Latino_King is the most tsun user of them all. He is notorious for romancing multiple board role-players (sometimes at the same time), but always professes his love for his waifu; Effie. Yet despite his love for Effie, Latino_King remains a loyal support of Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening. Legends tell of past loves - but one stands out in particular...thanks to Endgame refusing to let up on mentioning it... He has been a user since October 15, 2006.

It's debatable whether or not King and Endgame have had illicit relations, as occasionally, users with fragments of King and Endgame such as 'End_King_Peach' and Latino_Endgame' have reared their ugly heads around the Fates boards. Secret love children or genetic experiments gone awry? All that's certain is that we are all going to die.

After Endgame blocked him, ending their seemingly endless war, he did some rather deplorable things in an attempt to stay relevant, from trying to RP molest other users, making light of suicide, using people's insecurities against them, and personal attacks against many different RPers and PoisonedYouth just to name a few. He later openly expressed regret for such actions, but not everyone forgave him. While his topics are still overall very popular, he has become one of the most controversial users on the board.

Nicknames Edit

  1. Latino_Queeb (by SpellcraftQuill)
  2. Queeby (by SpellcraftQuill)
  3. Lady_Camilla *Ara ara! (RPs her) 
  4. Peach-bottomed pig (by Vortex_Oblivion)
  5. Lateenoh (by CalamityRaven26/MahBoyd)

Likes Edit

  1. Effie
  2. Lucina
  3. His Dick
  4. Censorship
  5. Incest
  6. Scat
  7. Wendies
  8. Marvel Cinematic Universe
  9. Virgin Killer Sweater
  10. Helmet Decks AKA Meta Decks
  11. Melodious Archetypes
  12. Stun his opponents
  13. Change of Hearts
  14. Graceful Charity
  15. Tsareena
  16. Thicc Wicke
  17. Smash Bros. Quintessntial Thicc Mod
  18. Donald J. Trump
  19. Apple that cost a nickle
  20. Luquo-san
  21. Tooru the Dragon Maid
  22. JPop Songs
  23. Nice Ass
  24. Nice Tits
  25. Cidney
  26. Crossdressing
  27. Being submissive to literary everyone but himself
  28. Gardevoira
  29. Dawn (Upskirt)
  30. May (Advance Generation Anime)
  31. Athena
  32. ISIS
  33. Valkyrie
  34. Slavic Girls
  35. 90's Anime
  36. Being at the bottom
  37. Groping
  38. Motorboating Zero Suit Samus
  39. Being Lewd
  40. Polygamy
  41. Infidelity 
  42. Charlotte 
  43. Everyone knows he secrectly loves Peri
  44. Molesting people through PMs 
  45. When the girl at work touches his butt 
  46. Shaking his booty 
  47. Pedophilia 
  48. His left hand 
  49. Chancletas 
  50. Sombreros 
  51. Hot Springs
  52. Latest trends
  53. Lusamine
  54. Lillie's vag
  55. Lana
  56. Trapped inside female's breasts tissue
  57. Stalking
  58. Mikokiri
  59. Marshmallow Heaven
  60. Princess Lunafreya
  61. Game of Throne
  62. Being an annoying little bitch 
  63. Being an attention whore who thinks that he is hot shit  

Dislikes Edit

  1. Peri
  2. People who ship him with Peri
  3. Prudes
  4. Committed Relationships
  5. Charlotte

Eternal Rival Lover Edit

It shall always be Endgame...  There feud has been going strong since before Fates was released in the West, and it shows no sign of abating.

Quotes Edit

  1. I will never forgive Kozaki for creating Pieri.
  2. How about I pin you to the ground and show you the wonders of boy on boy love?
  3. Oh...don't worry, I'll be very gentle with you. I'll even whisper some naughty things to your ear to get you enticed...
  4. You opened Pandora's box once you decided to pair me up with Pieri. You should have known better, my little honey bunny...
  5. *pounds Quilly into submission* I warned you, but you wouldn't listen!
  6. You are all signing your death warrants.
  7. Hey Quilly, can I play with your willy while I bang you silly?
  8. So you support incest? You're such a sick bastard, Endgame.
  9. I was getting a little bit out of hand in this topic about fetishes on the Battle Chess board, where I said some things that got me into some deep trouble. I feel like I need to learn how to restrain myself from getting too sexy with someone...*sighs*
  10. it ever explained why Azura doesn't wear any kind of footwear? Or does she just like to show off her cute feet for the sake of fanservice? Not that I'm complaining, of course...
  11. What I hate about /feg/ right now is the abundance of Pieri fanboys.
  12. I hope all of you who wanted incest in this game can finally be happy now.
  13. Ha! You wish. Luckly for me, Pieri will find her permanent residence in that prison to be quite comforting.
  14. (While with Gheb) Oomph...just like that, sweetie. Continue to glomp my helpless body...
  15. (In reference to Pieri) Horrendous, but her boobs are majestic, bruh
  16. Effie-weffie is the greatest waifu in Fates!
  17. (After touching Pieri's breasts) ...they were pleasantly soft, Pieri. I hate to admit it, but your chest is definitely your best physical trait.
  18. Now with that being said, I want either Camilla, Charlotte, or Orochi to step on my groin with their lovely high heels...
  19. Right now I feel like I'm offering my tasty sausage to a bunch of horny vegetarians.
  20. I wish I was Elise's underwear.
  21. (About DP's dick) Just let me put my mouth on it, Dolphy, I beg of you!
  22. Why are my hands always best suited for destruction rather than creation?
  23. Give it up, Snazzy
  24. (In regards to how old Peri is) She's lived long enough to see herself turn into an irredeemable monster.

Topics Edit

  1. If one of these lovely ladies invited you to marshmallow heaven...
  2. Shhhh! Keep it down, Elise is sleeping!
  3. Poor Femui...
  4. So can we all agree that Effie-weffie is the best girl?
  5. I wonder how strong Elfie really is... (The topic where LK was first shown to be obsessed with Effie)
  6. So you can give Sakura the staff~ staff~
  7. Is Foleo transgendered?
  8. How big is Pieri's boobs?
  9. - The Official Effie Appreciation Topic Pt. II -

Trivia Edit

  1. He has at least three GameFAQs accounts.
  2. He had a one night stand with Gheb.
  3. He has admitted to being a tsundere.
  4. He's into BDSM.
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