Gheb_ is among the most despised of all GameFAQs Users. He roleplays Gheb and "accurately does so". Because of this, he is not wanted in roleplay topics or in any topic whatsoever. Yet, he refuses to leave. Due to the user making no distinction between himself and the character Gheb, this page is directed at the character as much as the user.

He won't shut up about how he managed to "take advantage of Latino_King" and how much he loves all of his husbandos and waifus. He currently lusts after Latino_King, Endgame, Forrest, Effie, Felicia, Peri, Tana, and Amelia. Of course, none want anything to do with him since he (the character Gheb_ roleplays) is a completely unlikable ugly, fugly, rapey, stupid, dumb, fat, shitty, dumb, fat, idiot coward that should never have existed.

Despite all of this, he seems to have at least a small cult following, despite being the most worthless character ever. Perhaps this is why some stupid kids somewhere created a Sacred Stones mod that has Gheb be the main character where he is every bit as ugly, fugly, rapey, stupid, dumb, fat, shitty, dumb, fat, stupid as he was in the original Sacred Stones, but he is now worshiped as a god.

He also has a habit of saying "Ahahahahahaha!" or some other phrase that implies he is laughing maniacally just so his presence is even more disturbing than it already is.

More recently, Gheb_ has claimed that he is in fact a Water Familiar who Anankos brought back from death "to bring pain and torment to the world". The exact background is below.

After what seemed like a long leave of absence, he is back. Cobalnite keeps sealing him away whenever he gets out of hand, but the problem is he doesn't stay sealed for long. Tis a pity...

Origin (As Described By Gheb_) Edit

*Gheb_ returns to his hideout of doom and looks at the mirror.*


*In the mirror, he sees an image of a water familiar.*

That's right.  Just like Garon, I died a long time ago at Fort Rigwald when that Ephraim b**** killed me.  Lord Anankos brought me back to bring pain and torment to the world.  That is why I have dragonskin afterall...

Anyway, my new "treasures" are due for some glomping.

I can't wait!  Bahahahahahah!

Likes Edit

  1. Thinking highly of himself
  2. Lusting after anything that moves, especially his husbandos
  3. Being disturbing
  4. Stalking Latino_King
  5. Making love to those that are drunk
  6. Forcing himself on helpless victims
  7. Not knowing when enough is enough
  8. Interrogating people
  9. Talking about his "long sword"

Dislikes Edit

  1. Self-control
  2. Being rejected
  3. Being ignored
  4. Realizing he is a fat, useless, ugly, worthless, piece of stinky, ugly crap.

Topics Edit

This user has not made any topics. He probably realizes no one would visit them.

Quotes Edit

  1. I'm here! Pieri's here! I assume Latino-snookums is around too. Shall we "punish" Latino_King Pieri?
  2. I bet Endgame would love to strip me naked. :)
  3. LK should make a topic about my moobs! He just LOVES me so much he can't stand it! If only he wasn't such a Tsundere so he could confess his passion and "let Gheb in". Oh wait, he already did! Heheheheh!
  4. (To Latino_King) Auhuhuhuhuhuh!!! You can have some Gheb! Gheb is always here for you. Whether you want me or not! ;)
  5. It is about me being on the hunt for my husbandos, who are playing hard to get. They want it bad though. Hahahahahah!
  6. Who cares about Pieri. I made sweet love to Latino King, something that Pieri cannot attest to. He is MINE.
  7. (After Reminding Latino_King about their...trist) No need to be ashamed. How could you resist a smart, smexy tactician like myself. Grado is blessed to have me. Ladies and men alike CRAVE me.
  8. (To Zerdark) *Drools immensely*
    Maybe I'll just eat you.
  9. (To PoisonedYouth) Wow.  You have terrible tastes.  Real woman love the sexy, smexy Gheb.  None can resist my manliness.  All women crave Gheb.  Heck, Latino_King, Endgame, Foleo, Charged151, and Dekarus all crave Gheb.  None of them can satisfy Gheb though.

    You seem like the young innocent type though that like lower quality husbandos because you haven't evolved to my level.  I am supreme after all.  You probably realize it already, but I truly am amazing!  Bow before Gheb!
  10. (To Charged151) Ah, you enlightening people in the ways of Gheb_.  Prepare to be "rewarded"!  It is the gift that keeps on giving. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  11. Ah yeah. I remember my time as a pediatrician. The problem was that all of the girls 13 and up kept, well, disappearing. Heheheheheh. Fun times.

Quotes About Him Edit

  1. Touch me and you're dead, Gheb. <Latino_King>
  2. Lord Ghebin has been summoned. <JXspeedway>
  3. <Latino_King remembering "their trist">Oh God, I forgot about that. I was legitimately drunk when I was RPing that night! You took advantage of me when I was inebriated! How dare you!! <Latino_King>
  4. I don't like poison, but I say we poison Gheb. I think the situation calls for it. He's a fat fuck, it should be easy to poison his food. He won't be able to resist. <Zerdark>
  5. I can see you are also a testament to the fact GameFAQs transforms cancer into power... <Charged151>
  6. Oh, no, Your Schmexiness. I just couldn't. I'm not worthy of being your husbando. Your praises are too much for a mere mortal like me. I am but only a disappointment in your presence, as is everyone else here. None of our worships are enough to match your glory, but we still pray to you nonetheless as you are our ever sustainer! <21_21>

Trivia Edit

  1. Latino_King actually friended him...what is that about?
  2. No one on the roleplay topic wants anything to do with him.
  3. Gheb sucks, that is all you need to know.
  4. If you add the letters F, U, C, and K in front of Gheb's name, you can spell 'Fuck Gheb'.
  5. Every now and then he shows up in boards proceeding the Conquest board as the main Fire Emblem board, but he doesn't stay for long. What a relief!
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