his luna skill. Combined with critical hits that eliminate enemy after enemy, the Smash army never manages to land a single hit on Misha-Heart.



Kagero throws steel kunai after steel kunai. The status drop is brutal but what is more brutal is the snake venom on every kunai. Aberration after aberration is debilitated and then either falls to the ground from the effects of poison or is just bisected brutally. Any that get too close to Kagero get beheaded with the wyrmslayer, which works fine for killing aberrations too.

Charlotte is laughing like a hyena as she nails critical after critical with her killer axe. Her line of death skill makes her a glass cannon though. Foleo needs to heal her the most, but axe strike after axe strike rips apart any aberrations that dare to approach her...

Foleo: Endgame! We are holding the line, but the enemies seem to be endless! We cannot keep this up forever!

Endgame: Relax Foleo! It doesn't matter how strong these enemies are! Between hellfire, heaven's thunder, dragon breath, arrows, and steel; the number of enemies has to drop to zero eventually! Just keep attacking!

Everyone attacks with everything they have...until all of a sudden the Smash army pulls back and seems to bunch up more and more. Their limbs seem to be fusing together.

Dekarus: What could they possibly be doing now! Lel!

Aberration 1: We will never accept Fire Emblem characters as part of Smash!

Aberration 2: If only...Fire Emblem characters had never been in Melee...then the series would have never reached a wider western audience.

Aberration 3: We heard your soldiers call you Endgame. You have to die so that Smash can be weebo free!

Aberration 4: No sacrifice is too great...must stop Endgame.

Aberration 5: No forgiveness...No forgiveness!

Endgame: What are you guys talking about?



They never say words again. Their bodies are absorbed and pulled into a huge single mass, out from which comes a hecatonchires. Such beings are monstrous giants of ancient greek myths with 100 arms that destroy all they touch, monsters that should not exist at all in this world...

Charlotte: Oh my god! What the hell is THAT!!!!!!

Kagero: I have no idea!

Endgame: One thing is for has to die. Everyone! Aim for its legs! If that thing falls over, the fall will kill it! Foleo! It is time to use Misfortune and Sin! Use it!

The hecatonchires begins its approach. As instructed, Foleo uses the almighty Misfortune and Sin staff. The vitality of the hecatonchires is cut in half, although it shows no outward signs of damage. The staff breaks, but Foleo knows it was a use well spent. Dekarus immediately thereafter summons cursed vines that wrap around its legs in an attempt to hold it in place. The vines start draining life force but the hecatonchires seems unaffected. Gwonam_is_Bae and FinalActivity fire as many arrows as then can as fast as they can at the joints of the knees of the hecatonchires. Meanwhile, Ishtar fires a huge blast of Mjolnir at the left knee of the hecatonchires. Coming into contact with the metal arrows, the heaven's thunder blasts into the hecatonchires, making it seem to lose its balance. Seeing the opportunity at hand, Endgame uses the Endflame tome in sync with XylonTheManaket unleashing a huge blast of hellfire. The left knee of the hecatonchires is scorched and scorched...until nothing but the visible bone is visible. The hecatonchires screams out in pain.

Endgame: ivanhellsing, Misha-Heart, Lazward! Now!

On cue, the three swordsmen jump in the air in a triangular formation at the scorched knee. In a single moment, it happens. The three unleash a devastating triangle attack, severing the leg below the knee. The hecatonchires falls to the ground in pain and causes a huge earthquake when its body lands on the earth. Despite taking extreme damage from the fall, it reaches out to Team Endgame with its still mobile arms, but they are quickly scorched by XylonTheManaket again with Charlotte severing several of them with a bolt axe swing.

Endgame: The battle is reaching its conclusion...

Dekarus: I'll finish it off if you don't mind.

Endgame: Nope!

Dekarus drops to his knees and holds his hands together like he is praying while holding Brunnhilde. Nothing happens for a moment, but wooden hands appear out of the ground from which cursed vines sproat. The hecatonchires is covered in more and more vines as its screaming pierces the air. Eventually, the hecatonchires is so covered in vines that it is no longer visible. Its lifeforce is drained more and more... The screaming eventually stops...the vines clear, revealing nothing but bone.


These guys are the true winners in all wars...come to think of it.

Ishtar: Wow. You left little left of him for the crows...

Dekarus: I don't have pity for them. There is enough of the Smash army bodies lying around for them to eat.

Lazward: ...You know, I actually have thought of a joke just now... What is the difference between a dead baby and a water melon?

Foleo: ...This doesn't sound good at all...

FinalActivity: It sounds delicious. :)

Lazward: One's fun to hit with a sledge hammer, the other one's a water melon. Bahahahahah!!!!

FinalActivity: Bahahahahahahah!!!!!!! So funny!

Everyone else: ...............................

Endgame: Enough distractions. Midori is inside what remains of the mansion. It's time to make her pay dearly for what she has done...

Kagero: Under Her Breath love...I will avenge you.

The group heads inside. Transitioning to the skies above the Wellspring of Truth...Aisha is presently in the second of the witch trials...she is falling to the ground at a very fast clip.

Aisha: Oh my god! How the heck am I supposed to learn warp in this situation!? Someone! Anyone! Please help!

Azura: The only person that can help you IS YOU. Dig deep down. You have been bestowed with the power of a witch. Just bring it out!

Aisha: I don't know HOW!!!!!

Aisha continues to fall to the ground. She uses the transcription for warp that Azura showed her, but nothing happens. The surface features become clearer and clearer as Aisha draws further to the ground!

Aisha: D*** it Azura! It isn't working! Someone, anyone, help!

Azura issues no response, the ground becomes clearer and clearer though. At one thousand feet up, Aisha can clearly see the Wellspring of Truth!

Aisha: ...So this is it, huh? Well...I guess if Endgame is fated to die soon as well, at least we'll be together soon...

Just then a vision flashes before Aisha's mind...she sees her former comrades' corpses ripped to pieces by some unknown means. She sees a bloodied Endgame and...someone who looks like him with Imhullu. The scene is at Dawn Castle, the home of Team Latino_King...Aisha also sees a little girl by the Endgame lookalike's side.

Endgame: You b*****ds!

Engdame: I guess the "clone" is better than the original, huh?

Midori: I guess this is goodbye now! Engdame!

The being known as Engdame fires a huge blast of darkness from the tome...killing Endgame instantly...his body falls to the ground while the little girl laughs profusely.

Aisha: No! I cannot die here! He needs me!

Elsword ashia dimension witch by kiiaralouto-d6zsqm3

She can almost be called a proper witch now.

Magical runes cover Aisha's hands. Trying one more time, she uses the transcription for warp. This time it succeeds, although she lands right into the Wellspring of Truth.

Aisha: Ah...ah...ah...I'm not dead.

Azura: Well done.


Azura: I had faith you could pass, thus, that was never my intention. You can use the power of warp more trial remains.

Aisha: Sighs...Let's just get on with it...

Returning to Endgame, the group has entered the remains of the mansion after the Smash army's "journey" through it tore it to shreds. At the far side of the room sits a small child with an evil grin on a throne that seems rather out of place.

Midori: Oh my! Welcome Endgame and friends! How are you today!?

Endgame: b****!

Kagero: You murdered SpellcraftQuill you monster!

Midori: Rolls Eyes Pity, I tried to be nice in my greeting...and this is what I get for being nice...nice girls really do finish last... Grins Evilly Luckily, I don't really care about niceties beyond greetings... Hehe!

Dekarus: Tell me, why did you murder your own people outside! That was just horrible!

Midori: mean the will find out soon enough...

Endgame: It goes without saying but, prepare to die!

?????: I don't think so...

A man in a hood enters from a door to the left of Midori's throne room. His eyes seem locked on Endgame. That man gives off a terrible presence. Before anyone can ask for who he is, he then takes off his hood...

Endgame: You! You must be the clone of me that killed Azura!

XylonTheManaket: I'm back!

Midori: Oh...another clone of Endgame...the forest burner...

Engdame: Smiles Ignore him my lady... As for killing Azura, you are correct. I also killed Flare_Sorrow and Camilla. Licks Lips Of course...everyone will think YOU did that...

Endgame: Die! Endflame!

Using Endflame, a huge effigy of the sun again appears in the sky and a flaming triangle flies from the heavens and breaks through the mansion's roof and explodes upon contact with Engdame...but when the smoke clears...

Engdame: Well, that was interesting. I see you must have one of the ruby gems back to be able to do that... LimboStudios really was full of fail...

Endgame: You! You aren't even harmed!


What power...

Engdame: Imhullu is a wonderful power...anyone who has it is immune to all damage. No star in the sky can break through the darkness that protects me...want a taste of its power!?

An effigy of a gigantic demon head appears around Engdame and a demon blast is shot from its mouth. It nails Endgame hard despite blocking it as best as he can.

Endgame: Ahhhhhh!

Foleo: Endgame!

Ishtar: Eat this! Mjolnir!

Heaven's thunder from the skies crashes into Engdame, but the effect is the same. No damage... Engdame replies in kind with a Imhullu blast at Ishtar, which impacts her.

Ishtar: Gahhhhhhh!

Charlotte: Ishtar!

XylonTheManaket: How about this!

XylonTheManaket transforms into his black dragon manakete form and blasts Engdame with a huge blaze. The results is the same though.

Engdame: Frowns Some people really never learn...then again, you are a clone of that fool...a brother almost. Anyway, how about you taste some of my tome's power as well!

A Imhullu blast crashes into XylontheManaket. Like those before him he is taken done.

Engdame: Heh... Holy Weapon users and a dragon...and yet no challenge at all. You should all be happy to know I don't plan to kill you today...

Endgame: ???

Midori: Latino_King and Mavitar are here...hopefully leaving you alive means you will kill some of their troops before you die...goodbye!

Engdame and Midori teleport out. Foleo, FinalActivity, and Gwonam_is_Bae heal the injured.

Endgame: Engdame...darn it...I didn't know he had Imhullu of all things. What the heck are we supposed?Wait, what did she say about Latino_King and Mavitar? Oh s***! Everyone get outside and into cover!

Team Endgame runs back outside the mansion, only to see a huge army. They barely get outside the mansion before the Earth itself seems to move and swallow the mansion whole...causing it to disappear forever.

Foleo: What was that?

Endgame: Mavitar and Latino_King are descendents of the First Dragons...that was dragon vein, the power to sculpt the land as one sees fit.


No need to comment...

Endgame looks at the huge army on the horizon. He sees Mavitar who is glaring at him the same way he always has...Endgame has never liked the guy. Endgame calls him a pr**k under his breath. Next to Mavitar though he sees a face he has not seen in a long time it seems like...a face he almost

has missed…

Latino_King: It has been a long time...Endgame...

Endgame: Latino_King...

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 2), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 21/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 22/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Bow Knight: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Iron Bow, Vulnerary: Level 2/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Spirit Katana, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 4/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Trueblade: Killing Edge: Level 3/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Adventurer: Killer Bow, Heal Staff: Level 3/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Adventurer: Silver Bow, Heal Staff: Level 2/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1, Rally Speed
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Autumn Festal, Explosive Shuriken: Level 4/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Kagero: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 4/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Dark Flier: Mjolnir, Bolting: Level 21/40: Adept, Vantage, Fortune, Draconic Curse, Rally Movement
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 3/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death
  • XylonTheManaket: Manakete: Dragonstone: Level 18/40: Draconic Curse, Dragon Fang, Prescient Victory, Pavise, Aegis
  • MIA: Aisha: Witch: Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal, Thunder; Level 17/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind, Shadowgift

Chapter 13: War Has Come

Back to Aisha and Azura at the Wellspring of Truth. Aisha has learned warp and is going to go through her final trial to become a full-fledged witch and obtain the power of Starlight.

