MahBoyd (once CalamityRaven26) is a user in the GameFAQs forum. He slowly became more active over 2014 and 2015, eventually culminating in 2016 as a regular user of the Fates: Conquest board.

Like Misha-Heart, MahBoyd is (in)famous for his controversial opinions, though the opinions in question couldn't be more different. These opinions tend to start flame wars, which has forced him to close many topics.

Arguably Mahboyd's most notable trait for getting into trouble is his allegiance to Nohr and his belief in siding with your foster family, causing him to butt heads with SazukeEX and DiogoShadowJorg often. In addition, he refuses to admit he's wrong about the obvious, causing further conflict with Zenia, Snazzy, and BlazGear.

If you haven't noticed by now, he is a die-hard Boyd fan.

He announced he was going to have his account deactivated on September 30th, due to the fact that he found the site addicting in "a bad way" and that he wanted to focus his energy on college. However, he returned three months later under the name MahBoyd.


  1. Fire Emblem in General
  2. Voicing His Opinion
  3. Nohr
  4. Charlotte
  5. Boyd
  6. Tellius Saga
  7. Writing Stories
  8. Food


  1. Elitists
  2. SazukeEX
  3. Spicy foods
  4. Female Morgan
  5. Oboro


  1. "Seriously, what's with all the Corrin hate?" (WARNING: MASSIVE SALT)