TheWaifuWar is a FateFAQS user, fresh from the FE F:C boards. An average one at that. He is mostly on alot of the time to discuss on the boards.

TheWaifuWar is most known for his love for Sakura, which while not as strong as PoisonedYouth's love for Xander, is still pretty darn strong.

Hes also known for very unpopular opinions in the community, such as liking Sakura in general, or liking Corrin more then Robin. Going along with this, many do not like his ships at all. Some examples of this are Keaton x Kaden and Shiro x F!Kana (specifically Azura!Shiro x Hinoka/Sakura!Kana for maximum Incest is Wincest).

He was also the one to start The Official Sakura Shrines Of Appreciation. As expected of his love for Sakura.

TheWaifuWar is also known to get into fights with many users over waifus (much like his name), specifically Latino_King while hating on Effie. He hates on Sakura back, but hey, he still hated on Latino's waifu.

TWW has recently been called a female due to his voice being like a females. Because of this, TWW claims himself a 'virtual trap', claiming that he will not show pictures of him IRL, but by his voice and words he can be considered a female over a male.

TWW also has a obsession with the meme staff~ staff~ involving Sakura and Elise, mainly Sakura.

After being triggered by a topic about torturing Sakura, TWW was banned on September 6th 2016 for a comment he made on it in response. Fortunately, however, his alternate account, TheHusbandoWar, is still active, so he's far from dead... for now.


  • Sakura
  • Lolis
  • Dank Memes
  • Fire Emblem
  • Waifus
  • Incest
  • Traps
  • Cats and Kittens


  • Subaki
  • Charlotte
  • Velouria
  • Im_Pheros
  • Anyone who hates his taste in waifus
  • Anyone who doesn't like Sakura
  • SmashFAQs trolls
  • DiogoShadowJorge
  • Dogs


"Please don't insult me for playing Birthright :c" - TWW in his "Anna, pls" BR randomized run.

"You get her through your d***" - TWW when Kyojo made a topic named "Where can I get Josephene"

"You are so right, it's wrong


  1. He is known to have a cat fetish alongside a loli fetish.
  2. He is the official spirit animal of Zeniaaaaa
  3. Has wished for a long time to get out of Kellams on the noteworthy list, but now that he is in Rather Noteworthy, he has more pride.
  4. Lana is his Hyrule Warriors waifu.
  5. TWW was part of a cringey RP type story involving Trickster_Anna turning into a dragon, and with the help of SaizoTheSixth, tries to defeat her. TWW was known to not only have been eaten twice (due to Anna's resurrection powers) but also be mindbroken at one point. There were various other users involved, but Anna, TWW, and Saizo were the main characters.