Aisha: So, what is the final trial going to be?

Azura: You must defeat an army of refuse and scum.

Aisha: ???

Azura: Long ago, Gheb_ cloned himself so many times that his clones threatened to overwhelm the Church of Azura…

Aisha: Gheb_ is dead though… Endgame killed him.

Azura: That is correct, but in the past the clones that Gheb_ created charged at the Church of Azura. They numbered in the hundreds. In order to save the Church, my husband Cobalnite performed an infinity seal on them that bound them right under the very spring we are at…

Aisha: …You want me to kill them all?

Azura: Yes… To do this, you will be lent the Starlight tome.

Azura hands Aisha the Starlight tome.

Aisha: Wow… What power. So this can pierce the darkness of Imhullu…

Azura: That is correct. However, unless you defeat these horrendous clones of Gheb_, you will not be able to leave here with it. Due to…complications of Gheb_ seeing me, I will leave as soon as the clones are released… Are you ready?

Aisha: Yes.

Azura claps her hands. All of a sudden, water familiars jump out of the spring and take the form of a familiar character…

Gheb_ Clone 1: Ahhhhh! Freedom at last! Hey look, there is someone to glomp! Hahahahahah!


Gheb_ Clone 2: I just love to glomp! I’m so going to bone Azura! Still, that lady over there looks very, very glompable too! Bahahahahah!

Gheb_ Clone 3: Glomp! Glomp! Glomp!

Aisha: Well, let’s give this tome a try…

Aisha reads a passage from the sacred Starlight tome. An effigy of a star-filled night fills the sky. Four orbs of light fly in all directions from the tome and a ring connects all of the orbs together. The ring then collapses on the Gheb_ clones coming out of the spring and at the very moment the ring forms a single point, a huge pillar of light descends from the sky and rends the Gheb_ clones utterly.

Gheb_ Clone 1: Ahhhhhhhhh! Pain! My dragonskin has been pierced!

Gheb_ Clone 2: No‼‼ I never got to glomp Azura! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Gheb_ Clone 3: Me neither! I don’t want to die! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Aisha: What power… To be able to do this to water familiars, this tome is really something.

Azura: Yes, however more clones are pouring out of the spring, so you have a long way to go!

Returning now to Team Endgame. Despite coming face to face with Midori and Engdame, Team Endgame proved unable to injure the latter. The duo made their quick escape. Listening to Midori’s parting words, Endgame commanded his team to get out of the plantation mansion as soon as possible. The mansion was sucked into the Earth by the power of Latino_King’s and Mavitar’s dragon vein power.

Latino_King: It has been a long time…Endgame…

Endgame: Latino_King…listen, nothing is how it should be! Midori has been playing you all! She had a clone of me constructed that has the power of Imhullu! Flare_Sorrow and many others have been done in by those two!

Latino_King: …

Mavitar: Heheheheheh! You really think we are going to believe something like that?

Endgame: SHUT UP MAVITAR! Your subordinate SpellcraftQuill is to blame for a lot of what has happened! If you had just kept him in f***ing line, none of this would have happened!

Mavitar: So I guess when you killed him in my castle, tried to kill me, and had my dear waifu punched by none other than that b******d Einvalt, you were just “tying up loose ends”?

Endgame: Grrrrr… Einvalt betrayed me! Besides, the person that you thought was me was likely the clone!

Mavitar: You have a story for everything…

Kagero: It is true though Mavitar.

Mavitar: Kagero…

Mavitar remembers the lewd picture of SpellcraftQuill with Kagero in SpellcraftQuill’s room. Their loving embrace is something that Mavitar still recalls.

Mavitar: I’m surprised you would join up with your husbando’s killer.

Kagero: Endgame is telling the truth! As he died, SpellcraftQuill sent a transmission to me of his dying moments! His death was ordered by Midori!

Mavitar: …nonsense.

Ishtar steps forward from Team Endgame.

Ishtar: Latino_King, is that you?

Latino_King: Ishtar, what are you doing here?

Ishtar: I saw it with my own eyes! I mean…Flare_Sorrow and his waifu Camilla dying by the hands of the Endgame clone who wielded Imhullu! Please! He and Midori are trying to make us fight one another! Don’t let him win!

Latino_King: …

Xander and PoisonedYouth step forward from Team Latino_King.

Xander: Camilla was my sister. You expect me to believe that Endgame wasn’t responsible?

Lazward steps forward.

Lazward: Xander…do you remember me?

Xander: Lazward…a pity I see that you serve scum like Endgame. Granted, after hitting on the wives of many people in power, I guess that is all you have left to you.

PoisonedYouth: …It is sad that such talent is undone by being so flirtatious… As the Queen of Nohr, it is a pity to see any of my subjects be reduced to such a state…

Lazward: …maybe I am flirtatious, but you know that I stand for what is just! Our group just came face to face with Midori and the fake Endgame! You are being played!

PoisonedYouth: Being played? Being told this from “he who follows Endgame”?

Foleo steps forward.

Foleo: Uncle Xander…Aunt PoisonedYouth…

PoisonedYouth: Foleo! Thank goodness you are unharmed! Do you have any idea of how worried we were about you?

Xander: Fear not, we are here to save you. Come back home with us to Nohr.

Foleo: Uncle…I’m sorry, but I cannot come with you…

Xander: What?

Foleo: Endgame isn’t lying. He isn’t a bad person. He saved me from Gheb_! I would probably be tied up, tortured…and have horrible things done to me if he hadn’t saved me. It is sad what happened to Camilla, yet even when we fought her we didn’t kill her. So please. Don’t do this.

Xander: Endgame’s reputation precedes these terrible events. I cannot believe that you would stoop to a level to join up with him.

PoisonedYouth: Enough of this nonsense! Come back to Nohr with us!

Charlotte steps forward


Probably good advice. Cheating is bad folks.

Charlotte: A shame you won’t listen to the words of your own nephew…husband stealer!

PoisonedYouth: Charlotte‼‼‼ I can’t believe that Endgame would let into his group low grade scum like you! I won Xander’s heart fair and square! Besides, a gold-digger like you? You think low class trash like you could ever be Queen of even a dump, much less the Queen of Nohr?

Charlotte: …Xander…we were together once, and I want to believe that means something… As such, I am asking you to if not to listen to me, to at least listen to your own nephew…please…

Xander: Charlotte…

A pause where no one talks seems to last an eternity. Mavitar breaks the silence.

Mavitar: Enough with your lies Endgame. I don’t know how you managed to turn so many people into “Westbricks”…making them betray their own, but I have no intention of forgiving you! I mean, look at the people you let into your ranks! You let f***ing FinalActivity join up with you, a crazed psycho-sadist responsible for so much pain! And…

Setsuna: It is him!

Mavitar: ????

PhantasticPhool: That is the b*****d that burned down Setsuna’s forest home!


Zoidberg is correct.

XylonTheManaket: Who, me?

Setsuna: Yes you! You murderer!

XylonTheManaket: Oh come now, I only did what comes naturally to me, which is burning forests…

Apocrypha steps forward.

Apocrypha: Wait a minute! Look around the mansion’s remains. There are a lot of dead people. Weren’t those Midori’s servants?

Endgame: Midori killed them before we got here! That girl is pure evil!

Latino_King: Endgame…I have heard enough.

Endgame: ???

Latino_King: I’ve heard enough of your lies.

Mavitar: Finally decided to be assertive have you?

Latino_King glares at Mavitar and then continues.

Latino_King: You killed Acerola-orion, Flare_Sorrow, Camilla, and many others. I don’t really want to fight you but…you have to pay! Mavitar, let’s do it.

Mavitar: Finally…

Latino_King & Mavitar: DRAGON VEIN!

10057 11241 Crystal Geyser Utah Green River md

Like this...only scale it up by a million fold.

Water starts to shoot from the ground from more and more places. Suddenly, a huge geyser pushes the land mass Team Endgame and the united army opposing him are standing on into the sky. They are forced hundreds of feet into the air.

Charlotte: What the hell is this?

Endgame: This is the power of Dragon Vein! The power to be masters over nature itself!

Mavitar: Heheheheh… Things are about to get much worse! Cryogen! Freeze everything!

Mavitar sticks his blade into a water stream that had pierced the floating landmass. The water freezes immediately and turns all the water into ice all the way to the ground. The landmass is held up by this huge pillar of ice.

Foleo: What is happening?

Dekarus: The sword he wields is called “Cryogen”. It is a holy weapon blessed with the power of ice. Anything it impacts that has water in it is immediately frozen. Considering the human body is mainly water…that’s bad.

Latino_King: I doubt you will be trying to go anywhere now, but just in case you thought about escaping, let me put all future plans of that to rest! Lucis! Bind all of their paths with holy light!

No escape

No Escape!!!!

Light pours forth from Latino_King’s sword. It coalesces into a large ring of light that grows larger and larger until it eclipses the length of the landmass everyone is on, which already has a diameter of a mile in all direction. Then the ring expands vertically in both directions until a large cylinder of light without the ends covered surrounds the landmass. The ends are soon covered by light as well. The end results is that the landmass held up by ice is surrounded by a cylinder of light…with no escape.

Latino_King: Heh. Impressive, no? I want to show you all something though.

Latino_King throws a rock into the light barrier behind him, and the rock is immediately vaporized.

Latino_King: Tell me, now that you are in the sky surrounded by my barrier of murderous light, what will you do Endgame?

Endgame: …

Gwonam_is_Bae: What the heck is with this barrier?

Dekarus: I believe that is the power of the holy sword Lucis. It is said to be made out of Naga’s fang and grants the user power over light itself…

Mavitar: Not only that, but I want to show you something.


Have to go with the Spartan on this one!

Mavitar holds up the ruby orb to the sky.

Endgame: That’s…! That’s mine!

Mavitar: Somehow SpellcraftQuill had this in his possession. Anyway, we know your Endflame is not at full power. Do you have any words before you die…Endy? Heheheheh…

Endgame: Mumbles under his breath. D**n it. Everyone is still tired from fighting the GameFAQs army…

Ishtar: Don’t worry Endgame.

Endgame: Huh?

Ishtar: Even if your tome isn’t at full power, my holy tome Mjolnir has both of its gems and Dekarus has the cursed tome Brunnhilde. Furthermore, we have the might of a dragon on our side and a team full of people that believe in you.

Endgame: Everyone…

Endgame turns around to look at everyone, they each let their thoughts be known.

ivanhellsing: I still haven’t forgiven Mavitar for taking the Church of Azura under his wing. No way I will lose to Cobalnite again either!

Dekarus: You helped me get my beloved jar back! I’ve even made my dream come true of becoming a Ritualist! I won’t let you down!

Lazward: So I have to fight my former lord now, huh? Well that is fine. I will show him how strong I have become!

Misha-Heart: Just because they think they have us trapped doesn’t mean anything… It is only a trap for them, not for us.

FinalActivity: Heheheheh! So many victims to torture! Considering they were dumb enough to believe Midori’s lies, I will make them suffer!

Foleo: So I have to fight my dear Uncle and Aunt… His power is terrible. However, I know you are innocent of what you have been accused of Endgame! I won’t let you down!

