Corrupt GameFAQ's users who have been appointed special privileges. These privileges allow them to delete messages or topics of other users for a variety of reasons. They, however, have no idea how to use them properly, and abuse their power in order to troll other users.

FateFAQs Mod

FateFAQs doesn't seem to have a specific moderator attached to the board, unlike the Super Smash Bros. Board that has the mod, Pitaya. It is likely that no moderator plays Fire Emblem, which results in false reporting actually working and having topics deleted for "off topic" posting.

FateFAQs Itself

Many good, on topic posts have been deleted by these evil people. Unfortunately, you can't argue that your post was on topic, since they automatically dismiss your argument.

User Opinions:

Below are quotes about how users feel about the mods. Feel free to add your own quote.