A mysterious and enigmatic user who lurks around the Conquest Board. Recently, he has become more active and now partakes among many topics in the board.GrandmasterZer0 has shown to be quite... eccentric at times. Supports Endgame for some reason, but he's still a nice guy.

Relatively unknown amongst the board, he merely watches and until recently, rarely ever participates in the discussions that occurred. However, he has been on the move and takes part in various topics. He appears to have a stance against Nina, as shown by his rank as General in the Anti-Nina Army, and his opening of the Anti-Nina Spitoon, which is strange considering his stance on Endgame, who loves Nina very much, is quite amicable. This turned around due to the seeing a certain picture of Nina which convinced him that he was wrong. Although he is Team Endgame, he appears quite friendly with Endgame's enemies such as LatinoKing and Scc Defender. He despises pure Black and White morality, which makes it not very surprising that he does not like Diogo at all. But who does? He is shown to be very friendly to Kyojo777, although he did test Kyojo's devotion to his two waifus at one point. Sadly Kyojo failed the test. He wants to get into F!Robins and F!Corrins pants.


He originally came to GameFaqs looking for the origin of the meme "Hot Skitty on Wailord action." After deciding to look into GameFaqs more, he was drawn to the quirkiness of the Fire Emblem Boards, and found that this was perfect place for him to lurk, thus becoming GrandmasterZer0. However, his account didn't see much posting involved until he realized that the man behind the meme himself, Endgame, was still active. He started to take place more actively and interacted with many in the Awakening boards, such as ryugin55 (RIP his main). He then all of a sudden stopped posting and mainly just lurked, taking part only in Endgame's CYOA. He then laid for thousands of years dormant under the ice, until one day, he decided to buy Conquest with the Hoshido deal. What happened afterwards was... well it went something like this. Fortunately for him, he managed to sleep through the PherosGate scandals. He now has his own CYOA inspired by Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure.


  1. Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure
  2. Masamune Date from Sengoku Basata
  3. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  4. Kyojo777
  5. Brave Frontier
  6. F!Robin
  7. F!Corrin
  8. Pokemon Conquest
  9. RPing as himself
  10. Sleep


  1. DiogoShadowJorge
  2. DioJoestar
  3. Unreasonable people