Gwonam_is_Bae: It doesn’t matter how powerful they think they are. For my comrades in the neutral lands, I won’t let people misled by evil do as they like!

Kagero: Quilly put you through a lot of grief Endgame. I will stay with you till your name is cleared…

Charlotte: Well this is great. I finally see that filthy c*** PoisonedYouth again. I will show her who is boss! Oh! You better f***ing believe it!

XylonTheManaket: Lol. Look at these fools! I will torch them all to ashes! Bahahahah!

Ishtar: Everyone is willing to fight with you Endgame. I have no intention of letting you down either. I am sure Flare_Sorrow is here too…as is Yurius-kun…please give me strength.

Endgame: Smiles Heh. That’s right. Even though I am framed as a villain and don’t have my tome at full power, I still have all of you guys at my side. Let’s show Latino_King and Mavitar who is boss!

Returning to Latino_King and Mavitar

Latino_King: He seems in high spirits.

Mavitar: It won’t matter. Cobalnite! Apocrypha! Lead the charge with the Church of Azura and attack from the left! PhantasticPhool! Pair up with Setsuna and lead the bow squadron from the right! Felicia! Pair-up with me! Charge the front!

Latino_King: Xander! PoisonedYouth! Lead the Nohr Army and join the Church of Azura’s attack on the left-side! FloraTheMaid! Back them up! Technickal1! PlasmaStar! Peri! Join PhantasticPhool’s attack on the right-side! Effie! Orochi! Let’s charge the center! ChenYakumo! Heal from the back! Everyone! Go!

Back to Endgame’s side.

Endgame: Here they come!

Dekarus: Let me even the odds! Brunnhilde! Bring forth from the earth the cursed Ents! Crush our foes into the earth forever! ARISE!

At Dekarus’s call, Ents come out of the ground ready for a fight. They look menacing.

Endgame: Nice one Dekarus. Spread them out to counter the three directions! Ivanhellsing, Charlotte, Lazward, Foleo! Counter Xander’s advance on their left-side! XylonTheManaket, Kagero, Misha-Heart, FinalActivity! Counter PhantasticPhool’s charge on their right-side! Ishtar! Dekarus! Gwonam_is_Bae! To the center! Charge!


You've got to love it!!!!

The two groups charge at each other and come to blows in glorious battle! On the left-side of the field…

Xander: Feel the might of Siegfried!

Xander’s demonic sword blasts out a wave of energy that managed to slice the right arm off of an incoming Ent. Even though the Ent howls in pain, it states Dekarus’s name and rises to its feet once more and takes a nasty swing at Xander!

PoisonedYouth: My love! Take this you horrible Ent! Celica’s Gale!

Repeated wind blasts from PoisonedYouth’s hands shear into the Ent’s body and manages to cut it open and shear off its left leg. Hobbling on one leg, the Ent jumps in the air and manages to land on some of Xander’s troops, crushing them under its weight. It does not get up.

Xander: Thank you my love.

He kisses PoisonedYouth.

PoisonedYouth: Heheheheheh! Thank you. However, more Ents are coming and Endgame’s “evil minions”…and Foleo are coming. I will pair up with you to make you stronger my love!

They pair up.

Xander: Thank you. There is no way I will lose now!

Foleo, Lazward, and Charlotte approach them with Ents handling Xander’s troops.

Foleo: Please Xander! Stop this!

Xander: You are being fooled by Endgame. Nothing more. Now return to our side at once!

Foleo: Uncle… I can’t! YOU ARE THE ONE BEING FOOLED! I love you Uncle and I love Aunt PoisonedYouth, but I have seen the truth to what Endgame is saying. Midori is evil and she has an evil Endgame clone helping her! I won’t let you kill Endgame!

Xander: Fool… I guess I will have to beat you within an inch of your life and drag you back to Nohr then.

Lazward: Sorry Xander, but that won’t be happening. Even though I was your former subordinate…you are in the wrong this time. I’m sorry, but I will not let you hurt Endgame…

Xander: Heh. So you are a hopeless womanizer and an idiot too. Fine, taste Siegfried, now….gahhhhh!

At this moment, Foleo spams Xander with status staves. He uses his weakness stave that leaves Xander feeling out of breath, and then uses the Freeze stave that makes it harder for Xander to move.

Foleo: Forgive me Uncle…

Xander: D*** it Foleo. Still, even with this, you are no match for me Lazward…as long as I have PoisonedYouth at my side, my power still exceeds yours…

Charlotte: Hey PoisonedYouth! Did anyone ever tell you you are the dumbest c*** ever? Bahahahahah!

PoisonedYouth: Did anyone ever tell you you are a dumb, gold-digging skank?

Charlotte: Heheheheh. Tell me, when you are in bed with Xander, I bet he thinks you are me! At least he can get a good orgasm that way! Hahahahah!

Xander: PoisonedYouth, stay focused, she is trying to trick yo…

PoisonedYouth: You dumb, stupid b****! I’ll f***ing kill you!

Being a Grandmaster, PoisonedYouth pulls out her Silver Sword and rushes Charlotte, who pulls out her Killer Axe. Their weapons collide and they both muster all their might to knock the other down. After repeatedly attempting to strike the other, Charlotte’s killer axe gets caught in the hilt of PoisonedYouth’s Silver Sword. Seeing her chance, PoisonedYouth whips her sword as hard as she can with the Killer Axe attached, with the result being that both the Killer Axe and Silver Sword are thrown to the sides of the ladies. PoisonedYouth then pounces on Charlotte and smacks her repeatedly.


In PoisonedYouth’s insanity, Charlotte manages to slip out of PoisonedYouth’s hold and pounces on her instead and gives PoisonedYouth some slaps of her own!

Charlotte: I bet when you do it with Xander you are always the “bottom b****”. This is probably familiar territory for you! Bahahahahah!


Slap Battle!!!!!

PoisonedYouth and Charlotte continue to fight each other in a huge slap battle to the amusement of those watching.

Xander: …

Lazward: Xander… You know, I really envy you. To have not one but two ladies really like you. I really hope I can be as lucky as you someday…

Xander: Really…

Lazward: It is a pity we have to fight… At least with Foleo’s debuffs, I might actually stand a chance against you… Anyway, En Garde!

Xander: Have at you!

The two clash in an epic sword battle. FloraTheMaid, who is not far behind Xander, catches up and attempts to join in.

FloraTheMaid: Lord Xander! I will assist you! Take my Explosive Shuriken!

FloraTheMaid throws her Explosive Shuriken at Lazward, but it is intercepted by…another Explosive Shuriken?

FloraTheMaid: What in the world?

Foleo: That was I miss Flora…

FloraTheMaid: Foleo…why are you doing this!? Lord Xander is your own flesh and blood!

Foleo: I know. I love Uncle Xander…I love Aunt PoisonedYouth… I also like you too Flora… I even kept the Explosive Shuriken set you gave me back then… I promoted to a maid since I thought you looked so pretty in the outfit…

FloraTheMaid: Foleo…

Foleo: I…don’t want anyone to die. Can we just agree not to fight and just heal our comrades that are injured? I want to be able to laugh and be happy around everyone again…but I can’t do that when someone innocent like Endgame is being framed…

FloraTheMaid: …

Also on the left-side of the battlefield…

Ivanhellsing: Cobalnite! Face me!

From the skies comes a beautiful, black Pegasus. On it is Apocrypha and who was called…

Cobalnite: Do you really want to die? I kicked your a** pretty darn hard last time.

Ivanhellsing: …It won’t happen again. Azura wouldn’t be pleased with you that you are trying to kill an innocent man.

Cobalnite: INNOCENT!? I watched Endgame cut Azura down with my own two eyes!

Ivanhellsing: That was a f***ing clone of Endgame! You are all being played!

Cobalnite: The “Evil Twin Excuse”, huh? If you are going to lie, you could try a little harder you know.

Ivanhellsing: I’m not lying!

Cobalnite: Whatever. Apocrypha, clear out some of these Ents, they are killing members of our holy church. I will handle this “traitor”.

Apocrypha: Got it! Apocrypha flies off and rains Deim Thunder down upon the army of Ents.

Cobalnite: Now then, let’s begin!

The two charge at one another and their weapons clash! Cobalnite’s swipes at Ivanhellsing with his Killing Edge with Aether activating. The “Sol” blade cuts into Ivanhellsing’s shoulder but Ivanhellsing manages to dodge the “Luna” blade. Ivanhellsing responds with so much anger that his Wrath Skill activates and he nails a critical hit with his Spirit Katana and inflicts the Defense Seal on Cobalnite. Cobalnite is knocked back from the hit.

Cobalnite: Heh. You seem to have improved “slightly”. Not much though. You are still no match for me.

Ivanhellsing: Cobalnite…we have known each other for a longtime. I still remember the time we laughed together in the early days of the Church of Azura… Azura wouldn’t be pleased at us fighting. We have to stop this…


Cobalnite’s personal skill activates which boosts his power if someone close to him has been hurt and his rage overtakes him, and he blasts Ivanhellsing with repeated Celica’s Gale blasts, which Ivanhellsing manages to dodge.

Ivanhellsing: Under his breath Pity, I am still no match for him… Hopefully things are going better for the others.

On the right-side of the battlefield. XylonTheManaket’s eyes are bloodshot. He has been hit with way too many arrows. They don’t really slow him down though. Instead, they make him even angrier. He breathes terrible hell flame upon PhantasticPhool’s archer forces.


Setsuna: I will never forgive you for burning down my forest home! Take this! BREAKING SKY!

Setsuna fires a supercharged arrow into XylonTheManaket, who is flying in the air. The arrow rips into his abdomen and he yells out in pain.

XylonTheManaket: Ouch! That arrow actually hurt! I think you should burn! Bahahahahah!

XylonTheManaket breaths more fire in Setsuna’s direction, but Gwonam_is_Bae with his quick movement thanks to his Movement +1 skill pulls Setsuna out of the way and activates his Astra skill and fires five arrows into the Manakete’s right-wing. He again shrieks in pain and seems to have trouble flying, forcing him to land.

XylonTheManaket: D*** you b*****es! I’ll burn you all to ash! Even your strongest arrows just tickle me! Bahahah!

Gwonam_is_Bae: Don’t worry Setsuna, we will kill this abomination.

Setsuna: I know…thanks for everything.

A few hundred feet away from the current clash…Ents are engaged with PlasmaStar’s forces.

PlasmaStar: I won’t make the same mistake I made last time (in Chapter 6) where I let you separate me from my troops! Rally Spectrum!

All of PlasmaStar’s lancer troops are energized. Despite the Ents being huge, his troops are able to hold them at bay and even manage to push them back. All of a sudden though…

PlasmaStar: Gahhhh!

Kagero: I bet you weren’t expecting to see an Elite Ninja like me, were you! Now die!

Kagero is about to slice PlasmaStar with her Wyrmslayer, but Peri dual guards.

Peri: Peri won’t let you hurt my love!

PlasmaStar: Looks like you missed your chance! Light Star!

PlasmaStar launches his forged Lightning tome blast nicknamed “Light Star” at Kagero, but an arrow out of nowhere intercepts the attack.

PlasmaStar: What the???

FinalActivity: Did you forget about me? I remember you from when we were in the neutral lands. I never did like that you escaped…of course, Endgame back then thought you guys would listen to reason. I guess there is nothing to do. Bahahahahah! Now eat some arrows!

