NishikiMcCloud is a user from the Fates Board (Conquest mostly) who used to hail from SmashFAQs before it became Saltsville. He's a foxy guy who wants to be part of the cool kids club, but somehow gets skipped over. He makes dumb topics straight out of boredom, and gets modded because of this. Due to the consequences from what he did, this is the reason why he gets Suspended on GameFAQs all due to joining unnecessary topic fads + user spite topics (mostly topics on Tails). He used to be a waifu lord months ago before realizing it's just a dumb thing to have 100+ waifubandos, so he decided to reduce his waifubandos. Some (if not, most) people recognize Nishiki as the Caeldori lover (2nd behind astrophys), and because of his "rivalry" with astro, he feels underestimated and he decides to move on to other waifus that arn't that much talked about (Mitama and to a lesser extent, Nina). He does have a husbando (Laslow), but Nishiki is disappointed after the results (he hates Soleil). Nowadays, he hope things for the better for himself. Who knows?

He no longer have claim Caeldori as his waifu. He has been transferred to her "canon" mother, Selena. He is also bias towards Awakening against Fates due to better characters, better story (albeit still garbage compared to Fates's), and more FE references (Ribald Tales of the Faith War, huh?).


  1. Awakening girls (Cordelia, Cherche, Tiki, Olivia, etc. that isn't Sumia, Sully, or Tharja)
  2. His friends on GFAQs
  3. Pre-DLC SmashFAQs (ironically he came to SmashFAQs after the 2nd wave of DLC characters; Ryu, Roy, and Lucas)
  4. Fire Emblem in general
  5. Redheads and Blunettes
  6. Mega Man X series
  7. Super Smash Bros (Anything that isn't Brawl)


  1. Post-SmashFAQs (hell)
  2. Idiots who believe they are always right
  3. Being forgotten, but he isn't no Kellam. Wait what was that?
  4. Attention mongers (irony he used to be one)
  5. Ignorant people
  6. Corrin
  7. NA!Soleil
  8. Selfish people

Facts about Nishiki:

  1. He actually hates his username.
  2. He doesn't give much attention to famous FatesFAQs users (PoisonedYouth, Latino) because he feels like it's the exact same thing to how Fates characters continuously suck Corrin's D.
  3. Originally didn't care about FE before buying Fates, but hey it's SmashFAQs!Nishiki.
  4. Nobody likes him over SmashFAQs anyways...
  5. Wants to be an Anti-Hero of the Fates board, but never proves it
  6. He believes Mozu is just there in Fates.
  7. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't have a fetish despite his "history" with someone else.
  8. His love for 2nd gen girls is coming from the fact that almost all of them look like their predecessors.
  9. He believes Caeldori's appearance is like a mix between Cordelia, Severa, and Cherche.


None of his quotes weren't inspirational enough, but some were funny...