Jack is, quite simply, a completly awesome archer who provides badass Units for All-Avatar runs, though they are portrayed as perverts instead of a ladies man. He is known to refresh gameFAQs at mach 2 speed each time a waifu poll pops up.


The above message was crossed out for being unrelated to the badass that is UnlessJack

Sadly, he has departed from us. We are all blessed to have been in his presence. Perhaps if we pray to him, he shall return upon a shining horse.


"Alright, let's make a baby. ^_^" - UnlessJack when a user asked if anyone wanted to make a bond unit with them.

"Heh..." - Literally every time he thinks of something dirty when reading a post.

OH MY STARS AND GARTERS! - UnlessJack in the "Waifu, Knifu or One Nightu" poll, talking about Maribelle

"They're just trying to JACK my style." - Jack discussing other flirtatious units in an Avatar run.


Official Waifu: Setsuna aka Noodle Arms.

Official Husbando: Shiro

Secret loves: everything with 2 feet that walks and is female

  1. Rinkah (He is tsundere for her)
  2. Femui
  3. Lissa
  4. Maribelle


  • He's actually Kyojo777's long-lost older brother
  • His left eye is bigger than his right, though he's sensitive about this and keeps it a secret
  • As stated by himself, he has a sexy voice and sexy stubble
  • Is a licensed badass and pervert.
  • Claimed to be TheSpartan45 from the future.