FinalActivity launches arrows from his killer bow, forcing Peri and PlasmaStar to jump back. However, FinalActivity does not see Technickal1 charge him from the side. Being a powerful Berserker, Technicalk1’s is about to bring his axe on FinalActivity’s head, but…

Misha-Heart: …Too slow.

Misha-Heart blocks Technickal1’s axe strike with his killing edge.

Misha-Heart: Your opponent is me.

Technicalk1: Heh. So be it.

Now, in the center of the battlefield…

Mavitar: Endgame… I’ve always wanted to kill you! Now die! Cryogen! Freeze him to the core!

Mavitar swings his sword and the water vapor in the air crystalizes into thousands upon thousands of ice shards. These ice shards speed toward Endgame.

Endgame: Heh. Don’t you know fire beats ice? Endflame!

Hellfire gathers in Endgame’s hand and gathers into a triangle of flame that launches in Mavitar’s direction. The thousands upon thousands of ice shards are melted by the Endflame attack, but the Endflame fire is quenched by the resulting water.

Mavitar: Hehehehehe… Without “this” gem, it doesn’t look like your tome lives up to its reputation of summoning fire that can “never be quenched even by the entire ocean itself”. Anyway, try to block this!

From the ice pillar holding the floating landmass up, a huge, gigantic pillar of ice breaches through the center of the land itself and then shatters into tens of thousands of floating ice swords.

Endgame: Mavitar! Are you insane! If you destabilize the ice pillar anymore, you know that this landmass will slide down it right into Latino_King’s light barrier! WE WILL ALL DIE!

Mavitar: Rolls Eyes Oh, don’t worry about that… Heheheheheh… I won’t need any more ice to beat you then this. Now, DIE!

All of the tens of thousands of floating ice swords converge on Endgame in a spiral pattern. Endgame responds by forming a huge pillar of flame with Endflame. The pillar manages to melt many of the swords that impact it…but the huge volume of water quenches the flames, and the remaining swords charge toward Endgame.

Endgame: S***

Just as the swords are about to hit Endgame, several Ents jump in the way and are pierced by the huge amount of swords. The Ents are killed instantly.

Endgame: Thanks Dekarus.

Dekarus: No problem man!

Endgame: God! I wish I had Endflame at full power! F***!

Mavitar: How amusing…

Also in the center part of the battlefield.

Ishtar: Latino_King! I BEG of you. Please believe us. I really don’t want to fight you! When Yurius died…if you hadn’t been there to cheer me up… I…I don’t think I would have been able to go on.

Latino_King: …I admit, I don’t want to fight Endgame…

Ishtar: THEN DON’T!

Latino_King: The sad thing is, some things in life just can’t be helped. Endgame killed followers of mine. He has to be brought to justice. That is all there is to it.

Ishtar: Fine. In that case, feel the might of Mjolnir! Yurius-kun! Give me strength!

Ishtar, being a Dark Flier, takes to the air and moves so fast that it is hard for Latino_King to keep up. The moment she sees his back, Ishtar lets loose the full power of Mjolnir! Heaven’s Thunder gathers to Ishtar’s hand and is launched at Latino_King. However, Orochi who is currently paired up with Latino_King unleashes her Excalibur spell, which manages to nullify it due to wind > lightning.

Ishtar: Darn it…

Latino_King: I think you should have a taste of my power… Lucis! It is time! NAGA!

The effigy of a holy dragon emerges from the sky and lets out a terribly loud roar. Then it charges at Ishtar at full speed.

Ishtar: Latino_King has the power of Naga… I have heard of this holy power. Yet, I must fight against it! Mjolnir!

Again Heaven’s Thunder gathers to Ishtar’s hand and is launched at Latino_King. However, the power of Naga is so strong that even a holy weapon as powerful as Mjolnir has no effect against it. The holy dragon charges at Ishtar. All Ishtar can do is jump off her Dark Pegasus and watch in horror as the holy dragon’s teeth bite down on the Dark Pegasus, killing it instantly. The shock of losing her Dark Pegasus causes Ishtar’s class to revert to a Sage. Ishtar lands on the ground and is injured from the fall. Her leg feels like it is broken. She is in extreme pain.

Ishtar: S***! S***! Why won’t you listen Latino_King! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Endgame isn’t lying to you! Despite everything that happened, aren’t you guys friends in the end. God! It hurts!

Latino_King: …My feelings don’t matter… Please surrender. Endgame has to die. However, if you surrender, I promise you won’t be executed.

Tumblr inline n01pf5vNf71rxc9ln

Everyone's wish...

Ishtar: What? And spend the rest of my life in a f***ing cage because you are blinded to the f***ing truth! Flare_Sorrow was killed by an Endgame imposter! I SAW IT! I SAW IT! AHHHHHH! BELIEVE ME PPPPLLLEEEAASSEEEE! AHHHH! THE PAIN!

Latino_King: …Sorry…Effie, put her out of her misery.

Effie: As you wish my love.

Ishtar didn’t notice that Effie had snuck up behind her. She turns around to see the armored lady about to bring a lance down upon her. Ishtar, unable to move and not having enough time to cast a spell, closes her eyes and whispers...

Ishtar: Yurius…I guess I will be meeting you soon…

Ishtar never feels a blow though. Instead she hears Effie gasping in pain. Opening her eyes, she sees that an arrow has lodged itself in Effie’s arm and Ishtar feels her body lifted from the ground.

Ishtar: Gnowam_is_Bae…

Gnowam_is_Bae: Don’t give up Ishtar… No matter how hopeless things seem, we can’t give up. Besides, Dekarus’s Ent reinforcements have arrived! We are saved.

Latino_King: …You are sadly mistaken. I think it is time that I wrapped this up…

Ents charge at Latino_King from all sides. He simply mildly frowns and lifts Lucis to the sky, and then suddenly holy light from the light barrier surrounding the landmass covers the battlefield. The light is anathema to Dekarus’s dark magic, and the Ents all start to die. Endgame and Dekarus watch in horror.

Dekarus: Darn it… This holy light is slowly killing off the Ents and weakening my dark magic as it is…

Endgame: Darn it. It can’t be helped. Dekarus, hold off Mavitar as best as you can! If we lose the Ents we will get overwhelmed. I will have to fight Latino_King directly.

Dekarus: Alright. I will hold this b*****d off the one way I know how.

Endgame rushes toward Latino_King.

Mavitar: And how exactly do you intend to hold me off? Are you going to throw your dying minions in the way of my attacks again?

Dekarus: No… :)

Dekarus immediately opens his Jar of Garon’s Excrements. The stench is worse than ever before due to how long the excrements have been decaying…

Bad smell

Mavitar wishes he had one of these... The terrible stench would still likely burn his eyes though...

Mavitar: WTF! I have never smelled anything so f***ing horrible in my life! Gah! I can’t concentrate with that stupid stench in the air!

Dekarus: :) Oh, how I have missed you, my beloved jar…

Returning to Endgame.

Latino_King: …So you have come Endgame. I really didn’t want it to come to this you know…but you had to go and kill innocent people.

Endgame: D*** it Latino_King! You know d*** f***ing well that if I killed anyone, innocent or not, I would be rubbing it in your face. I’m going to force you to stop casting that light spell right now…Endflame!

Endgame activates his Ignis skill and fires a massive blast of hellfire at Latino_King. Orochi tries to block the blast with Excalibur, but Fire > Wind so her attempt is ineffective. Latino_King is forced to stop his Ent killing magic to stop Endgame’s magic…by simply slashing at it with his sword.

Endgame: What?

Latino_King: It seems your Endflame tome is nowhere as strong as it used to be without the ruby gem… Mavitar! Shall we end this now!

Mavitar: Yep, why not!

Latino_King: Orochi, now!

Latino_King & Orochi: WARP! REWARP!

The entirety of Latino_King’s forces and Mavitar’s forces, including Latino_King and Mavitar themselves are teleported from the landmass held up by the ice pillar. Team Endgame gathers together at the side of the landmass to figure out what is going on.

Foleo: Ishtar! Come here! I will heal you!

Ishtar: Thanks Foleo… My Dark Pegasus died though… Darn it.

Charlotte: D*** that PoisonedYouth! I was slapping her silly when she vanished.

Lazward: Speak for yourself… Foleo’s debuffs were wearing off…if Xander hadn’t left when he did…I would probably have died.

Endgame: …What is going on? Latino_King could have finished us off with the power he had…and yet…he teleported away? Wait a minute… NO!

Endgame looks over the edge of the landmass at the ice pillar that is supporting the landmass up…and finds Mavitar and Cobalnite glaring at him with the rest of the army they just fought not far behind him.

Endgame: S***!

Mavitar: This is the part where we break the pillar and you either die from Latino_King’s barrier or when you hit the ground…

Cobalnite: Azura will be avenged today. This has been too long in coming. Mavitar, let’s make this slow… I want to “savor this”.

Mavitar: Smiles. As you wish!

Mavitar sticks his sword into the side of the ice pillar…causing it to begin to thaw.

Mavitar: Honestly, you won’t be missed Endgame!

Cobalnite: Realize this is all your fault Endgame. All your fault for killing Azura.

????: Wait!

Xander and PoisonedYouth rush up to the two.

PoisonedYouth: Foleo is still up there! Kill the rest of them if you want, but you can’t kill my beloved nephew!

Xander: He might be fooled by that idiot’s words, but you can’t just expect me to watch as you kill my nephew!

Cobalnite: …

Mavitar: …Do what you want.

Xander: What?

Mavitar: I’m not going to do anything. The pillar is thawing. Go ahead. Use whatever magic you can to save Foleo if you want…oh wait, you don’t have any… I’m not helping you. Killing Endgame and the rest of his minions is worth one “sacrifice” who messed up his life . If Endgame escapes due to your attempt to save Foleo, more innocent people will die. Foleo screwed up. Punishment isn’t always proportional and in this case, Foleo will pay the ultimate price. I have nothing more to say.

Xander: …gah…

PoisonedYouth: Xander, can’t we do anything?

Xander: He’s a c***, but he’s right. Foleo screwed up too badly. Joining up with Azura’s killer… Part of what it means to be a royal is being on the right side. You pick the wrong side…you die. I don’t know what I’m going to tell Leo, but… It can’t be helped.

PoisonedYouth: …

Returning to the Wellspring of Truth.

Azura: You are doing well Aisha, just one more worthless Gheb_ clone.

Gheb_ clone 666: I am strong. I am wise. I am lovely. And most importantly, I am right! ...Me! More than anyone! Bahahahah…ugh!

Aisha: That makes all of them.

Azura: Huh… With the last of Gheb_’s kind killed, the world is better for it. Endgame is in terrible trouble as we speak though. You should go to him.

Aisha: Alright! I promise when I meet Cobalnite and Apocrypha I will tell them the truth. Hopefully seeing the Starlight tome which only you can offer onto people will get them to believe the truth.

Azura: I appreciate it. May light always guide your path…

Back to Team Endgame.

Dekarus: Darn it! If I could send trees to the ground way below I could add support to the pillar, but Latino_King’s stupid light barrier is killing all my trees the moment they reach it!

XylonTheManaket: Let’s try the forceful approach!

XylonTheManaket fires a huge blast of hellfire right at the light shield. It does nothing though.

XylonTheManaket: …

Endgame: …The only thing I could think of is to form a barrier of magic comprised of the Endflame’s fire and the Mjolnir’s thunder. Maybe, just maybe it can survive the trip through that.

