Mistress_Zelda_ (Usually referred to as Zelda) is a user who often goes to the social topics. She's really nice (well, as long as you're not Chrom*)

*-We all know she's extremely Tsun for Chrom. Not as much of a member of the Tsunfleet as Endgame/Lissa, but definitely there.


  • Was rumored by several other users to have a sex dungeon. That is a lie, the only user with a sex dungeon (as far as we know) is SirPliskin (who, Ironically, had a part in spreading the rumors)
  • Loves to tease people *CoughSirPliskinCough* by talking about them being attracted to a character they hate *coughNinaCough*
  • She is known to be extremely racist against Potatoes, and keeps insulting them. POTATOES HAVE FEELINGS TOO.