One of the weirdest FatesFAQs users, with many other accounts, most notably Trickster_Anna. She even admits to this in her signature, by saying 'The offical crazy girl of every board.' She also claims to be Pieri's #1 fan, something she never stated in her earlier accounts.

She used to continuously switch husbandos, but now says she 'will just stalk every boy in Fates.' Some of the husbandos she had or has a particular liking for include Leon, Ryouma, Zero, Ignis, Nishiki, Suzukaze, Takumi, and Lazward. In a Waifubando claiming topic, she said she claimed Lazward but really didn't care. She made a protest topic against how her topic was modded but that one was not, but it was modded. She also strongly dislikes Arthur.

She also is quite a feminist. When it was stated that Male Kamui was better, she responded by saying, 'That's frikin' sexist' and listed a build for Female Kamui and Male Kanna. She has also said she is bisexual, liking Kagerou, Midoriko, and Ophelia, among others. She doesn't seem to like Camilla to much.

She also jokingly(?)-ish-ish says she loves Tails. Nobody really understands this and she forgot Tails existed, so...We might never know how they feel about each other. It is a very weird relationship.