Ivanhellsing: Mjolnir was not match for that stupid sword’s power. I doubt that will work.

Endgame: Under his breath. Aisha… I’m sorry. Hopefully you live a good life without me.

A huge “cracking” noise is heard. The ice pillar is slowly breaking to pieces, and the whole landmass starts to shake more and more.

Charlotte: D*** it! I don’t want to f***ing die! That means PoisonedYouth will get the last laugh! Gah!

Gwonam_is_Bae: It is amazing, isn’t it?

Lazward: What?

Gwonam_is_Bae: How deceit can lead to this. Endgame is innocent…yet an execution is at hand for him regardless… How many other people throughout history have been executed despite having done no wrong? It is a sad thought.

Ishtar: …My lover Yurius-kun didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t his fault that Manfroy stuffed that terrible tome in his hand…and he became THAT!

Endgame: ???

Ishtar: My former lover started the “child hunts” in his native land of Judgral…so many people died. I couldn’t do anything though… I loved him so much… I couldn’t turn against him… He said he loved me, even if he didn’t love me enough to stop hurting me by leaving me to watch mothers watch their children being taken away…

Dekarus: Ishtar…

Ishtar: And then he came… Latino_King… He came with Lucis and used the power of Naga to pierce the protective nature of that horrible tome… Yurius-kun. He died… I begged Latino_King to kill me with that tome. I didn’t want to live anymore after my sin of “watching all of that”. He didn’t kill me though. He looked at me with kind eyes, said he understood that I was unable to turn against my lover, and offered me a place in his team under Flare_Sorrow…

Foleo: That’s…

Ishtar: I told him I didn’t deserve to live after my negligence during the child hunts… After I said that, Latino_King took me in his arms and said, “We are all sinners since birth. Only once we become wise from experience and time can we hope to make up for our mistakes. So please, live.” He saw the good in me when I couldn’t see the good in myself… I thought I could get Latino_King to believe me that Endgame was innocent because of this. I thought…he could…

Endgame: Maybe he already does…

Ishtar: What?

Stwd situation2

Don't we all...

Endgame: People do things they don’t want to do…things they feel they have to do. He thinks I killed several members of his team and that “Engdame” certainly is a good actor. Deep down I bet some part of Latino_King believes that I am innocent…but…considering what he “thinks” I have done…I guess he feels no choice.

Everyone Else: …

The landmass shakes more violently. It is hard to stand up with the amount of shaking. The landmass starts to slide down the pillar of ice…inching closer and closer to the field of light. Endgame looks over the side of the landmass and sees Latino_King staring back at him…he looks neither happy nor sad…just empty. So very empty…

Endgame: Latino_King… I’m telling you the truth, someone else is responsible for the horrible events that have transpired. Even if you refuse to believe me, you better be prepared when Midori and my clone start to kill more innocents…then maybe then…

Endgame cannot find words to say past this. He simply turns his back and Latino_King and walks away. The landmass starts to disintegrate as it collides into the shield of light.

Endgame: I guess…this is it…

???: Come now Endgame-kun! It isn’t like you to give up!

Endgame: That voice…?

All of a sudden, Aisha teleports onto the landmass.

Aisha: Endgame…it has been awhile, hasn’t it?

Endgame: Where have you…

Aisha: No time! Get together! I will teleport us out of here!

As commanded, Team Endgame gets close together and Aisha warps them away and Aisha rewarps herself. None of this is seen by Mavitar, Latino_King, or anyone else in their armies however, as the landmass and everything on it completely disintegrates upon going through the shield of light while Team Endgame couldn’t be seen.

Latino_King: …

PoisonedYouth: Oh Foleo, I’m so sorry…

Xander: …

Mavitar: Latino_King! Xander! You shouldn’t look so down! Flare_Sorrow, Acerola-orion, Azura, Camilla, and others have all been avenged! We are finally in a world without Endgame! Some sacrifices had to be made, but you should be happy with what happened today.

Latino_King: I’m leaving. I’m going back to Dawn Castle. Do what you want Mavitar.

Team Latino_King departs.

Mavitar: Shrugs Well, he will get over it. He managed to get over being glomped by Gheb_ after all. Cobalnite, what will the Church of Azura do now?

Cobalnite: …Shigure, my son with Azura, will need to be recalled back from his school abroad when he finishes up classes. I heard he took the news of his dear mother’s death very hard, but to become a better leader, he continued his studies anyway. He will likely lead the Church when he is done with his studies. In the meantime, I will lead it.

Mavitar: Just tell me what I can do to help. I want the Church of Azura to flourish after all.

Cobalnite: I appreciate it.

Meanwhile, on a cliff overlooking all of this.

Engdame: Heh. So Endgame bit the bullet huh?

Midori: Indeed! He didn’t manage to kill any “major players” in the end, but he did kill plenty of fodder. In the meantime, we can figure out how to get a war between Mavitar and Latino_King started!

Engdame: Sounds good! I can imagine it now! “Oh Latino_King! Endgame wasn’t lying! You are a terrible person for not listening to him! Don’t you just want to die! Bahahahahah!”

Midori: Ahahahahahah! Anyway, I need to get a new mansion. My old one was destroyed in the battle…so let’s do that after that.

Engdame: As you command.

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 2), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 22/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 23/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Bow Knight: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Iron Bow, Vulnerary: Level 3/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Spirit Katana, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 5/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Trueblade: Killing Edge: Level 4/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Adventurer: Killer Bow, Heal Staff: Level 4/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Autumn Festal: Level 5/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Adventurer: Silver Bow, Heal Staff: Level 4/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1, Rally Speed
  • Kagero: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 5/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Sage: Mjolnir, Bolting: Level 2/20: Adept, Vantage, Fortune, Draconic Curse, Rally Movement
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 4/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death
  • XylonTheManaket: Manakete: Dragonstone: Level 21/40: Draconic Curse, Dragon Fang, Prescient Victory, Pavise, Aegis
  • Aisha: Witch: Starlight, Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal, Thunder; Level 25/40; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind, Shadowgift, Witch’s Cauldron, Warp

Chapter 14: SerenesForest Hive Mind‼!

It all started with the framing of Endgame for Azura’s murder. Many battles and fights have happened since then, against people like Gheb_, Kagero, Flare_Sorrow, and eventually against Midori and Engdame, the latter of whom is the imposter Endgame who murdered Azura. After a quick scuffle with the latter two, Team Endgame found itself facing the combined might of Team Latino_King and Team Mavitar. Between the might of dragon vein, Mavitar’s Cryogen, and Latino_King’s Lucis, Team Endgame appeared to be completely eliminated.

Some people were overjoyed… Such as Team Midori in one of her many slave plantations.

Midori: Yay!! Endgame is dead! Bahahahahah!!

Engdame: Woot! I knew I was better than him! Do you know why? Because he’s dead and I’m not! Yay!!

Einvalt: Heh… Well that’s that for my former team. I hate their f***ing guts anyway. Bunch of pricks and d***s. Now I can move onto killing the entirety of the Church of Azura! Burn it up!! Bahahahah!!!

Midori: Yes, yes… Now that Team Enddumbgame is dead, we need to move onto the other teams! Turning Team Mavitar against Team Latino_King shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, we can always use someone else as a “martyr” to start a war. Maybe we should drink to “Azura the martyr”! Ahahahahah!!

Einvalt: Wow. Never would I think I would be so happy to drink to her!

Midori: …

Engdame: Midori-sama?

Disney Evil

Some of these guys border on being Disney Evil...just saying!

Midori: I just realized something. We may need some more guys on our side. I mean, we still have the SerenesForest army and the Feg army, but we lost the Reddit and Tumblr armies, plenty of Gheb_ clones, as well as people like LimboStudios and ColdOne666.

Engdame: Can’t say I miss any of those dastardly dastards… Bahahahah!

Midori: Smiles But of course, but fodder is an important part of every war my dear…

Einvalt: I might know just the people…


I guess they do make great fodder...

Midori: Do you now?

Einvalt: Indeed… I have some “buddies” from way back called Sylawaatch and Bellagio. If nothing else, they are two more people we can use to cause more chaos!

Engdame: I can vouch for these two. They are well known trolls and would do anything to get attention. I have to warn you though, calling these people trolls is a massive understatement.

Einvalt: Not only that, but there is a certain “guy” in Team Latino_King who would definitely join our cause if pushed… I’ve had my eye on him for some time…

Midori: Whatever. If nothing else, those guys will serve as excellent fodder. That’s all people are after all! Bahahahahahah!

Kaze: …

Midori: What the flaming f*** are you looking at!

Kaze: I just…

Midori: Do you want me to do to you what I did to “dear old mom”? DON’T EVER STARE AT ME!

Kaze: …

Others were more solemn about the experience, such as Cobalnite.

Apocrypha: The mirror is almost ready Cobalnite. Even though Shigure is abroad studying right now, you will be able to speak to him for a short while through it.

Cobalnite: …

Apocrypha: Cobalnite?

Cobalnite: This victory…feels so empty. Something doesn’t feel right at all.

Apocrypha: What do you mean?

Cobalnite: For one, Einvalt was not among Team Endgame’s ranks… I wanted to kill that idiot more than anyone else. That, and…

Apocrypha: I know…

Cobalnite: You do?

Apocrypha: Revenge doesn’t bring people peace. We didn’t fight Team Endgame for revenge…or at least I didn’t. We fought them so more innocents didn’t have to die. I’m sure Azura-sama would agree with this sentiment…

Cobalnite: …Yeah, I guess you are right.

Apocrypha: I will leave you to discuss matters with your son… Apocrypha leaves and the mirror turns on.

Shigure: Dad, it has been a while since we spoke, hasn’t it…

Cobalnite: …Things have been…busy. I mean… Well… Azura is avenged at any rate.

Shigure: So, Team Endgame is gone then?

Cobalnite: For the most part. Einvalt’s still likely around somewhere, although Endgame and everyone else that served him are gone.

Shigure: I see… How is the Church?

Cobalnite: …Well…it is a hard time to say the least… Things will be better when you can take Azura’s place at the head of the Church though. I mean… It is just as she said once… “Even if I am no longer here sobs, as long as they have you… This world will be fine.

Shigure: Dad…

Cobalnite: I can’t lose you…we cannot lose you. I’ll lead the Church for now. Once we put Einvalt in the ground where he belongs… Well, that is when I can see you face to face in person. Study hard till then.


Shigure: Alright, till then. And Dad…be strong.

Cobalnite: I will.

The mirror turns off.

Cobalnite: …

Apocrypha: Hopefully you two had a good conversation. Mavitar wants to give a speech dedicated to peace being restored with Endgame gone. Granted, he has pledged to the Church of Azura in private that he will support with all his power measures to bring Einvalt to justice.

Cobalnite: …

Apocrypha: Felicia, Setsuna, and PhantasticPhool also give their support in the matter of helping the Church of Azura get back on its feet, and PhantasticPhool himself said he would lead the squadron that will hunt for Einvalt.

Cobalnite: It is good to know we have allies…

Apocrypha: Cobalnite…

Cobalnite: I’ll be okay… I just need some time…

Others have an adverse reaction to Endgame’s apparent demise, such as his own “child”, EndKingPeach.


