Misha-Heart has been a GameFAQs user since March 8, 2013. Misha-Heart has conducted several famous topic series such as the Nohr Tier List series that have spurred much board debate.

Misha-Heart has also shown perseverance in the face of true adversity. Even facing Reddit bashing, Misha-Heart does not back down. Thus if you want an honest opinion, just ask Misha-Heart!


  1. People who follow topic rules
  2. Truth
  3. Misha
  4. Elitism


  1. Idiots
  2. Reddit Trolls
  3. Disease ridden corpses
  4. Cordelia
  5. Selena


  1. Overrated character?
  2. This is how I'd imagine a IK tier list
  3. GameFAQs Conquest Tier List Final Chapter: Results
  4. Luna is low tier
  5. What are the worst supports?
  6. IK Odin is such a joke


  1. Times like this that make me wonder why does the Parallel Seal even exist when people aren't going to experiment and rather stay with their boring royal party. And Reddit's overall behavior has concluded for me that they are definitely not the people to ask about the game.
  2. People kind of underestimate how dumb IK is, though. You don't even get any worthwhile units until around Chapter 10.
  3. Hating Takumi's actually a common opinion, despite what the official polls say. Including him would be really boring.


Yuri/Shoujo-Ai is the purest love. No questions asked. Yuri Kuma Arashi has brought forth hope and will revolutionize the world.