Letseiv has been a GameFAQs since 19 June 2011. She is most famous for her work in crafting exceptional fanmade supports. She has made her return to GameFAQs after a hiatus and people are happy to have her back!

Letseiv is a fan of Soleil and is proud of it. Just don't compare her to SazukeEX though...

Likes Edit

  1. Soleil
  2. Support Writing
  3. Frozen
  4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  5. Power Rangers
  6. Fire Emblem Amiibos (Lucina and Robin especially)
  7. Games with wonderful music

Dislikes Edit

  1. People who despise Soleil
  2. Peri not passing on her cotton-candy hair.

Quotes Edit

  1. I'm pretty sure people don't even know who I am. So believe in your dream!
  2. I gotta come here more... and go back to support-writing madness!
  3. I need Lucina and Robin ): If the post office delivers Ike safely, that is.
  4. I'd rather not play a game if I can't hear it and I have trouble going through games that have no tracks I can enjoy.
  5. (Referring to the skill Breaking Sky) With that name, it had to be broken. Sorry