EndKingPeach: God d*** it! Why did dear old “dad” have to f***ing die before I got the chance to kill him and avenge my brother LatinoEndgame? Gahhhhhh!!!!!! What the hell am I supposed to do now! Latino_King is worthless and Endgame is dead!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Minion: Lord EndKingPeach, can I get yo…

EndKingPeach: NNNNNOOOOO!!! Get the f*** away from me!! Gahhhhhhh!!!!!

Minion: As you will Lord EndKingPeach...

And despite being initially thought to be solemn about Endgame’s apparent death, some people are back to being themselves…others, not so much.

Orochi: Oh Latino_King!! Let’s put some oil on and “wrestle in bed”! Heheheh…

Effie: Heh! I’ll be joining in as well! Just so you both know! I’m not gentle!

Latino_King: Well, how could I say no to you “lovely” ladies! FloraTheMaid! Do you have the oil!

FloraTheMaid: Right here everyone!

In an adjacent room.


A game that ChenYakumo wants to play BAD!

ChenYakumo: You know what would make the situation over in the other room even hotter? If one of those ladies was Latino_King’s older sister. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Peri: Peri doesn’t get it… Why are you so weird! PlasmaStar-kun? Why is ChenYakumo so weird?

PlasmaStar: The dude has weird fetishes. That is all.

Technickal1: How can you all just go about acting normal after what happened a few days ago?!

PlasmaStar: ???

Technickal1: Latino_King murders all of Team Endgame with Lucis and acts all sad for a day or two and goes right back to being his old slutty self! God! I wish Gheb_ were still alive to glomp him! That usually “shuts him down” for a few days!

PlasmaStar: Listen to yourself, you are wishing that Latino_King is raped?

Technickal1: As if that guy doesn’t appreciate every d*** shoved into him…

ChenYakumo: ^_^ I bet if he had a hot older sister to give him some love, he would be as good as new! ^_^

Technickal1: …F*** you all. Technickal1 leaves the room.

Peri: What was that about?


Everyone likes candy!

PlasmaStar: I don’t know… Want to follow Latino_King’s lead!? I’m sure we could make beautiful “candy” together!

Peri: Yay!! Candy-making time! They leave.

PoisonedYouth: Well…the only people left here are you my love and that guy that wants to be bedded by his “big sister”.

Xander: …Under his breath. I’m so sorry…

PoisonedYouth: Xander-kun?

Xander: I just…Foleo…

PoisonedYouth: …

Xander: F***!!! I should have beat that b****** Mavitar till he decided to let Foleo off the pillar! Gah……….

PoisonedYouth: I miss him too…

Xander: I don’t know what I’m going to say to Leo… Gahhhhh… I feel… I mean, if it had been our Siegbert up there… I would have… I should have…

PoisonedYouth: There is nothing you could have done, alright?

Xander: ?

PoisonedYouth: Look. Let’s say you did try to force Mavitar… Odds are you would have just been branded a traitor and killed, and then where would Nohr be?


I think PoisonedYouth thinks this about Charlotte...

Xander: …

PoisonedYouth: Besides, at least I outlived that harlot Charlote!!! Bahahahahah!!

Xander: …Listen, I love you PoisonedYouth with all my heart. Yet, at one point in my life, I at least thought I loved her… You won, alright? Let’s just…not speak of her anymore.

PoisonedYouth: …OK.

Xander: That also got me thinking of Lazward… Damn fool… I almost feel responsible…

PoisonedYouth: Hey! You HAD to let him go. He tried to romance the wife of a powerful person in power. He’s lucky to still have his head after that…although I guess he has nothing at all now…

Xander: …I’ll get passed this… I just, what should I tell Leo?

PoisonedYouth: …I’ll tell Leo about Foleo. I’ll stand between you and him so he doesn’t do anything rash. As royalty goes, he’s very…pragmatic. It’ll take time, but… Things will go back to how they were before.


Take note fellas!

Xander: Oh PoisonedYouth…

They kiss.

Xander: As long as I have you, I feel I have the strength to overcome anything… Thanks for always being at my side.

PoisonedYouth: It is my pleasure!

ChenYakumo: Hey!!!!

PoisonedYouth: Scowls You are kind of ruining my moment…

ChenYakumo: You know what would cheer any man up! A hot older sister who would snuggle up next to him and since Camilla is…

Xander: Don’t finish that sentence if you like living...

ChenYakumo: ???

Xander: Camilla’s DEAD!! (Chapter 8 reference) Don’t you F***ing remember!!! Get out. Now! Draw Siegfried

ChenYakumo: Oh s***! He runs away.

Xander: Now where were we…

Unbeknownst to everyone though, Team Endgame escaped thanks to Aisha's timely entrance. Of course, she had just learned warp magic, so there would be…complications…

Aisha: Gah…

Endgame: Aisha, where exactly are we?

Aisha: Ummmmmm… I haven’t really had that much experience with using warp on so many people at once…so I kind of randomly warped us some distance to the west of Castle Uber, Mavitar’s castle.

Kagero: We approached Castle Uber from the East before. So you are saying you warped us past it?

Tumblr lyn0y67FVJ1qbtwyto1 400

Aisha: Ummmmm… Maybe…

Lazward: Well, I bet Aisha teleported us “WEAST!” Ahahahahah!

Charlotte: Who CARES about where we f***ing are! I bet PoisonedYouth is laughing her guts out thinking that I am dead. F***ing c**t! B***t N****r!

Foleo: …I doubt that.

Charlotte: Huh?

Foleo: Did you not hear what she said? She didn’t want me to die as Mavitar planned. She is probably pretty upset at thinking I’m “gone”.

Charlotte: …

Dekarus: Hmmmmm… I’m upset I didn’t get the chance to “lel” Mavitar!

Gwonam_is_Bae: What does that even mean?

Dekarus: Well… The process of getting someone leled on: a jar or vial is prepared with 50% Garon's Excrements and 50% sulfur. A hoop is then put over the target's head, usually by a lance or magic, and the person slam dunks the vial onto their head. They then proceed to set the contents on fire with a burning kunai, a match, or fire.

Ishtar: That sounds…rather painful…

Most people continue to talk amongst themselves. Endgame takes this moment to take Aisha in a loving embrace.

Endgame: Oh Aisha… You have no idea of how much I have missed you. You realize I always was faithful right?

Aisha: Yeah… Sorry about running off. However, perhaps things did work out for the best?

Endgame: What do you mean?

Aisha produces a tome.

Aisha: I got this!

Endgame: Where did you get that from? I thought Starlight could only be given to people by Azura herself!

Aisha explains the witch trials and how she met Azura and ultimately gained the Starlight tome.


Peace is hard to find right now!

Endgame: Wow… So I guess Azura can’t be at rest with all that has been going on… At the very least, we can kill that “Engdame” clone of me when he pops out of whatever hole he is probably currently hiding in. That, and maybe we can get the Church of Azura off our backs, considering only Azura has the power to beseech that spell.

Aisha: Smiles I’m happy to be able to help!

Endgame: I wish I was more helpful though…

Aisha: What?

Endgame: We fought against both Team Mavitar and Team Latino_King… Everyone fought in top form, but when I tried to fight Mavitar and Latino_King, I was just…useless. If only I didn’t let Endflame get stolen in the first place…the gems wouldn’t be missing right now.

Kagero: It is my fault… I stole it in the first place after all…

Endgame: ‘‘‘Shrugs’’’ It can’t be helped. We need to discuss our next move, but right now, we need to find out where you sent us Aisha…

ivanhellsing: Oh f*** me…

Endgame: What is it ivanhellsing?

ivanhellsing: I know where we are… I’ve been here a few times to hunt my mortal enemies… We are in the SerenesForest, home to the army of the same name! Home to the f***ing Kaga suckers! GAhhhhhhh!!! I f***ing hate them!

Kagero: …I heard they were allied with Midori. She must have been supplying them with drugs to keep them nice and quiet.

Foleo: What kind of drugs? You mean like pain medication?

FinalActivity: Rolls eyes You are a cute kid… Midori sells the kind of drugs that turn people into crazed killers. That said, I hear that the SerenesForest army was already one of the top armies on the continent. With a drug infusion, they must be even more…crazed…

Lazward: Hey guys! I got one! What do you call a person addicted to both cocaine and marijuana?

Dekarus: LimboStudios?

ivanhellsing: Einvalt?

Gwonam_is_Bae: Sylawaatch?

Misha-Heart: ChenYakumo?

Charlotte: That b**** PoisonedYouth?

Aisha: Bellagio?

Lazward: Ehhhhh… Well, those may or may not all be both correct answers…but that wasn’t what I had in mind.

Dekarus: Well… What did you have in mind!

Lazward: A “Crack-Pot”!! Bahahahahahah!!!

A light smile appears on everyone’s face after the hard battle.

Endgame: Thanks for lightening the mode Lazward… Despite everything that has happened, you never let us down with your odd jokes.

ivanhellsing: Um…guys? Something REALLY bad is happening!

Yosemite fire NASA1

XylonTheManaket's wishes.

XylonTheManaket: Speak for yourself! I cannot wait to burn this forest to ashes!!! Bahahahahahahah!! Wait! What is that sound?

ivanhellsing: It is the “Faceless Ritual”. I’ve never actually seen it in person, but…every so often, the forces of SerenesForest perform it. Damn Kaga suckers…

Kagero: I’ll get a better look at what is happening.

ivanhellsing: I’m coming too, I want to see this myself.

Ishtar: I also want to come along… Anything to get my mind off of Yurius-kun…


Imagine this...only in a heavily forested area.

In the middle of the SerenesForest is a large dilapidated colosseum made out of stone stands with torches perched at every archway to illuminate the darkness of the forest. Inside the colosseum a large crowd of people is gathered with three tied up and gagged victims.

SF Drone 1: We gather here today to perform one of our most sacred rituals. We need to reinforce our numbers and create more faceless, so it is time for the “Faceless Ritual”.

SF Drone 2: The “Faceless Ritual”. We will speak to you the religion of SerenesForest again and again till you are crazy. You will be left with two choices. Either you join the hive mind of our army, sacrificing your free will and your freethinking, or you rip off your own ears and eventually your face in frustration and with your will broken, you will become a Faceless…instilled with nothing but sin and despair…all the world’s sin…you will destroy and destroy till your body breathes its last…all in the name of our mistress…Lady Midori.

SF Drone 3: As for your last moments of free will, we will hear what you have to say. Ungag them.

The victims are ungagged.

DolphinPants: Gah!! F*** all of you!!! F*** all of you!!! All I wanted to do was get my next contract and you b******s ambush me and demand that if I didn’t surrender, you would kill ten children that you were keeping hostage! F*** you!!! All I wanted to do was help people in need and you took advantage of my good nature! B****es like you are the reason this world is so f***ed up!!!

SF Drone 3: Morality and honor are not things the hive mind understands.

DolphinPants: Obviously… ^_^

SgtPepper: I’ve heard of the horrors the SerenesForest army commits… I just… Never thought it would end this way. Gah… What did I do to deserve this…

SF Drone 2: Embrace the darkness! Embrace despair! All hope is long gone!

SgtPepper: I heard you the first time b****.

SF Drone 1: You…the third victim, don’t you have anything to say before you either join with the hive mind or become a Faceless?

42Savage: …I just have one question.

SF Drone 1: Speak! For it will be the last words as an individual you will ever speak!

