I love trolling...and causing cancer.

Kinu Vote Spamming Troll who also is known as the Anonymous Voting Spamming Troll is a suspected unknown user who has become infamous for spamming poll series with alts to make his favorites win. The specific crisis he is associated with is the Kinu Vote Spamming Crisis. He or she is cancer to GameFAQs and needs to take a hiatus after fessing up. He or she is officially Charged151 and Rizeroth's mortal enemy.

No one knows who this user/person is...but he or she apparently likes Kinu...enough to have more than 15 alternative accounts to vote just for her.

Although unconfirmed to due to a lack of solid evidence, the troll may or may not be a part of the 'Kinu Fluffy Tail Legion', which saw a meteoric rise in the recent weeks. Their defacto leader is Dekarus who on one occasion has claimed to have been the one to get the ball rolling for the Kinu Fluffy Tail Legion, stating that he is "the starter of many a wagon".We can only assume at this point that the troll is either in league with Dekarus's faction or maybe even Dekarus himself.

The theory the troll is Dekarus is further supported by the fact that the troll seems to stand for everything Dekarus does, including the spamming of topics, self-glorified trolling, self proclaimed sadism, general chaos, being dastardly, and an intense love for Kinu. It is also worth noting that both the 'Kinu Fluffy Tail Legion' the 'Kinu Vote Spamming Crisis' had taken flight only after Dekarus had become a Gamefaqs account holder.

But as said before, until solid evidence or even a confession is put forth, we can only speculate as to who the troll's true identity is.

Likes Edit

  1. Spamming
  2. Trolling
  3. Causing chaos
  4. Being dastardly
  5. Being a b****
  6. Causing cancer
  7. Having Many GameFAQs Alts
  8. Kinu (Apparently)

Dislikes Edit

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Responsibility
  4. Goodwill
  5. Harmony
  6. Charged151

Titles Edit

  1. Vile Denizen of the Night
  2. GameFAQs Cancer
  3. Violator of the Innocent
  4. Hitler's B****
  5. Worse Than Endgame
  6. Satan Redux
  7. Lucifer Incarnate
  8. Devil Worshiper
  9. Chaos Defined
  10. Order Violator Named
  11. The Poll Flooder of Babylon
  12. Bringer of Doom and Madness
  13. Legion (Because when it comes to voting, he is many)
  14. Kinu Aficionado
  15. The 71st Demon of the 'Book of Goetia', Dantalian (he has a face for every alt account he possess, his book also holds the knowledge of all polls he will ruin, in every language, past present and future)

Topics Alt Bombed (Likely) Edit

  1. Who Is Your Favorite Waifu? Round 6
  2. The Fire Emblem Fates Character People Like The Most Is... (Maybe???)