HOOHAHHE is a proud fighter of "Le Reddit Army". As such, he despises GameFAQs and wishes to return the world to darkness.

It is rumored that he may actually hold a high rank in "Le Reddit Army". Anyway, he represents them, so what he says they believe without question.

Likes Edit

  1. Reddit
  2. Bashing People
  3. Luna

Dislikes Edit

  1. Reclassing Tsubaki to a Samurai
  2. Misha-Heart
  3. GameFAQs

Quotes Edit

  1. You act like Gamefaqs actually knows what their talking about ever. (Need I remind of Wendy apparently being 9/10?) At least the FE subreddit actually knows what makes units good.
  2. Luna isn't even close to bottom tier. Lets see what she has. Good availibity? Check. Good bases? Check. Good class sets? Check. (Mercenary is good with no investment, Pegasus Knight takes more investment but is better in the long run.) Good growths? 60% speed and 55% defence are absolutely amazing. 45% strength is average. Check. She's definitely much better than Lazward who joins later, gets doubled by Ninja's and Swordmasters (significantly worse speed base and growth than Luna), and his worse defences make him much easier to kill. Luna > Lazward definitely. She's a soild upper mid tier/lower end up the high tier unit.

    BTW, every other potential Pegasus Knight in Nohr is worse. Shigure involves marrying Azura, which pairing off the dancer takes major investment and tons of time not dancing. Making Azura a Pegasus Knight makes you lose your dancing unit. Luna is the best Pegasus, and she's definitely a better Mercenary than Lazward.

Trivia Edit

  1. This user is almost certainly a Reddit user who quickly donned a GameFAQs account to criticize.
  2. The user does not seem very nice at all.
  3. The user likes to participate in topics related to units' worth.
  4. He is still butthurt due to Wendy placing high in a tier list a long time ago and hates GameFAQs because of it. Salty much?