42Savage: I just… You see, I used to a member of Flare_Sorrow’s squad (Chapter 8 reference). He wielded the magic Mjolnir and wielded the dragon blade Raijiri and led an army of mages for Latino_King. Recently, Flare_Sorrow’s squad was wiped out in battle against Endgame… I took Raijiri from his corpse. However, Mjolnir was missing. Later, Ishtar, who was a fellow soldier in the army I was a part of, showed up alongside Team Endgame and fought the Team Latino_King – Mavitar alliance… I heard she proclaimed that Latino_King was not responsible for killing Azura and that Midori is really responsible for all of this…and that an imposter Endgame was responsible for murdering both Flare_Sorrow and his wife Camilla… So tell me…as the SerenesForest army is allied Midori, tell me the truth!!!!!!

John f kennedy truth 5570

Food for thought

SF Drone 2: The truth is irrelevant. If something is said enough times by enough people, it becomes truth. That is our religion…our power!!

SF Drone 1: But as we honor history when we bother to reference it...which is never, you are correct. Midoriko framed Endgame for killing Azura with a fake Endgame…and this very individual killed both your commander and his waifu Camilla.

42Savage: …What a pity.

DolphinPants: You mean…everything that has been said to everyone has been a lie!

SgtPepper: How… How could such lies persist?

SF Drone 3: And now Team Endgame is dead, framed and murdered for "killing" Azura. Whether or not Endgame was the murder of Azura and others is irrelevant now… All that remains is the brutal fact that with enough blood, lies become truths. Just as we have put all who share different viewpoints than us through this ritual, we too will create our own truth.

SgtPepper: F*** you!

SgtPepper spits on SF Drone 3

SF Drone 3: I can see you are full of free thinking and free will. That is bad! Very, very bad! It is time to change this…

On a nearby cliff in the colosseum

Ishtar: 42Savage… I thought no one survived…

ivanhellsing: F***ing Kaga suckers… F***ing Kaga suckers… All they deserve is to suffer… Gah…

Kagero: …

Ishtar: We have to do something… He’s…like…the only member of my previous squad that I have left…

Kagero: It will take time to call Endgame and the others to us…

Ishtar: Just fire the signal! We should go in now before those guys are sacrificed!

ivanhellsing: Kill….kill…..Kaga….suckers….Ahhhh…

Kagero: Very well.

Back to the SF Drones and prisoners

SF Drone 1: It is time, awaken the hive mind!!

SF Drone 2: It is time, awaken the hive mind!!

SF Drone 3: It is time, awaken the hive mind!!


Scary stuff...

All of a sudden, all of the surrounding SerenesForest army soldiers’ voices seem to become one. All of them speak at the same time.

SF Hive Mind: We are one… Now, prepare to become one of us or faceless… We are right. We are infallible. We ar…

A rocket fires into the air. On cue Ishtar, Kagero, and ivanhellsing burst from their hiding place and begin attacking anyone in sight they come across. Ishtar uses her bolting tome to electrocute far away SF Drones. Kagero then throws Silver and Steel Kunai into SF Drones around the prisoners and ivanhellsing in a mad rage slices into every SF Drone he can get to with his Spirit Katana. As the enemies they are facing are no longer human but a hive mind existence, the holy light of the katana reduces them to ash upon impact.

SF Hive Mind: What is the meaning of this interference!!!

Ishtar: 42Savage!!! It’s me Ishtar! We’ve come to rescue you!!

42Savage: Ishtar? I thought you died!

Ishtar: I’m carrying on Flare_Sorrow’s legacy, as you also are. Kagero! Can you cut them loose!

Kagero: On it!

They are cut loose.

DolphinPants: Thanks for that. Hey. Can I borrow some of your kunai? I am an assassin after all…who is VERY p***ed.

Kagero: Sure thing.

SgtPepper: As for me, my “weapon” is concealed on me right now. Wroevyr is an axe I can summon from the air. With it, I can cut these b******s down and even use it to refresh allies. I’m a Dread Fighter by the way!

Ishtar: Sounds impressive! Hey 42Savage… Do you have a weapon?

42Savage: As a matter of fact, I do! You probably remember it. Raijiri!! Come to me!!

Out of the air, Raijiri flies to 42Savage.

Ishtar: I thought only Flare_Sorrow could wield that sword.

42Savage: …Xir is gone from the blade, so anyone could technically wield this sword now. All it has left is its base form “Hydra Edge”. Still, it is still capable of plenty of damage.

Ishtar: Wait, I have an idea, raise your sword to the sky!

42Savage: Ooookkk?

Ishtar: Mjolnir!!!

Lightning from the heavens descends to the ground. Immediately close SF Drones are annihilated, but most of the lightning impacts and is absorbed into the Hydra Edge, transforming it.

42Savage: No way! I feel power returning to the blade!

The blade transforms to a longer curved blade that almost looks like a rod of plasma. It has become Thunderstroke. A tear comes down from Ishtar’s left-eye

Ishtar: I thought that we would never see this form of Raijiri again.

42Savage: Me neither! The power of Thunderstroke lives on! Flare_Sorrow! You will be avenged!

Ishtar: Yes!! Let’s make this army allied with Midori pay!!!

Kagero and DolphinPants bombard the incoming SF Drones with Silver and Steel Kunai. ivanhellsing continues to annihilate every SF Drone that comes at him with his Spirit Katana. Ishtar and 42Savage electrocute countless numbers of SF Drones with Mjolnir and Thunderstroke respectively. SgtPepper meanwhile uses Wroevyr to refresh his allies and cuts into the rare SF Drone that dares come close to him.

42Savage: This is all the SerenesForest Army has to offer? You guys are all jokes.

SgtPepper: Indeed, I thought this would be…harder.

Kagero: Don’t jinx it people…

SF Hive Mind: Fools… Release the faceless!

Out of the soil come former humans…but who are now humans no longer. Without a face, these grotesque monsters desire only to cause to people the same pain that they have had to endure.


Kagero: You jinxed it…

SgtPepper/42Savage: Sorry…

Ishtar: Ehhhhhhh!!

A faceless emerges out of the ground right under Ishtar and punches her right in the gut. She coughs up blood. DolphinPants, being the cool suave guy that he is, throws a silver kunai right into the back of its head, dropping the faceless.

Ishtar: Gahhhh…

DolphinPants: Are you alright?

Ishtar: For the most part… That hurt though…


Kagero: He has completely lost it…

42Savage: Goodness…even with the power of lightning on our side, these Faceless are just going to pick us off if they are attacking from under the ground. We need help…

???: Did someone say help? lel!

All of a sudden, cursed vines sprout and dig into the soil and pull the incoming Faceless into the air. A familiar dragon swoops in and burns them with his hellfire. Arrow upon arrow then follow and pierce each of the faceless multiple times. The word “Endflame” is heard and more hellfire descends from the sky and vaporizes what remains of the faceless.

Dekarus: Did you miss us?

XylonTheManaket: I’d much rather burn forests, but whatever those things were are fine.

Gwonam_is_Bae: Looks like we just made it.

FinalActivity: Hehehehehe… I’d much rather torture, but murder is fine too.

Endgame: Looks like you need help.

Ishtar: Everyone…

The rest of Team Endgame enter the arena. They make quick work of any of the remaining Faceless. None of the bodies of the SF drones seem to move, but then suddenly, all of their eyes open and float into the air, coming closer and closer together.

Lazward: What the heck is that?

SF Hive Mind: No matter how strong you are…none can remain unbroken after hearing the “Faceless Ritual”! Now suffer!

All of the floating SF drones, some of whom are missing arms and legs from the battle, open their mouths open wide, and the most elitist opinions in existence flood the air!

I can t stand it anymore by yourbloodynightmare

Can you?

SF Hive Mind: Oh my god! How could you not like Holsety on a horse!! Holsety on a horse!! Who cares that Sety as Levin's son is canon in FE5 and that Holsety on a horse means no pursuit is passed down to his kids!! Holsety on a horse!! LTC runs!! These are the only way to play FE5!! Why would Warp staffs have been put in the game unless the intention was to skip the final few chapters instead of beating them legitimately!! Heck, you thick LTC runs are manly enough!! No!! Let’s hack the growths of enemies to be 100% and have your own units have 0% growths for all stats!! That’s the only way to play Fire Emblem!!! Who cares that no Fire Emblem ever has ever been designed this way! Video games aren’t made to be fun! They are meant to be so challenging that you rip your own eyes out of their sockets in frustration! Oh f*** the casuals!! The series would be better off dead with no new games!! Better than having to accommodate casual scum!! Oh!! GameFAQs is full of people who don’t know how to play Fire Emblem!! Whiners, babies, weaklings!! They represent the worst of the Fire Emblem community! Oh!! LTC runs!! 0% growth runs!!! The series was best when Kaga was still around! Just compare TearRingSaga to FE6! Bahahahahah! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse!

Dekarus: What the f*** is this!! My ears!! Ahhhhh!!!

Lazward: Ugggghhh!! There isn’t a joke in existence that could make this funny! This is torture!!!!

Misha-Heart: Gah!!! This is worse than Reddit!! How could so many people be consumed by so much elitism!! Ahhhhh!!!

FinalActivity: Oh my god!! It HURTS!!

Foleo: My ears!! Why? Why? Dad!! Uncle Xander!! Help me PLEASE!!!

Gwonam_is_Bae: Oh my f***ing lord! How can any being an existence be filled with such pure malicious intent! I…I…Augh!

Kagero: This is…gosh! No amount ninja training can prepare the body for this! Ahhhh!

Ishtar: I f***ing hate Holsety!! Gosh! It was that tome that nearly killed me before! SHUT UP!

Charlotte: Oh my god! I have never heard such terrible a** f*** from the f***ing mouth! How the f*** could anyone contain this much malice! Ugh!!!

XylonTheManaket: What the f*** is this! I… I can’t breathe!

42Savage: Gah! Is this what dying feels like! I cannot concentrate enough to use Thunderstroke! Damn it all!

DolphinPants: Crude! How could so much negativity be in any individual! I… I can’t…

SgtPepper: Darn it. I can’t play my own music over this awful sound! I… Someone…please…stop…

Aisha: Endgame! Help me! This is too much!

SF Hive Mind: Become one with me or rip off your face and serve as my slave! Bahahahah!

Endgame: I have to…try something! Wait. I have an idea!

Endgame brings out a microphone that just happened to be in his pocket and begins to speak.

FightFireWith Fire

What else can you do in this situation?

Endgame: Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Camilla is the only reason that people buy Conquest! All she does the whole game is wave her udders in your face! Meanwhile, ninja boobs in Birthright are not advertised at all despite being blatantly better! It's simple: Atlus saw what this was turning into and said "Yeah, don't associate SMT with this s***." But Nintendo was all like "Fire Emblem hasn't been dragged through the mud enough! Keep Fire Emblem involved with this!" Oh! All of the people who b*** and whine about elitism need to learn how to play! All Fire Emblem after FE7 as well as FE2 are not “real” Fire Emblems! You dare disagree with me! Well guess what! You are wrong! It doesn’t matter that I haven’t played any of these new Fire Emblem games! I still know how to trivialize them. Just look at Westbrick! Even he agreed with me in the end! Lunatic+ on Awakening is trivialized by Nosferatu tanking Robin! Oh, Aisha is the best waifu period and anyone who insults her needs to suffer! Oh! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri! Latino_King is Tsundere for Peri!

For a minute, the pain of listening to the SF Hive Mind seems to lessen. Compared to it, Endgame’s rant is surprising refreshing. And yet…

Endgame: Gah…why didn’t my words overpower those floating, stupid bodies yelling!

