Igniter is a relatively new user to FatesFAQs. He is often, unlike what his name suggests, very calm and easy-going. He admired flame wars immensely, but nowadays his tastes more refined.

Personality Edit

Igniter is a generally friendly person. He is easy going likes to make topics about archetypes... He can't help but love Cynthia, which is, in his opinion, the best child. He tries to be sane, and mostly succeeds... sometimes... from time to time... once in a while.

Quotes Edit

"I've never seen a Flame War die and ignite again so many times. It's kinda gross."

"Saizo's posterior areas are glorious"

"You can't argue with a Hero-Princess who rides a Pegasus-Pony. You can't." (Sig)

"Also, I used to admire pretty much any flame war, but my tastes are much more refined now. I hate the flame wars Diogo ignites for example, because they aren't debates at all. They're a bunch of people banging their heads against the dense wall that is Diogo's skull." (PM)

Trivia Edit