Gossipgirl is a user who currently resides on the Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Board, and are not particualry when known due to their overall lack of consistent presence, and the fact that they cannot be defined by one main gimmick. Unlike most users, Gossipgirl doesn't have any characters in Fates (or any other form of fiction) which they consider a "waifu" or a "husbando" and in fact finds the whole culture absurd.

Gossipgirl's favourite characters in Awakening are Female Morgan and Henry. Their favourites in Fates are Leo and Oboro. Like most users on the board, Gossipgirl is a supporter of the indisputable fact that the plot line was an absolute catastrophe, and that Corrin was a terrible protagonist.

Notable Likes

  1. Swimming (favourite sport and past time activity)
  2. Fitness and keeping the body healthy
  3. Protein Shakes and Sushi
  4. Trashy television
  5. Justice being served accordingly
  6. Scheming
  7. Taylor Swift's music
  8. Music in general
  9. Social Media, thought they admit that it is very flawed
  10. Natural beauty

Notable Dislikes

  1. People who don't take care of themselves
  2. Horses (shudder)
  3. The measles
  4. Not being able to exercise
  5. Most food (VERY picky eater)
  6. Ignorance and blatant idiocy
  7. "Waifu" obsessives (would say Husbando obsessives as well but they have yet to encounter any)
  8. Bigotry
  9. The Mortal Kombat 3D era
  10. Modern day teenage culture
  11. Crowded, loud and repulsive environments


  • Despite the name, Gossipgirl is in fact a boy. This is actually a reference to the actual show, in which the online persona "Gossip Girl" ended up being a boy. They sincerely apologize for any confusion they may have caused.
  • Their favourite swim stroke is Butterfly.
  • They once captained a small series of musical chairs topics, of which the winners were Mitama for children, Azama for Hoshido, Odin for Nohr, Felicia for neutral (the horror...) and Ike for Amiibo.
  • They were once a prominent user of the Mortal Kombat X boards, though after the boards economy collapsed in what appeared to be a war, they fled to the Fire Emblem Fates board.
  • They have a tendency to incorporate the word "bloody" into most of their posts.
  • They do have British heritage.
  • Though they come across as cold, narcissistic and somewhat arrogant, they are overall a sweet and entertaining user who will most enjoy your company, provided you don't fall into certain unfortunate categories.