SF Hive Mind: Fool. It doesn’t matter how much you yell. I am made up of thousands of individuals and you are only one man. One man who shall either submit to me or become a Faceless! Oh‼‼! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse!

Endgame: Gah… Forgive me everyone… In the end, I couldn’t change anything...

SF Hive Mind: Submit to despair! Bahahahah! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse!

ivanhellsing: No forgiveness…

SF Hive Mind: Eh?

ivanhellsing: You can NEVER, EVER suffer enough for what you have done! You… I will never forgive you! TO HELL WITH ALL YOU KAGA SUCKERS! F*** YOU SERENESFOREST HIVE MIND! GAH! I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER!

All of a sudden ivanhellsing’s wrath explodes from his body. The human body can only contain so much wrath before malice itself is given form. Having endured his mortal enemy spewing so much garbage, grating his ears for what seems like an eternity, ivanhellsing’s body cannot contain the shear amount of ill will and hate toward the SF Hive Mind any longer… This ill will and malice get absorbed in his sword, the Spirit Katana. The sword cannot vanquish the shear amount of wrath, and is itself is corrupted. It glows a faint ebon, blood red, with a blade that is as dark as the darkest of nights. The Sword of Darkness, a blade that absorbs malice, spite, and ill will and transforms all of this into power has been created. The words of the SF Hive Mind, the words of thousands of floating corpses with no free will of their own, are absorbed into the blade, no longer reaching ivanehellsing’s ears.

SF Hive Mind: What? What are you!?

ivanhellsing: …Perish…

ivanhellsing raises the Sword of Darkness to the sky, pointing it at the center of where the floating SF Drones that make up the SF Hive Mind are located. The illwill powering the corpses is absorbed into the Sword of Darkness. As the corpses have no free will or ability for free thinking on their own in addition to only being powered by malice alone after being “killed” by Team Endgame earlier, they fall to the ground one by one. Eventually, all of them fall to the ground…all but one.


The thoughts of a soulless drone.

SF Drone 1: Know this… As long as Kaga’s memory lives on…when this series wasn’t cursed with s****y causals…the Hive Mind shall return… Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse! Holsety on a horse!

ivanhellsing: Not on my watch…

ivanhellsing jumps into the air and pierces the Drone right through the heart. Its malice is absorbed, and it too falls to the ground, lifeless. It is over… Later that night…

Endgame: Waaahhh… I’m still alive?

Aisha: I…thought we were all done for.

ivanhellsing: Relax. It is all over. The SerenesForest Hive Mind is destroyed. I even got a cool sword out for all of our trouble.

Endgame: …I’m certainly lucky to have people like you around. Heheheheh!

Ishtar: Endgame…

Endgame: Yes Ishtar?

Ishtar: I want you to talk to someone…

42Savage approaches

42Savage: Do you know who I am Endgame?

Endgame: No…

42Savage: I served under Flare_Sorrow… For the longest period of time, I thought you killed him…

Endgame: I…

42Savage: Of course, I know that that isn’t true now. Those drones told me everything…and Ishtar told me more as well.

Endgame: …I’m sorry for your loss.

42Savage: ...You don’t have to be. Do you remember this blade?

Endgame: That’s the blade that Flare_Sorrow used!

42Savage: Yes… Xir is gone, so its full power may never return. However, thanks to Ishtar, I have recovered the form Thunderstroke.

Endgame: I remember that form… It nailed me in the shoulder with a lightning bolt back then.

42Savage: I want to avenge Flare_Sorrow… That, and maybe I can convince individuals who are fooled about the true identities of those responsible for these terrible events that you aren’t responsible. So, do you mind if I join you?

Endgame: Smiles I have no problem with it. Judging by how SgtPepper and DolphinPants are getting along with my allies over there, I guess they will be coming along as well!

With the allies

Lazward: And so I said, “A thief broke into my house last night. He started searching for money… So I woke up and searched with him! Bahahahahah!

SgtPepper: That’s…terrible…so terrible it is actually funny. Heheheh…

DolphinPants: That just weird…okay, it was so terrible it was funny! I admit it…bahahahh!

Misha-Heart: Hey Lazward, how about you retell that joke of yours that was in terrible tastes?

Lazward: Ok. Hey guys! What is the opposite of Christopher Walking?

SgtPepper/DolphinPants: ??????

Lazward: Christopher Reeve‼‼ Bahahahahahah‼‼

SgtPepper/DolphinPants: 0_0……..........…..Bahahahahahahahahahahah‼‼‼

Back to Endgame

Never-a-dull-moment-tea-towel 3

Endgame: There is never a dull moment here, I swear…

Aisha: I’ve missed being with everyone as well.

42Savage: …Under his breath It seems I found a place to be for now Flare_Sorrow. I’ll bring your true killers to justice with your blade…

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 2), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 23/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Aisha: Witch: Nosferatu, Waste, Autumn Festal, Thunder; Level 26/40; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind, Shadowgift, Witch’s Cauldron, Warp
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 24/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Bow Knight: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Iron Bow, Vulnerary: Level 4/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Brave Hero: Sword of Darkness, Steel Sword, Hand Axe: Level 6/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Trueblade: Killing Edge: Level 5/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra
  • FinalActivity: Adventurer: Killer Bow, Heal Staff: Level 5/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1, Lucky Seven
  • Foleo: Maid: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff, Autumn Festal: Level 6/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Adventurer: Silver Bow, Heal Staff: Level 5/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1, Rally Speed, Lucky Seven
  • Kagerou: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 6/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Sage: Mjolnir, Bolting: Level 4/20: Adept, Vantage, Fortune, Draconic Curse, Rally Movement
  • Charlotte: Berserker: Killer Axe, Bolt Axe: Level 5/20: Woman’s Nature, HP +5, Roundhouse, Line of Death, Rally Strength
  • XylonTheManaket: Manakete: Dragonstone: Level 23/40: Draconic Curse, Dragon Fang, Prescient Victory, Pavise, Aegis
  • 42Savage: Trueblade: Raijiri (Thunderstroke): Level 5/40: Dragon Fang, Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra
  • SgtPepper: Dread Fighter: Wroevyr (Refresher/Axe): Level 25/40: Even Keel, Iron Will, Clarity, Aegis, Kunaibreaker
  • DolphinPants: Assassin: Barb Shuriken, Killing Edge: Level 6/40: Flowing Strike, Poison Strike, Lethality, Lancebreaker

Endgame's Side

  1. Endgame (Protagonist: Sage With Endflame)
  2. Aisha (Waifu of Endgame: Sorcerer with Nosferatu)
  3. ivanhellsing (Loves Hatred and Hates Kamui Worship; Mercenary)
  4. Dekarus (Loves Garon's Excrements, lel)
  5. Lazward (Loves Dark Character-Related Puns)
  6. Misha-Heart (Hates Reddit Trolls)
  7. FinalActivity (A True Sadist)
  8. Foleo (The Boy With The Best Fashion Sense In The Army)
  9. Gwonam_is_Bae: (Outlaw that possesses much power. Formerly guarded the neutral lands.)
  10. Kagerou: (An elite ninja who was formerly SpellcraftQuill's lover. Joins Endgame for vengeance against her lover's killer.)
  11. Ishtar: (The former lover of the late Yurius. Wields the power of Mjolnir.)
  12. Charlotte: (A gold digger who is actually very powerful. Formerly served Acerola-orion.)
  13. XylonTheManaket: (A Manakete of much power; hates forests)
  14. 42Savage
  15. SgtPepper
  16. DolphinPants
  17. Ex-Member: Einvalt (Turned Traitor In Chapter 7; Hates Azura)

Latino_King's Side

  1. Latino_King (Master of Lewdness; Recently made peace with Endgame but...)
    1. Effie (Waifu)
    2. Orochi (Waifu)
    3. FloraTheMaid (A Wonderful Meido of Latino_King)
  2. Acerola-orion (The Lewd One; A Bishop of much power; Dead as of Chapter 9)
    1. Charlotte (Waifu; she joined Team Endgame after Acerola-orion died)
  3. Flare_Sorrow (Causes Endgame's Great Aisha Meltdown: Mage Fighter; Raijiri+Mjolnir; Aether, Breaking Sky, Astra, Vantage, Lethality, and Expose; Dead as of Chapter 8)
    1. Camilla (Waifu; Dead as of Chapter 8)
  4. ChenYakumo (A smut writer for Latino_King)
  5. Technickal1 (An Ally of Latino_King; Loves to be noticed; A Berserker of Much Power)
  6. PlasmaStar (An Ally of Latino_King; A Master Tactician; Grandmaster; Lightning Tome Forged Named "Light Star" as well as Brave Sword and Silver Sword; Counter, Aegis, Pavise, Rally Spectrum, and Aether)
    1. Pieri (Waifu)
  7. PoisonedYouth Queen of Nohr in the Grandmaster class.
    1. Xander (Husbando and King of Nohr)

Team Mavitar (Not Involved With Either Faction, But Still Anti-Endgame)

  1. Mavitar (Leads The Anti-Endgame Brigade: Hero That Deals Incredible Damage To Endgame Affiliated Units, uses a Brave Sword and has the skills Vantage, Sol, Resolve, Miracle, and Swordfaire)
    1. Felicia (Waifu)
  2. SpellcraftQuill (The Game's Gharnef: Sorcerer with Double Forged Averse's Night with Vengeance, Wrath, Aether, Rightful God, and Dragon Skin; Dies In Chapter 7)
    1. Kagerou (SpellcraftQuill's Waifu; Later Joins Endgame)
    2. HOOHAHHE (SpellcraftQuill's Underling; Dies In Chapter 1)
  3. Apocrypha (Leader of the Church of Azura; Mortal Enemy of Einvalt)
    1. Azura (Heterosexual Life Partner)
  4. Cobalnite (One who wishes to uphold the peace: A Grandmaster that deals increased damage if a close one to him has been hurt, uses a forged Celica's Gale and Killing Edge, with Vantage, Vengeance, Aether, Ignis, and Aegis)
    1. Azura (Waifu)
  5. PhantasticPhool (A follower of Mavitar's. Known As The Finest Bowman in the land; Movement+1, Pass, Counter, Miracle, and Astra; Silver Yumi; Personal skill is Ardent Spirit: Luck % chance to attack once more. Happens in battle.)
    1. Setsuna (Waifu)

Unaligned Anti-Endgame Characters

  1. Gheb_ (The Smexyness; Killed In Chapter 3)
  2. EndKingPeach (Endgame and Latino_King's "Child"; Hates Everything, but especially Endgame)
  3. LatinoEndgame (Endgame and Latino_King's "Child; Dead as of Chapter 5)

Team Midoriko (Evil People)

  1. Midoriko (Mysterious Character Who Leads The Underworld Drug Trade)
  2. Einvalt (Ex-Member of Team Endgame...Hates Azura...has joined with Midoriko; A Berserker)
  3. LimboStudios (Hates Everything; SpellcraftQuill's Former Underling; Mánagarm; Dead as of Chapter 11)
    1. ColdOne666 (Hates Everything as much as LimboStudios; leader of many trolling groups; Dead as of Chapter 11)
  4. Engdame (An Endgame Imposter; Sows Trouble for Endgame)


  1. wind64a (Kellam)
  2. Raidken (Has no interest in joining sides, but enjoys watching people suffer.)