Liquid_King (also known as ToadFan4Ever and SirPliskin) has been a GameFAQs user since July 11, 2014. He is amazing and awesome! He can be kind of a jokester though. He is a good guy.

Canon husband of Ophelia, and canon descendant of Glass the peerless swordsman. OTPs: Waluigi x Tharja

Some people may say SirPliskin loves Ophelia. That is a vast understatement. The sheer volume of love and devotion Toad shows for his Nohrian waifu on a daily basis puts him at the level of a Flagbearer, nay a Symbol, nay a Champion of love for Ophelia. He is indisputably the golden standard of the perfect husband, unafraid to put his beloved on a pedestal, because real men wear their love on their sleeves. And if it's sleeves we're talking about, our man Toad's got a thousand arms.

Apparently, he has a had a bit of a tsundere relationship with Nina... He claims to have moved past it, but considering his involvement in Nina hate topics, this is apparently not the case...

Likes Edit

  1. Ophelia
  2. You (probably)
  3. Living life
  4. Commitment

Dislikes Edit

  1. Smashing Toads
  2. Downers
  3. Infidelity
  4. Awakening gameplay

Quotes Edit

  1. I'm behind Ophelia all the way!
  2. Felicia, Azura, Ophelia and Camilla were entangled in a bed with ToadFan4Ever after a long night of Eskimo fishing.
  3. Hinoka tripped and fell into Camilla's volumptous crimson velvet curtains and she was greeted by a whiny fanboy complaining about censorship
  4. Azura used her feet to kick kamui's balls.


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Ophelia Love Section!!!!! Edit


Love Ophelia folks!!!!!!!

Fanart Love Section Edit


-The first one is courtesy of GameFats.

-The second one is courtesy of Talon_Reiif