"All Internet Forums begin in Salt, and all so end. Gamefaqs is no different. Salt sprouts within it, it grows, it consumes users. Such is its nature. In the end, every user returns to the Salt whence it came. You see, Salt is the Internet's true essence."

What is Salt? Edit

Salt (Alternatively NaCl) is the lifeblood of Gamefaqs-no, the Internet, found whiten every internet user, a manifestation of hate, sadness, and annoyance that struggles to strike like a viper. Some users have barely any control of their Salt, becoming extremely Salty and letting it flow out like Water from a Waterfall. Others have more restraint, able to keep it under control, but even they have their breaking points, and eventually it comes out in a vicious strike against whoever or whatever pushed them to the limit.


*Dropped upon defeating Endgame or a SmashFAQ Troll.